Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien vs Linksys Velop

Amplifi offers wifi mesh products in different ways such as those offered by Linksys or Netgear which always introduce mesh wifi system products for both mesh routers and the satellite with the same design. Amplifi comes with mesh router physically more dominant compared to its extenders which come with wall-plug model as you see in its Amplifi HD and Amplifi HD gamer edition products.

However, for new model of Amplifi Alien with wifi 6 technology, Amplifi comes with Alien mesh point or satellite companion with similar dimension – cylindrical tower. You can notice that the Alien Mesh point doesn’t come with Ethernet port. If you need a wider range to cover then just add one or more Alien routers or Alien mesh point.

If you add Alien router you have to add coverage you have more Ethernet ports, if you add Alien mesh point you only have Ethernet ports on Alien router.

Amplifi Alien wifi 6 mesh wifi system
Amplifi Alien wifi 6 mesh wifi system

Amplifi Alien vs Linksys Velop

We’ve discussed Amplifi Alien vs Orbi in the previous article, and now we need to compare Amplifi Alien vs Linksys Velop mx5 wifi 6 whole home system. Mx5 is a single Velop wifi 6 system, and you can combine two mx5 to become Velop Mx10 mesh wifi system.

Now we focus on comparing Amplifi Alien vs Velop mx5 mesh wifi system. As a reference, table 1 shows you spec comparison between the two products.


Alien Amplifi offers a wider bandwidth than Linksys Velop MX5, how many data streams per band you can see from the table that Alien delivers up to a total of 16 data streams for total up to 7,685Mbps combining 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi 5 radios. Compared Alien with Velop, Velop delivers only up to 12 data streams for total bandwidth of up to 5,300Mbps from a single node.

Linksys Velop MX10 mesh wifi system
Linksys Velop MX10 mesh wifi system


When Alien Amplifi is combined with Alien mesh point, the backhaul link between nodes uses wifi ax @ 5Ghz band sharing with connected wifi ax clients. If there is no ax-based client then the radio band @ 5GHz wifi ax is used specifically for backhaul. The wired backhaul option if you use an Alien router as a mesh point and known as RAMP (router as mesh point).

You can compare with Velop MX10 or known as Mx5300 which uses dynamic tri-band backhaul and optional wired-Ethernet backhaul. With dynamic backhaul means no dedicated @5GHz radio band is used as dedicated backhaul, but each of the two radio bands @5GHz can work as backhaul at a given time with Linksys proprietary technology as opposed to dedicated backhaul.

Port Interfaces

Both Alien and Velop mx5 mesh routers have 4x Gigabit LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port like other wifi routers in general. If you combine an Alien router and an Alien mesh point as mesh wifi system, note that the Alien mesh point does not have an Ethernet port, unless you add an Alien router as Mesh point then you have the same number of Ethernet ports that Velop MX10 offer.

And one more thing that Velop offers is a USB 3.0 port that you can use as shared USB storage, while Aliens don’t have a USB port.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table between Amplifi Alien and Linksys Velop MX5300 / MX5 mesh wifi system.

Table 1 Amplifi Alien vs Velop AX5300

ModelAmplifi Alien Router (Alien router + Alien mesh point)Linksys Velop MX10 (2x Mx5)
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band ax7685 with 16 spatial streams from a single Amplifi Alien unit. 2.4 GHz: 4×4 5 GHz: 4×4 (low-band) + 8×8 (high band)Simultaneous tri-band ax5300  12-streams MU-MIMO connect up to 50 devices
Wifi speeds1148 Mbps @2.4GHz, 1733 Mbps (low band)/ 4804 Mbps (high band) @5GHz band1147Mbps @2.4Ghz 2402Mbps @5Ghz band 1  1733Mbps @5Ghz band 2
CoverageUnspecified specifically, but said 2x Amplifi HD range3,000 sq ft
Backhaul link5GHz band (ax) and optional wired Ethernet backhaul link when connect to other Alien routerTri-Band Dynamic Backhaul and optional wired backhaul
Antennas(1) Internal Dual-Band Metal Stamp with 12 Polarity antenna array on top of its cylindrical bodyInternal antennas
Ethernet PortsGigabit Ethernet: (1) WAN, (4) LAN Alien Mesh Point No Ethernet Port1 Gigabit WAN 4 Gigabit LAN
USB PortN/AUSB 3.0 for shared storage device
Processor2.2 GHz 64-Bit Quad-Core CPU2.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor with Flash: 512MB; RAM: 1GB
DisplayTouch screen display on Router; Resolution: 274 x 1268, 279 ppiN/A
Price$829.99 / 2-pack$450.00 / 2-pack

Linksys Velop MX10 (means two units of MX5) is tagged around $450.00 in Amazon, however one unit Amplifi Alien router and one Alien Mesh point is tagged around $830.00, still expensive compared to Velop Mx10 and Orbi Rbk852. Click the link below to Shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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