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Ultimate Google Nest Pro 6e vs Deco XE75 Pro

It’s been long time since Google released its 2nd generation of Google Nest wifi based on legacy wireless ac (wifi5) technology, and Google did not released the successor of this one with the latest wifi6 technology for some time. While up to date you can see the emerging of wifi-6 products in various types flooding the market. And finally Google released its latest wifi 6e-based product to the market early last quarter 2022.

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Google Nest Pro

Many folks expected Google released the newer model of Google nest wifi based on wifi 6 standards, however Google jumped to offer Google nest pro based on latest wifi 6e technology. What is the difference? Wifi 6e is the enhancement of wifi 6 standards with the addition of 6ghz radio band, so wifi 6e delivers three distinct radio bands: 2.4, 5 and 6ghz bands. You know that the next generation of wifi-7 technology is coming with 6ghz radio band, this wifi-7 technology is just around the corner.

The first generation of google wifi device is Google wifi with legacy ac1200 segment, it’s been so popular to date and compete tightly with tplink deco m5 and first generation of amazon eero. And then the second generation of google wifi is Google Nest wifi with dual band ac2200 network segment.

If you were expecting the next generation of nest wifi is nest wifi 6 series, you were wrong. Even google jumped to the latest enhancement of wifi 6 standard with addition of 6ghz band, Google nest pro axe5400 mesh wifi 6e.  

Google nest wifi 6e pro
Google nest wifi 6e pro

Google nest vs nest pro

Google nest wifi is popular with its nest extender, the nest point / satellite to extend your wifi coverage. You have options to purchase the google nest kit with all nest routers, or you may opt to have nest router plus one or two nest points / satellites. The nest satellite is not just extending the network coverage; it comes with built-in stereo speaker and microphone that function like alexa, built-in google assistant. The nest router is embedded with two gigabit ethernet ports, but the nest satellite isn’t.

If your network comes with all Google nest routers (without nest satellite), or comes with Google Nest Pro, you may add Google nest mini smart speaker as Google voice assistant, one of best value smart speakers.  

Google Nest Pro
Google Nest Pro

The other nest router different with its nest satellite is that nest router is dual band ac2200, while nest satellite is dual band ac1200.

So what about the difference between new generations of Google nest pro and 2nd G nest wifi? Take a look at the following table 1 below that shows you spec comparison between google nest and nest pro.

Wifi Generation

The main difference is the wifi technology applied to each of the product series. Google nest 2nd generation is engineered using legacy wifi5 standard dual band ac2200. On the other hand, the latest series google nest pro is applied using latest wifi 6e technology; three distinct radio bands with the introduction of 6ghz in addition of common 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio bands. As mentioned above that this 6ghz radio band will be used in the next generation of wifi7 technology that is just around the corner. Tp-link has showcased its upcoming products based on the next generation of wifi 7 technology including tplink deco be95 quad band with total aggregated bandwidth up to 33Gbps, and deco be85 tri-band up to 22Gbps.

If you have couples of desktop computers with available pci-e slots available, you may add latest pci-e wifi 6e adapters to support google nest pro and connect using 6ghz band for fast lane and low latency, or any other popular models of wifi 6 adapters with pci-e or usb type models.

What I’m wondering is that this new google nest pro is embedded with lower dual core arm cpu instead of quad core arm cpu as on previous series nest 2nd generation. Does it mean this nest pro can perform in its best by just using dual core cpu? I have no idea, no clue.

Unlike previous nest wifi model that gives you options to using three router nodes, or using router node plus one or more satellite nodes, this new google nest pro comes with interchangeable router or extender nodes. There is no difference which one is router node and which one is extender, the first router node connecting to modem will act as mesh wifi router and the other nodes act as extender. This is almost the same configuration model as deco series, or asus zenwifi series, but not the same as orbi series.  

Table 1. Google Nest Pro vs Nest 2nd G

Google Nest ModelGoogle Nest Pro wifi 6eGoogle Nest wifi 2nd G
WifiTri-band axe5400Dual band ac2200
Signal rates574Mbps @ 2.4GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 5GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 6 GHz 2×2;
1,900Mbps @5GHz 4×4;
300Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2
2x Gigabit Ethernet PortsYesYes, N/A port for satellite node
2,200 sq ft / nodeYesYes
ProcessorDual-core 64-bit ARM CPU 1 GB RAM,
4 GB flash
Quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU 1.4 GHz; 1 GB RAM; 4 GB Flash
WPA3 readyYesYes
Dimension (Height x width x dept)130 mm x 117 mm x 85 mm90.4 mm x 110 mm x 110 mm
CompatibilityNot compatible with Google Nest nor  Google wifiCompatible with previous google wifi
Price$560 /3-pack$227.00 /3-pack

With this product, you can effortlessly connect all of your favorite devices, from Windows laptops to Macs and Bluetooth-enabled accessories like wireless earbuds, to the internet. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to bring their digital life together into one seamless, connected experience.

The bad news with this Google nest pro if you already have previous google nest series is that they are not compatible each other.

How this Google nest pro series will compete with similar products released by tplink, asus or others? Let’s take tplink deco xe75 pro and compare with this nest pro series.

