Various Models of Powerline Adapter 500

Various Models of Powerline Adapter 500 – powerline network adapter with speed up to 500 Mbps. Today, you can find various models of powerline adapter deliver speed up to 1200Mbps such as TP-LINK TL-PA8010P KIT.

Why powerline adapter?

The main advantage of the implementation of powerline adapters is easy installation to create a home computer network using existing electrical wiring.

If you have a large house consists of many rooms particularly of two floors building, the easiest way is to create a wifi network so your mobile devices can easily access the network without using wires. The problem is sometimes the house is made up of many rooms with a few thick barriers so that your wireless clients away from the wireless router having trouble in getting a strong signal.

Indeed, you can pull the network cable from the router to the farthest point and then install the wireless access point to eliminate dead spots area, but running the cable away through several walls or through the ceiling is not an easy task to do.

Therefore, you can use the existing electrical wiring at home by installing high-speed adapter – powerline adapter 500 mbps.

Wireless extender solution

Many users add a wireless range extender between the router and the wireless clients (in dead spots) to extend the wireless range of the network. Adding a wireless range extender such as new Netgear XE6200 wireless-ac based extender is a good solution if all of your connecting devices are wireless devices. What if some of them are not wireless devices but Ethernet-based devices such as Blu-ray player or desktop computer in your son’s room at the farthest corner of the house? Or you need to add a D-Link Systems Cloud Camera (with Ethernet port) to the cloud for remote access, but the wireless connection is not solid enough to control the camera, what is your option?

Adding high speed Powerline adapter 500 is a sound solution of your whole home network either wired or wireless.

Powerline adapters networking diagram

The following is a networking diagram of a two-floor building that implement high speed powerline adapter 500 Mbps to connect home theater devices in the second floor to the router in the first floor. You can use Netgear XAV5004 four-port powerline adapter to connect up to four Ethernet-based devices.

Powerlinne adapter diagram

Various models of Powerline adapter 500 Mbps

You can easily find various models of powerline adapter 500 Mbps in the market. Amazon offers you many types from different vendors you may choose, some of them are listed here.

Netgear XAVB5101 Powerline Nano500 Set

The model is very beautiful, pure white and elegant and will add a beautiful room if you’ve plugged in the power outlet, adding to the decor of the room to be nicer views.

XAVB-5105 powerline adapter

Netgear XAVB5101 Powerline Nano500 Set is a high speed adapter up to 500Mbps, ideal for streaming 3D HD video and gaming. You don’t need to add a universal internet adapter such as WNCE3001 to your game console, just connect to this powerline adapter. Connect to the router that includes Gigabit Ethernet port for maximum high speed connection to the network such as Netgear Wndr3700 wireless router for gaming and streaming, or the high performance Wndr4500 N900 router.

Main features

  • High speeds connection up to 500Mbps, ideal for HD media streaming and gaming
  • Includes one gigabit Ethernet port to connect the adapter to the Ethernet-device.
  • It includes Pick-a-Plug LED to help you identify the best outlet for optimal network performance
  • For secure connection, the adapter has a push-and-secure button
  • Green technology with stand-by power consumption less than 0.5 Watt

XAVB5601 Powerline AV+ 500 Nano set

This is similar with the first one, the powerline adapter 500 Mbps with extra outlet so you can still use the power outlet for plugging other electrical devices such as your desktop computer.

TPL-402E V1.0R Trendnet

Another model of 500Mbps powerline adapter with extra power outlet is Trendnet TPL-402E V1.0R. It’s like the XAVB56001 adapter which includes one Gigabit Ethernet port.

The model is the same white color and elegant blend with the white walls of your room so that adds to the decor.

Main features

  • 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-MDIX Gigabit port
  • 1 x electrical power socket
  • 1 x One-touch Sync button for secure connection.
  • Includes three LED indicators to let you recognize how good the signal strength is (green, amber and red which indicates best, better and god signal respectively)
  • Advanced electrical noise filter to help you get better performance
  • conserve energy to save up to 80% in power saving mode.
  • up to 980 feet in transmitting the signal through electrical network

TP-link TL-PA411KIT

Another standard 500Mbps powerline AV adapter is offered by TP-link – the TL-PA411KIT Powerline mini kit. Among other TP-link powerline products, this is a hot product in its class, very small and yet powerful. Simple design with a white surface with three LED indicator lights whilst most of the beautiful black color.

TP-link powerline adapter

Main features

  • Mini design, high speed 500Mbps with HomePlug AV standard compliant to support your home theater devices
  • Maximum power line up to 300 meters
  • Fast Ethernet port (10/100Mbps)
  • Patented power-saving mode can reduce power consumption up to 85%
  • You can choose the built-in QoS type: Internet, Online gaming and Audio/video traffic
  • Plug and Play with Pair button for easy network security configuration

Unlike the other two above products, this one isn’t equipped with Gigabit port but fast Ethernet.

Today, you can find mesh wifi system with powerline as the back-haul link, you may have a look at Extollo mesh wifi powerline extender based on wireless AC1200 network segment.

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