Trendnet TEW-828DRU Wireless AC3200 Router

Customer reviews in online stores affect the way prospective buyers to decide which product to purchase. Some products with less competitive begin reducing the price up to 20% from the original MSRP to attract the prospective buyers to consider their product. In wireless AC3200 router category, you can mention Linksys with its EA9200 flagship and Trendnet with its TEW-828DRU flagship are sold under $200 in some online stores. While Netgear X6 Nighthawk; and D-link 890L as well as Asus RT-AC3200 are still competitive with higher price.

Trendnet TEW-828DRU

TEW-828DRU is the flagship router offered by Trendnet in Q1 2015 to compete with other three band wireless routers available in the market including Netgear R8000, Linksys EA9200, Asus RT-AC3200 and still more including the newest flagship introduced by TP-link – the Archer C3200.

The three band wireless routers are ideal for large home with more dens wifi clients, ideal for streaming 4K video, online gaming, voice applications and any other high intensive-bandwidth applications. What this Trendnet flagship offers is almost the same with other similar products.

Main features

  • Simultaneous three band wireless AC3200 router
  • Speeds up to 2x 1300Mbps wireless AC in 5GHz band and up to 600Mbps wireless N in 2.4GHz band
  • Smart connect technology to automatically group clients into separate AC bands based on the speed performance
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet LAN and 1x Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports
  • 1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0 ports
  • Powered by 1GHz dual core processor
  • Compatible with DD-WRT opens source firmware
Trendnet TEW-828DRU wireless ac3200 router
Trendnet TEW-828DRU wireless ac3200 router

Original price was $250 at the first time the product was launched, and you can find it today the price is under $200 you can find in Amazon.

Click here for Trendnet 828DRU spec details and current price.

TEW-828 Comparison

Mostly all wireless AC3200 routers have the same antenna configurations with six high power external antennas except Linksys EA9200 with 3x external and 3x internal antennas. All routers with six external antenna model remind me that they are like the spider, but a spider has eight legs.

In terms of color, D-link 890L provides different color and casing cap, the color of the casing cap is maroon and black on the body. Compare with other Wireless AC3200 models that are dominated with black body.

Are there any specific features or hardware spec that make this router different compared with other wireless AC3200 router?

Interface Ports

Trendnet TEW-828DRU features the same interface ports as others, 4x Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports and 1x Gigabit WAN Ethernet port. In addition, 1x USB 3.0 port and 1x USB 2.0 port are also embedded like other competing products.

Trendnet TEW-828DRU AC3200 router

Table 1 Interface Ports comparison

Model Gigabit Ethernet Ports (1x WAN and 4x LAN)USB Ports (1x USB 3.0

plus 1x USB 2.0)

Trendnet TEW-828DRUYesYesStorage FTP, Samba, Printing
Netgear R8000YesYesStorage, printer

Free ReadySHARE Vault app to automatically backup Windows PC to the connected USB storage

Asus RT-AC3200YesYesUSB storage devices, printer sharing, and 3G/4G dongle support.
Linksys EA9200YesYesShare storage and printer; DLNA media server
D-link 890LYesYesShare storage, printer, DLNA media server

mydlink SharePort web access

TP-link Archer C3200YesYesSupport Samba(Storage); FTP Server; Media Server; Printer Server

Trendnet TEW-828DRU has the same USB functions as others for sharing storage and printer. However Trendnet doesn’t have specific function that makes it different than others.

  1. Netgear R8000 comes with ReadySHARE Vault app, all Windows PC can automatically backup data to USB-connected storage.
  2. Or Asus RT-AC3200 that supports 3G/4G dongle to share.
  3. Or D-link DIR-890L that comes with mydlink SharePort web access that allows you to create a personal cloud storage


To boost your existing wifi network and upgrading to separate high speed-three band networks, Trendnet TEW-828DRU is worth to purchase with the price under $200 and you know that current rating is good enough with average rating 4.0 out of 5 in Amazon.

Compare with Asus AC3200 which the price is $280 with the addition value of 3G/4G support. Or you can compare with Netgear R8000 that includes Free ReadySHARE Vault app which the price is still $250, you still can arrange other backup strategy instead of ReadySHARE app.

Click the following link to see spec details and purchase TEW-828DRU in Amazon.

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