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Wifi 6e Adapter Models with 6GHz band Buying Guide

To achieve the maximum data rate throughput when connecting to the latest wifi 6e routers, which operate on the 6GHz radio band, upgrading your computer with wifi 6e adapter types, the wifi 6ghz adapter is essential.

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What is a WiFi 6E adapter?

A WiFi 6E adapter is a wireless network adapter that supports the new WiFi 6E standard, which operates in the 6 GHz frequency band. This new frequency band offers more bandwidth and less interference compared to the older 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands used by previous WiFi standards.

With the emerging of next generation of wifi 7 routers in the market today, so far there is still not available the wifi 7 adapters to support maximum data throughput in connecting to wifi 7 routers particularly in utilizing the MLO (multi-link operation) feature. With wifi 6e adapter available, this wifi 6ghz adapter will be beneficial in connecting to wifi 7 routers using 6GHz band.

Wifi 6e Adapter urgency

Currently, several models of wifi 6e routers are available in the market, offered by major networking vendors such as Asus, Netgear, TP-Link, and Linksys. For instance, the popular Zenwifi ET12 by Asus, the Deco xe200 by TP-Link, and the ultimate Orbi Rbk963 by Netgear, among others, all feature the 6GHz radio band. And one thing for sure is that next generation wifi 7 router products such as Archer BE900 and Netgear RS700 are coming with 6GHz band. As a result, adding wifi 6e adapters to your computers to support this band is crucial.

How good 6GHz band Is

Connecting to a 6GHz band network can offer better performance than connecting to a 5GHz network, particularly in terms of speed and capacity. This is because the 6GHz band provides more available channels for devices to use, which means less interference and congestion. Additionally, the 6GHz band supports higher data rates than the 5GHz band, which allows for faster data transfer speeds.

In terms of range, the 6GHz band may not perform as well as the 5GHz band, as higher frequencies tend to have more difficulty passing through walls and other physical obstacles. However, the range can still be quite good, especially in areas with fewer obstructions. Additionally, the use of advanced antenna technologies and beamforming can help to mitigate any range limitations that may exist. Ultimately, the performance and range of a 6GHz band network will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific router and devices being used, as well as the environment in which they are deployed.

Setup Tips

To get the best possible connection between your wifi 6e adapter and wifi 6e router, there are a few things you can do:

Position the router and adapter in an open space:

If possible, try to position both the router and adapter in an open space, free from any obstructions like walls, furniture, or other electronics. This can help to reduce interference and improve signal strength.

Avoid interference from other devices:

Other electronic devices in your home, such as microwaves or cordless phones, can interfere with your wifi signal. To avoid this, keep your router and adapter away from such devices, or consider using wired connections for these devices.

Place the router at a central location:

Positioning the router at a central location in your home can help to ensure that the signal reaches all areas of your home more effectively. This can be particularly important in larger homes or homes with multiple floors.

Ensure that the adapter is compatible with the router:

Make sure that the wifi 6e adapter you are using is compatible with the router you have. If they are not compatible, you may experience slower speeds or connection drops.

Update firmware and drivers:

Ensure that your router and adapter have the latest firmware and drivers installed. This can help to improve performance and stability.

By following these tips, you can improve the connection between your wifi 6e adapter and router, and get the best possible performance from your network.

USB vs PCI-e Adapters

Currently, there are two types of wifi adapters available on the market: USB adapters and PCI-e adapters. While PCI-e adapters are suitable for desktop computers, they are not the best option for laptops. Although it is possible to find PCI-e adapters for laptops, installing them can be challenging, as it typically requires a technician to open the laptop and insert the adapter into the small form factor PCI-e slot.

On the other hand, USB adapters are a more practical solution, as they can be easily set up on both laptops and desktops that have available USB ports. In contrast to PCI-e adapters, USB adapters do not require opening the computer casing, making them a more convenient option for those who are not technically inclined.

Which one is better: USB or PCI-e WiFi 6E adapters?

Both USB and PCI-e WiFi 6E adapters have their advantages and disadvantages. USB adapters are more portable and easier to install, but they may not offer as much performance as a PCI-e adapter. PCI-e adapters are faster and more reliable, but they require an available PCI-e slot and are less portable. If you’re looking for maximum performance and reliability, a PCI-e adapter is the way to go. But if you need portability or don’t want to open up your computer, a USB adapter may be the better choice. Thanks to the availability of USB adapters today either based on Wifi 6 or wifi 6e models.

Best Wifi 6e Adapters

What you need to know in selecting the best wifi 6GHz adapter? Here are what you need to know in selecting the best wifi 6e adapters, a buyer’s guide to find the best that is suitable to meet your need.   

