Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-FlexHD vs Omada

Ubiquiti introduces compact stylist model of Unifi UAP-FlexHD mesh wifi access point, ideal for homes or small to medium businesses. How good it is compared with Omada eap245 v3 – one of best wireless ac access point product for businesses offered by TP-link.

Unifi FlexHD

Unifi FlexHD is designed with a beautiful sleek body, cylindrical tower and can be showcase in your living room or placed in every hallway or office space and you can mount it on the wall or on the ceiling of your office space. Although this product is typically used for your office or business needs, you can also use it at home blended with your living room or family room decor, start with one product to cover around 1,500 ~ 2,000 sq ft.

Ubiquiti Unifi Flex HD mesh access point
Ubiquiti Unifi Flex HD mesh access point

Compare this unifi flexhd with the Omada series with flat, square shape that can also be mounted on a wall and is good, mounted on your office ceilings, I find that Unifi flexhd is more appealing.  

MU-MIMO wave 2

Like two other Unifi Access Point series Unifi AP HD and Unifi AP SHD, Unifi Flex HD is designed with MU-MIMO wave 2 wifi technology that can reduce network latency with greater data throughput with the ability to streams multiple data to multiple clients (with MU-MIMO enable) concurrently. There few models of wifi USB adapters with MU-MIMO feature such as TP-link Archer T3U ac1200 USB adapter, Asus usb-ac53 wifi ac1200 Nano USB adapter, or Edimax ew-7822ulc AC1200 usb adapters and still more including those with PCIe adapters. See also various models of wireless ax adapters – the wifi adapters based on latest wifi 6 technology.

This Unifi Flex HD is a simultaneous dual band AC2100. Connected devices with MU-MIMO enable like those with MU-MIMO adapter can benefit connect to 5GHz band up to 1733Mbps with 4×4 MU-MIMO but for clients @ 2.4GHz band wireless N can deliver speed up to 300Mbps 2×2 MIMO.

On the other hand, Omada eap245 is designed based on AC1750 wave 2 MU-MIMO and speeds up to 1300Mbps @5GHz band 3×3 MU-MIMO and up to 450Mbps @2.4GHz. Unifi Flex hd offers more bandwidth @5Ghz band than Omada. See also Unifi AC Lite vs Omada eap245 another previous model of Unifi AP series.

Mesh Technology

Unifi Flex HD is not designed like its predecessor product which is based on wireless access point in general where each AP node will follow the route in accordance with the hop to hop path in accordance with the order of the designated ip address each node. However, Flex HD is designed with mesh technology and data transmission will pass through hop to hop randomly to get the closest path that can be traversed with certain complex metric algorithms. And the backhaul link between hops used is the wifi 4×4 MIMO @ 5GHz radio band shared bandwidth with connected devices.

So it is like when you drive vehicle through a winding road twisting in the mountains through the road that has been made, so the distance becomes longer even though actually if you cloud drive by air over the mountains, the road can be shorter because it is through a shortcut in the air. This is a simple description of the mesh technology, looking for the shortcuts that must be taken on the way to the destination point.

Omada eap245 v3 is not designed with mesh technology like Unifi Flex HD, this is the main difference between Unifi and Omada. Omada is a wireless access point in general where data is transferred through each of the connected Ethernet port to your local network.


Both of these products support roaming which makes it easy for mobile devices to move from one AP node to another one without stuttering especially when making VoIP calls or streaming video and online gaming.

Unifi updated its previous roaming protocol using Zero-Handoff and now uses Unifi Fast Roaming, it is still unclear whether Unifi uses the 802.11k / 802.11v standard as implemented by TP-link on the Omada eap245 product.

To enable Unifi Flex HD and other Unifi AP products except you can follow the following link how to enable Unifi fast roaming.


For deploying at home using two or three Unifi Flex HD, you can manage the network and the nodes using Unifi controller software running either on Windows or Mac. However, for deploying bunch of Unifi APs in enterprise or large businesses you may use Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

TP-link Omada also comes with Omada software for central management system, however for multi remote sites deployment you need OC200 Omada Cloud controller.  


  • High performance simultaneous dual band wireless ac mesh access point in small and sleek design with MU-MIO wave 2 technology
  • Wifi speeds of up to 1733Mbps wireless ac wave 2 @5GHz radio band 4×4 MU-MIMO and up to 300Mbps wireless N @2.4GHz band 2×2 MIMO
  • 4×4 MIMO fast backhaul mesh solution
  • Powered by PoE with versatile mounting options, desktop mount, wall mount, pole mount, or ceiling mount
  • Comes with Unifi controller software for central management running on Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
  • You can also use Unifi Dream Machine Pro for all devices controller or you may use Unifi Cloud Key
  • For homes, you may start from one or three devices to fit most home sizes

For home you may start using two or three devices, each unit is sold around $175 (May 2020), see that the prices are fluctuating by time. Click the link below to learn more details about this product and link to SHOP in Amazon.

Click here to SHOP Unifi Flex HD

This product is promising and the current rated is excellent 4.5 out of five stars, and becomes one of best POE wifi ac access point in the market.  

Unifi vs Omada

If tight budget is taken into consideration in your business, Omada has fulfilled your requirements in making your business’s wifi network, including the ease of guest access with Facebook for your mobile device.

TP Link Omada eap-245
TP Link Omada eap-245

For faster speed and wider bandwidth with efficient mesh technology, Ubiquiti Unifi Flex HD is ideal solution for your enterprise and businesses. Take a look at the following spec and feature comparison between Unifi Flex HD and Omada eap245.

Table 1 Unifi Flex HD vs Omada

AP ModelUbiquiti Unifi Flex HDTP-link Omada eap245 v3
Wifi technologyDual band AC2100 wave 2 MU-MIMODual band AC1750 wave 2 MU-MIMO
Wifi speeds1733Mbps @5GHz 4×4 MU-MIMO 300Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2 MIMO1300Mbps @5GHz 450Mbps @2.4GHz
Mesh technologyYes, with 4×4 MIMO @5GHz radio band as backhaul linkNo
Ethernet port1x Gigabit Ethernet port2x Gigabit Ethernet port, 1x POE and ax Bridge
Power802.3af, 48V, 0.32A Gigabit PoE Adaptersupports both 802.3af PoE and Passive PoE power supply
Guest NetworkYes, hotspot setup including billing integration, RAIDUS and other guests controlYes, Captive portal with Facebook and SMS Login
Antenna gain2.4 GHz: 1.6 dBi 5 GHz: 4 dBi2.4GHz: 3 × 4dBi 5GHz: 3 × 4dBi
Management  Unifi controller software, or Dream machine ProOmada controller software or OC200 cloud controller device

To learn more spec details and link to SHOP in Amazon, click the link below:

Click here to SHOP Omada eap245

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