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Ubiquiti Unifi 6 AP vs Engenius 6 Which One is Better

Ubiquiti has released new series of wireless access point products based on wifi 6 technology, and to date there are two series of products have been on the market for a while, they are Unifi 6 AP Lite and LR series. How do these two series compare with the Engenius 6 APs which have previously released to the market – ews377 and ews357?

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Unifi-6 AP Series

Although it was a bit late in releasing these two Unifi 6 Access Point series after its competitor Engenius released similar products earlier last year, finally Ubiquiti Unifi-6 Lite AP and Unifi6 LR AP were released to the market and the AP business class market map changed including after TP-link has also finally released similar products Omada 6 AP. See also Unifi 6 access point vs Omada.

Unifi 6 Lite AP vs LR AP

Previously we discussed the differences between the Lite and the LR series of these two products, which can be concluded that the Unifi6 Lite series works @ ax1500 (1200 + 300) while the LR series works on ax3000 (2,400 + 600). With the difference in the network segments of the two series, the specs of each series are also different, including the speed of each radio band and the embedded processor is also different, and of course the antennas design is different.

Unifi 6 Lite AP
Unifi 6 Lite AP

Here is the spec difference table between the two Unifi 6 AP series shown in the following table below.

Table 1 Unifi6 Lite vs LR series

ModelUnifi 6 Lite APUnifi 6 Long Range U6-LR
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ax1500 (1200 + 300) wifi-6 with 2×2 MU-MIMO and OFDMASimultaneous dual band ax3000 (2,400 + 600) wifi-6 with 4×4 MU-MIMO and OFDMA
Antennas Design2.8dBi @2.4GHz
3.0dBi @5GHz
4dBi @2.4GHz 5.
5dBi @5GHz
Embedded Processor880 MHz MIPS 1004 KEc with 256 MB memoryDual-Core® Cortex® A53 at 1.35 GHz with 512MB

Unifi network controller software

Deploying tens or hundreds of AP products in an enterprise or corporate wifi network has never been easier. With Ubiquiti Unifi6 Access Point products you can easily manage them in local or multi remote sites easily with Unifi Network Controller software you can install in a local computer or host in cloud storage for central network management. Even you can download the app and manage through your mobile devices easily.

Business class wireless access point usually comes with free network controller software, or any hardware model network controller. The competing products are offered by Engenius with its wifi 6 AP series (Ews357 and Ews377) that also comes with ezMaster network management software when the APs are in managed mode instead of standalone mode.

Engenius 6 AP On Premises

Before I proceed with the comparison between these Unifi 6 AP series and Engenius 6 AP series, it’s better discussing briefly what the Engenius 6 AP products are about. There are two series of Engenius AP products based on latest wifi-6 technology so far. First model is Cloud-managed AP products and the second type is the On-premises Indoor model that we will discuss here, they are Engenius ews357 and Engenius ews377 wifi 6 AP.

Engenius ews357 vs ews377

The main differences between the two series is about the network segment difference and off course other specs related to the network segment such as the related hardware. Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Engenius ews357 and ews377.

Table 2 Engenius ews357 vs ews377

ModelEngenius ew357Engenius ews377
WifiSimultaneous dual band ax1800 (574Mbps @2.4Ghz  + 1,200Mbps @5Ghz) with 2×2:2 radio chainSimultaneous dual-band ax3600 (1,148Mbps @2.4GHz + 2,400Mbps @5GHz) with 4x 4:4 radio chain
PoE mode802.3af802.3at
Antennas2 x 3 dBi @ 2.4 GHz ;
2 x 3 dBi @ 5 GHz Omni-directional antennas
4 x 3 dBi @ 2.4 GHz ;
4 x 3 dBi @ 5 GHz Integrated Omni-directional antennas
Ethernet Port1 x  Gigabit Ethernet Port1 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Port
ProcessorQualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53s @ 1.0GHz CPUQualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53s @ 2.0GHz CPU
Dimension160 x 160 x 33.2 mm205 x 205 x 33.2 mm

See that ews377 ax3600 comes with higher bandwidth of 2.5Gbps Ethernet port as opposed to only 1x Gigabit Ethernet port. You may like to see that the prices listed above is not current, today you may find the prices are dropped, probably since the Unifi 6 products are released with lower prices.

Unifi 6 AP vs Engenius 6 AP

Each vendor released two series of wifi 6 AP products with different network segments, so to be fair; the Unifi 6 Lite AP must be compared with Engenius ews357, while the Unifi 6 LR AP must be compared with Engenius 6 ews377.

Unifi 6 Lite vs Ews357

Take a look at the following table 3 that shows you spec comparison table between Unifi 6 Lite AP and Engenius ews357.

See here that Engenius offers higher bandwidth than Unifi 6, particularly bandwidth @2.4GHz due to different network segment.

Engenius ews357 ax1800 AP
Engenius ews357 ax1800 AP

The embedded processor is also different, Unifi 6 Lite comes with Mediatek dual core while Engenius 6 ews357 comes with quad core Qualcomm which technically more powerful than Mediatek.   

Table 3 Unifi 6 Lite vs Engenius ews357

Wifi 6 AP modelUbiquiti Unifi 6 LiteEngenius ews357
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ax1500 (1,200Mbps + 300Mbps) wifi-6 access point with 2×2 MU-MIMO and OFDMASimultaneous dual band ax1800 (1,200Mbps + 600Mbps) with 2×2 MU-MIMO and OFDMA
AntennasInternal antennas 2.8dBi @2.4GHz 3.0dBi @5GHzOmni-directional internal antennas 2 x 3 dBi @ 2.4 GHz ; 2 x 3 dBi @ 5 GHz 
Ethernet Port1x Gigabit Ethernet Port1x Gigabit Ethernet Port
ProcessorMediatek 880 MHz MIPS 1004 KEc dual-core with 256 MB memoryQualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53s @ 1.0GHz CPU
DimensionØ160 x 32.65 mm (Ø6.3 x 1.3″)160 x 160 x 33.2 mm

The listed prices may be different with the current prices which usually dropped, click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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Now, let’s compare the higher series on the following paragraphs below.

Unifi 6 LR AP vs Ews377

In the higher series we compare the Unifi 6 LR with Engenius 6 ews377, and notice that each one works on the network segment which wifi speed is slightly different at 2.4GHz radio band while @ 5GHz the speed is the same. The processor hardware embedded in each product’s board is also different, dual core vs quad core which of course provides different performance.

Table 4 Unifi 6 LR AP vs Engenius Ews377

Wifi 6 AP ModelUnifi 6 LR APEnGenius ews377
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ax3000 (2,400Mbps + 600Mbps) wifi-6 access point with 4×4 MU-MIMO and OFDMASimultaneous dual band ax3600 (2,400Mbps + 1,200Mbps) with 4×4 MU-MIMO and OFDMA
AntennasOmni-directional Internal antennas 4dBi @2.4GHz 5.5dBi @5GHzOmni-directional internal antennas 4 x 3 dBi @ 2.4 GHz ; 4 x 3 dBi @ 5 GHz
Ethernet Port1x Gigabit Ethernet Port1x Gigabit Ethernet Port
ProcessorDual-Core® Cortex® A53 at 1.35 GHz with 512MBQualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53s  @ 2.0GHz CPU
DimensionØ220 x 48 mm (Ø8.66 x 1.89″)205 x 205 x 33.2 mm
Price in Amazon  (Mar 2021)$179.00$180.00

The current prices may be different from the listed above; even the prices at the first time the products were released are more expensive. So far the prices for Unifi 6 AP products are still not much available in the market. 

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