  • Compatibility: Make sure the adapter is compatible with your computer’s operating system and has drivers available for your specific device.
  • Speed: Look for an adapter that supports the fastest WiFi 6E speeds available, typically up to 9.6 Gbps.
  • Antennas: Consider an adapter with multiple antennas for better signal strength and coverage.
  • Form factor: Decide if you want a USB or PCI-e adapter based on your needs for portability and ease of installation.
  • Brand reputation: Choose a reputable brand with good customer reviews and warranty/support options.
  • Budget: Set a budget and compare options to find the best value for your needs

Popular Brands

Most wifi 6e adapters come with tri-band consist of 2.4GHz; 5GHz, and 6GHz radio bands. All these types of wifi 6GHz adapters support WPA3, OFDMA and MU-MIMO.

Most PCI-e adapters come with external antennas, either directly connect to the adapter board or using extended USB cable with magnetized base to allow easy positioning for the best reception.  

The other thing you need to consider in terms of PCI-e adapter is that they mostly come with built-in Bluetooth to allow you pair with other Bluetooth-based devices including wireless earbuds, keyboard & mouse, and Bluetooth speaker. USB model adapters typically don’t come equip with Bluetooth.

In terms of brand reputation, there are several popular brands of WiFi 6ghz adapters available on the market. Here are a few of the most popular wifi 6e adapters from popular brands:

ASUS: PCE-AXE58T AXE5400 Adapter

ASUS is a well-known brand in the networking industry and offers several WiFi 6 adapters with excellent performance, and only one wifi 6e adapter. The ASUS PCE-AX58BT is the only wifi 6GHz adapter introduced to the market. We know that Asus introduced few models of wifi 6e router products including Rog Rapture Gaming routers including Asus Rog Rapture GT-AXE11000 wifi 6e router and popular Asus Zenwifi ET12 AXE11000 mesh wifi 6e router.   

The asus pce-ax58bt is the PCI-e type wifi 6e adapter, with two external antennas and magnetized based with extension USB cable.

Asus PCE-AXE58T AXE5400 Adapter
Asus PCE-AXE58T AXE5400 Adapter
  • Tri-band AXE5400 (574 @2.4 + 2402 @5GHz + 2402 @6GHz)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology
  • Dual external antennas with extended USB cable and magnetized base
  • OS Support : Windows 10 64-bit (support 2.4GHz & 5GHz band only); Windows 11 64-bit; Linux
  • Weight 77.1 g

Asus guarantee the best performance from their products, and this adapter is getting excellent customer rating in Amazon and other online stores.

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Netgear A8000:

Netgear is another well-known brand in the networking industry and offers several WiFi 6e routers products with good performance such as Orbi Rbk960 series, Netgear Nighthawk Raxe500. However, Netgear doesn’t release various models of wifi 6/6e adapters.

The only wifi 6e adapter introduced by Netgear is Netgear A8000 or Nighthawk AXE3000 USB adapter. Mostly wifi 6ghz adapters are designed with PCI-e model, and Netgear AXE3000 is best option for wifi 6ghz adapters for both laptops and desktops.

Netgear A8000 AXE3000 Wifi 6e Adapter
Netgear A8000 AXE3000 Wifi 6e Adapter
  • USB 3.0 type wifi 6e adapters
  • Tri-band AXE3000 (600 @2.4GHz + 1,200 @5GHz + 1,200 @6GHz)
  • Two high gain internal antennas and come with cradle
  • Dimensions: 3.66 x 1.24 x 0.57 in (93.0 x 31.4 x 14.45 mm); and Weight: 0.99 oz (28 g)

This USB wifi 6e adapter is rated well in Amazon and becomes favorite option for high speed connection to wifi 6e routers with easy setup.  

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Netgear has released its debut in wifi 7 technology with its  Nighthawk RS700 BE19000 router, and Netear A8000 USB wifi 6e adapter is ready to support this new wifi 7 router. See also comparison between Archer BE24000 and Netgear RS700, both are new wifi 7 routers.  

TP-Link Archer TX75E

TP-Link is a popular brand that offers two models of WiFi 6E adapters with good performance. Like Asus and Netgear, TP-Link introduced few models of wifi 6e routers including Deco XE200, Archer AXE16000 and few models of new Deco and Archer series based on next generation wifi 7 technology that also come with 6GHz radio band. Your investment on wifi 6e adapters assure to work with future generations router products.

The first product that TP-Link offers is Archer TXE75E with external antennas and magnetic base and the second one is Archer TXE72E with external antennas without base. Both series have exactly the same technical specs, except the inclusion of magnetized base for TXE75E.

