Comparison RT-AC66U AC1750 Vs EA6900 AC1900

Which of the two wireless ac routers gives you more value Asus RT-AC66U wireless ac1750 or Linksys EA6900 wireless ac1900?

Asus AC66U Vs Linksys 6900

In deciding which the two routers to purchase, at the first place we frequently think that the fastest the technology applied to the router the better the performance and is worth to choose. However later, we also frequently consider other features that might add more values to the product and make up our mind to choose it even though the speed technology the product is based on is slower.


Have a closer look at the following comparison table between Asus AC66U AC1750 and Linksys 6900 AC1900. You may also like comparison between Asus AC66U Vs Netgear R6300 V2 and Asus AC68U Vs Netgear R7000.

Wifi technology

Both routers based on the same wireless ac technology – the future of the fastest wifi technology available in the market you can taste today, the gigabit speed of the wired now in wifi. In 5GHz band, both routers deliver the gigabit speed of up to 1300Mbps. However in 2.4GHz band the speed is different. The speed of AC66U is up to 450Mbps, while Linksys 6900 the speed is up to 600Mbps. Logically Linksys provides wider highway lane than Asus in 2.4GHz band, more wifi clients can connect simultaneously.

Asus AC66U

Antenna technology

Both routers come with three detachable external antennas. Asus uses exclusive AiRadar technology which is basically the same beamforming antenna that Linksys also uses for EA6900. Beamforming provides stronger signal to clients it connect to help the clients roam within the home solidly. Beamforming technology today is mostly used in wireless ac routers.

You can compare it with high power amplifier antenna applied to Amped high power router (RTA15) which amplifies the gain up to 10 times using two stage amplifiers to cover larger area up to 10,000 sq ft.

Port interfaces

4-port Gigabit switch is common equipment that comes with high performance category routers, so do both AC66U AC1750 and EA6900 AC1900 routers. A fair number of Ethernet ports available in most routers. I bet that you won’t use them all but couples of them for connecting to desktop computers.

One thing that you may consider in selecting the correct router to meet your need is the equipment of USB 3.0 port on Linksys 6900 router in addition of USB 2.0 port. On the other hand the Asus AC66U comes with two USB ports, no USB 3.0 port but 2.0 both.

3G Share

Not many wireless routers with USB port can be used to host USB modem to share the internet. But most high end Asus routers with USB port can be used to share 3G. No other vendors come with this feature, sharing 3G for their home routers. All of the Asus products listed in the following are supported:

Linksys Wireless AC1900 router

3G/4G USB Adapter Support List:








RT-N16 with firmware later


RT-N13U B1






Check this link for more information about USB adapter support list.

The good thing with this 3G share is that the router will failover automatically to the 3G services when the wired WAN broadband connection is disrupted. In this way you don’t need to worry of loosing internet connection should your business requires uninterruptable internet services, business keeps continue even though your broadband internet connection experiences a disruption.

Guest network

Both Linksys 6900 AC1900 and Asus AC66U AC1750 come with guest network feature, but Asus comes with multiple guest networks up to 3 networks each band and up to 8 users connect to each guest network you can configure. This is ideal solution for folks that want to enforce tighten security rules applied to each of their kids the way they experience with the wild internet by scheduling or limitless.

Cloud experience

Linksys smart wifi app lets you manage your home network and connected devices remotely using your mobile devices, anywhere anytime. All of the control of your home network can be done from the palm of your hand; anywhere you can access the internet.

Asus with AiCLoud technology lets you experience with cloud including building your private cloud server accessible by all kinds connections with any types of OS (Windows, Mac, Linux), sync your contents with AiCloud client as well as public cloud.

Comparison table AC66U AC1750 Vs Linksys 6900 AC1900

Asus AC66U Linksys EA6900
Wifi technology Wireless ac1750 simultaneous dual band Wireless ac1900 simultaneous dual band
Wifi speeds Up to 450Mbps (2.4GHz) plus 1300Mbps (5GHz) up to 600Mbps (2.4GHz) plus 1300 Mbps (5GHz)
Antenna technology 3x detachable and adjustable high power external antennas with AiRadar Asus technology 3x adjustable external antennas with beam-Forming technology
Ethernet ports 4-port Gigabit switch and 1xGigabit WAN port 4-port Gigabit switch and 1xGigabit WAN port
USB ports 2x USB 2.0 ports for          Share storage and printer


1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0 both are in rear panel

For share printer and storage

Media server DLNA media server and          FTP server Samba and UPnP server


Certified DLNA media server
3G share Yes No
Guest network Yes, 3x network each band and up to 8 users each network Yes,
IPv6 ready Yes Yes
On Off buttons Power On Off button Power On Off switch
Hardware performance Dual core 600MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB Flash Dual core 800MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB Flash
Cloud support AiCloud – unified app for iOS and Android devices, supports Windows, Mac, Linux – all accounts can sync with other AiCloud clients – accessible anywhere on the go Linksys Smart wifi app – manage your home network, control connected devices and configure remotely using your mobile devices while on the go
Price (Jun 2018 in Amazon) Around $121.00 Around $119.90


Have a look at video introduction Asus RT-AC66U (courtesy of Asus and Youtube)


With the drawbacks of speeds (including ac1900, processor speed and USB 3.0) compared with Linksys 6900, Asus AC66U comes with richer features including multiple guest networks and various cloud experiences.
Now, you can learn more spec details and read the reviews:


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