What’s New With Belkin N900 DB

Belkin adds new lines of wireless router products with N900 DB – a simultaneous dual band wireless gigabit router with speeds of up to 900Mbps

What this product does

Belkin loyal users can now be happy with introduction of new Belkin N900 DB to compete with other high speed routers in the market in N900 class. What’s new with this router compared with the previous Belkin N750 DB?

With similar stylist model – like flat shell black and elegant design Belkin is confident to compete with others, so what the strengths are?



  • Based on wireless N900 technology
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Twin USB ports
  • Multibeam antenna technology


In some online retails Belkin N750 DB is less fortunate with the lower customer rating compared with its competitor like Asus RT-N56U Black Diamond. The rating is sometimes not reflecting the actual performance of the product. Some reviews seem to be biased from its competitors.

Many users thank to the Gigabit and the two USB ports (which let you attach both storage and printer together for sharing) equipped in this router. Today, with the price as low as $60 this router with its rich features is worth well to purchase instead of those standard router with only single band, no gigabit ports and no USB port. For example when I should choose between the high rated router in the market so far – Securifi Almond, I prefer this Belkin N750 DB with gigabit ports and twin USB ports.

Mostly all the routers with USB port is used for hosting an external USB disk storage, unfortunately not many can be used to host a USB printer. The good thing with the capability of hosting a USB printer is that you don’t need to spend more money for separate print-server to host a printer. Or you don’t need to host the printer to the Computer as traditionally you share a printer in a peer-to-peer network.

Belkin N900 DB

In Belkin N900 DB, those features are still embedded while the speeds are increased in 2.4GHz band to be equal with the speeds in 5GHz band up to 450Mbps.

Gigabit interfaces (both LAN and WAN ports) and USB port are the standard features for all wireless routers which fall into high performance category including this new Belkin N900 DB and the N750 DB routers. But, not many high performance wireless routers are equipped with two USB ports to host both printer and storage together. You can compare with Asus RT-N56U Black diamond or new Netgear WNDR45000, or the best seller with high rated customer review Asus RT-N66U routers which also include two USB ports.

Multibeam antenna technology

The new technology improvements are the speed and the antenna technologies. Belkin N900 DB adopts new wireless 450Mbs each band both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the ultimate speed in wireless technology with multiple spatial data streams to aggregate the bandwidth. The other thing is the number of internal antennas used. N900 DB includes 6 internal antennas while N750 DB includes only 5 antennas. Both routers use new Multi-beam antenna technology for optimized video streaming from multiple devices in larger homes, maximum data rate throughput and minimizing dead spots.

Belkin uses Multibeam technology, in my guess it is still the same as the Beamforming technology which is mostly applied to today’s high performance wireless ac routers. It broadcasts to all directions but focusing the beam to each of the wifi clients solidly. See also new Belkin AC1800 Vs Linksys EA6900 routers with beamforming technology.

Belkin’s exclusive MultiBeam antenna technology gives you maximum throughput while minimizing dead spots for optimized video streaming from multiple devices, virtually anywhere in your home. Belkin N900 DB includes Intelli-Stream which automatically prioritizes the gaming and video streaming traffic.

Learn more details with this router by watching this video introduction (courtesy by Belkin and YouTube)


The following lists some of new high performance N900 routers between Belkin N900 Vs Netgear 4500 Vs Linksys 4200. Not to mention all of the spec details but main spec comparison if any.

N900 routers Belkin N900 DB Netgear WNDR4500 Linksys E4200v2
Ethernet ports Gigabit Gigabit Gigabit
USB ports 2x USB 2.0 2x USB 2.0 1x USB 2.0
Antennas 6xinternal – Multibeam technology Internal antennas Wi-Fi Boost with high powered radio amplifiers 6 internal antennas with   full 3×3 MIMO antenna array
DLNA media server Unspecified Yes Yes
Hardware Performance 600Mhz processor


680Mhz processor with 128MB Flash/RAM Unspecified
Guest network Yes Yes Yes
Applications Self-healing

Video mover


Memory safe

NETGEAR Genie™—Easy dashboard control to manage, monitor, and repair home networks Cisco connect software

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Belkin N900 DB is powered by 600Mhz high performance processor to help process heavy duty tasks. You know that new Netgear WNDR4700 comes with stunning 1GHz processor, what a faster processor. WNDR4700 comes with internal disk storage SATA disk up to 2TB.

Instead of purchasing the wireless N900, you better select one of best top 5 wireless AC1200 router or any more economical model wireless ac1200 router

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