Google Nest Pro vs Deco

Similar product is offered by TP-link in this wifi 6e middle network segment deco xe75, you know that few models are introduced with top notch tier axe11000 such as asus zenwifi et12, netgear orbi rbke963, and also deco xe200. See also comparison between asus zenwifi et12 vs orbi rbk963.

As a reference, table 2 below shows you spec comparison table for Google nest pro vs deco xe75 pro. Knowing that the price difference between the two products is quite lots, many people try to compare the products based on data specifications.

deco xe75 pro
TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro
Wifi network

Both products are engineered based on recent wifi 6e technology with the addition of 6ghz radio band instead of just 2.4 and 5ghz bands to deliver three distinct radio bands. The communication between router and satellite nodes commonly uses wifi backhaul and optional wired ethernet backhaul. Nest adopts dynamic wifi backhaul automatically, all the three radio bands share with connected devices.

On the other hand, deco xe75 pro is designed to use dedicated backhaul @6ghz band by default. However, when you need to enable this 6ghz band to allow client’s connection you need to enable it to share network instead of dedicated backhaul from the app.      

When it comes to use wired backhaul for reliable wired connection between nodes, you can use network cable and connect each node accordingly either using daisy chain or star topology backhaul. With only two ethernet ports, you can use daisy chain topology for nest. Deco allows you to adopt either daisy chain or star topology for three kits.

Internet speed

Both nest and deco are ready for internet plan up to 1Gbps. However for multi-gig internet plan nest is not ready but deco is with its 2.5gbps wan port. Few models of high speed docsis 3.1 cable modem come with high speed 2.5gbps ethernet port such as arris s33 and netgear cm2000.

Table 2 Google Nest Pro vs Deco   

Wifi 6 Router ProductGoogle Nest ProTP Link Deco XE75 Pro
Wifi SegmentTri-band axe5400 with 6-streamsTri-band axe5400 wifi 6e with AI-driven mesh
574Mbps @ 2.4GHz; 2×2;  2402 Mbps @ 5GHz; 2×2;  2402 Mbps @ 6 GHz 2×2;YesYes
Coverage2,200 sq ft / node7,500 sq ft / 3-pack
BackhaulDynamic wifi backhaulDefault is dedicated backhaul @6GHz  and optional wired Ethernet backhaul
Ethernet Ports2x Gigabit RJ45 Ports with auto sensing1x 2.5Gbps WAN port 
2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports LAN auto sensing
ProcessorDual-core 64-bit ARM CPU 1 GB RAM, 4 GB flash1.7 GHz Quad core CPU
SecurityWPA3; Secure booting and firmware auto update; Parental controlWPA3; Home Shield Pro services;  
Dimension130 mm height x 117 mm width x 85 mm depth105 mm x 105 mm x 169 mm)
Weight1.311 pounds (595 g ) /each4.12 pounds (1,868 grams)  /3-pack
Price$560.99 /3-pack$399.99 /3-pack

Prices are always fluctuating over time. With price difference is quite lots, deco xe75 pro with 2.5gbps wan port and two other lan ports is more advantage as opposed to nest pro. Click the product’s link below to learn more details and you may get best deal in Amazon (#ads).

Alternative Products

Tenda just released its wifi 6 lineup products with new two products that work at middle range network segment, the Tenda MX15 and Tenda MX21 Pro. The MX15 is the higher bandwidth model that works at ax5400 network segment in addition of the previous model MX12 AX3000. The Tenda MX21 Pro is the first product that is designed based on the wifi 6e technology, and the price tagged is around $310. I believe that the price will drop over time, while at the same time Google Nest Pro is beginning to drop the price lower than its MSRP in some online stores like Amazon.  

Tenda MX21 Pro AXE5700

So Google nest pro will compete with this new Tenda MX21 Pro knowing that the price is lower than Google Nest Pro. Let’s see how this MX21 performs when it is compared with Nest Pro. Table 3 below shows you spec comparison table between MX21 and Nest pro.

Technically both Google Nest pro and MX21 Pro sit at the same middle network segment, a slightly speed difference @2.4GHz band. And you can see that in terms of the number of Ethernet port, MX21 pro comes with three ports while Google comes with only two ports.

The other thing you may also consider is the processor embedded on Tenda MX21 is quad core as opposed to Nest Pro that comes with only dual core processor. This should give MX21 pro a preference choice than Nest Pro in terms of the network processing power.

Table 3 Google Nest Pro vs Tenda MX21

Wifi 6e ProductGoogle Nest ProTenda MX21 Pro
Wifi technologyTri-band axe5400 with 6-streamsTri-band axe5700 Wifi 6e
Signal rates574Mbps @ 2.4GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 5GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 6 GHz 2×2;
861Mbps @ 2.4GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 5GHz; 2×2; 
2402 Mbps @ 6 GHz 2×2;
Ethernet Ports2x Gigabit RJ45 Ports with auto sensing3x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
ProcessorDual-core 64-bit ARM CPU 1 GB RAM, 4 GB flashQuad-Core Broadcom chip and 256MB memory

The price listed may not be the same as current price. Click the product’s link below to learn more details and see current price and best deals on Amazon (#ads).

Click here to see Tenda MX21 in Amazon (#Ad)

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