TP-Link Archer TX75E
TP-Link Archer TX75E
  • PCI-e wifi 6e adapters
  • Tri-band AXE5400 (574 @2.4 + 2402 @5GHz + 2402 @6GHz)
  • Built-in latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology
  • Dual external antennas with extended USB cable and magnetized base
  • Dimension 3.75 x 4.76 x 0.85 inches and weight 0.59 Pounds

The price point is slightly lower than those Netgear and Asus adapters, one of best option for wifi 6ghz adapters in the market today.

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Newfast USB

Another brand you might not be familiar, but it is popular so far is Newfast. Newfast offered two models of USB wifi 6e adapter. The first model is USB adapter with extension cable and the second one is standard USB adapter you can insert direct to the USB port.

Newfast wifi 6e adapter axe5400
Newfast USB Adapter

The first model Newfast adapter with USB cable extension gives you a more flexible in positioning the adapter at the height to get maximum signal reception when the distance between the adapter and the router is a bit far.

In a normal circumstance, you can choose the second model, standard USB model without cable extension, thanks to the cheaper price of this one compared to first one.    

  • Both comes with USB 3.0 adapter
  • Tri-band wifi 6e adapter axe5400 (2,400Mbps @6GHz + 2,400Mbps @5GHz + 574Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Both models can work either as wifi 6e adapter or wifi access point by software for hot-spot.
  • Support latest windows 11, plug and play, no driver needed.

The price point for these Newfast usb adapters compared to those similar products form popular vendors like Netgear and Asus. Click the product’s link below to learn more details about these Newfast adapters, get the current price and best deals on Amazon (#ads).

Intel AX410

Intel is a trusted brand in the computer industry and offers several WiFi 6/ 6E adapters with excellent performance. The Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210, AX211 and Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX410 are three wifi 6e wireless card adapters for laptops. However, you need an extra effort to open the laptop case and insert this wireless card into the micro PCI-e slot. This should be done by an experience technician, typically with properly tools to setup the adapter.

Intel AX410 Wifi 6e Adapter
Intel AX410 Wifi 6e Adapter

Intel AX410is greatly popular among laptops enthusiasts with good technical background.  

  • Tri-band AXE5400 (2400Mbps @6GHz + 2400Mbps @5GHz + 574Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology
  • Only available on motherboards with 12th generation or higher CPUs and M2 CNVio2 protocol
  • Support Windows 11/10 64-bit, Linux  

Note that you need to have good technical knowledge in setup this wireless card wifi 6e adapter successfully.

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In addition of well-known brands Asus, Netgear, TP-Link, and Intel, you can also find few models of wifi 6ghz adapters offered by OKN and Fenvi.

Fenvi and OKN are two lesser-known brands in the WiFi 6E adapter market, but they have gained popularity in recent years due to their affordable prices and good performance.

While Fenvi and OKN may not be as well-known as some of the other brands mentioned earlier, they have received positive reviews from users for their good performance and affordability. However, it’s important to note that their warranty and support options may not be as comprehensive as some of the more established brands.

Here’s a brief overview of each brand and their products:

Fenvi FV-AXE3000

Fenvi is a Chinese brand that produces WiFi adapters for desktop and laptop computers. The most popular wifi 6e adapter introduced by Fenvi is Fenvi Fv-Axe3000rgb. This is a PCI-e based wifi 6ghz adapter with well-rugged heat sink for fast heat dissipation.

Fenvi Wifi 6e Adapters
Fenvi Wifi 6e Adapters
  • PCI-e adapters with tri-band AXE5400 (2400Mbps @6GHz + 2400Mbps @5GHz + 574Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Embedded with Intel AX200 chipset
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 Technology
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Linux
  • Works for PC motherboards in the PCI-E/x1/x4/x8/x16 form-factors

This Fenvi wifi 6e adapter is gaining popularity with good performance and affordable price point. Another model in addition of this series is Fenvi FV-AXE3000Pro, exactly the same but comes with more recent Intel AX210 chipset.   

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OKN is another Chinese brand that produces WiFi adapters for desktop and laptop computers. They offer several WiFi 6E adapters, including the OKN WiFi 6E AX210 and OKN WiFi 6E AX200. The price points for these adapters are more affordable than those offered by well-known brands.

OKN Wifi 6e PCIE Adapter
OKN Wifi 6e PCIE Adapter
  • PCI-e adapters with built-in Intel AX210 chipset
  • Tri-band axe5400 (2400Mbps @6GHz + 2400Mbps @5GHz + 574Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology
  • Support Windows10/11 64-bit

This OKN wifi 6ghz adapter is gaining excellent rating in Amazon with good performance and affordable price.

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Those wifi 6e adapters are popular you may consider to pair with your wifi 6 or wifi 6e router products, or connect to recent Netgear wifi 6e and Unifi wifi 6e AP products. For Google loyal users with their Google Nest Pro 6e, you can update your computers with one of the above wifi 6e adapters.  

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