TP-link SR20 Kasa Smart Home Router

Tpink introduces Kasa SR20 Smart Home Router with AC1900 wireless dual band technology integrated with smart home devices that use ZigBee and Z-Wave.

What this product does

Kasa SR20 is not just a wireless AC1900 router, moreover it’s a kind of smart home hub with high speed wifi network to allow you connect and manage all wireless client devices including laptop, computers, mobile devices and other smart home devices that use ZigBee and Z-Wave.

ZigBee and Z-Wave

What is Zigbee? As reference you can find here in Wiki it’s a kind of protocol used to create personal area network for home automation such as wireless light switches, sensors, wireless camera and other smart home devices.

Z-Wave is similar smart home protocol used primarily for home automation with mesh network using low energy radio waves for smart devices to communicate each other. Similar product has been released by Samsung, the Samsung Smart Things mesh wifi router.

TP-link also offers few devices to easily connect with this SR20 Kasa product including MS100 Smart Motion sensor, Kasa smart camera and CS100 mart open-closed sensor.


It’s not like TP-link deco or Google or Luma mesh router which is typically sold in three pack, it is a smart home dual band wifi router based on wave 1 wireless AC1900 technology delivers wifi speeds up to 1300Mbps @5Ghz band plus up to 600Mbps @2.4Ghz band. It’s different concept than Samsung smartthings mesh wifi router (which typically comes in three pack) which is integrated with smart home hub in one device.


Like other home wireless router or mesh routers, Kasa K20 comes with embedded 1x Gigabit WAN and 4x Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports and two USB ports (1x USB 2.0 plus 1x USB 3.0) to allow you add printer and storage disk to share at your home wifi network.

TP-link Kasa SR20 Smart Home Router (~$120)


  • Wireless dual band ac1900 router with built-in smart-home hub
  • Connecting your ZigBee and Z-Wave devices to network intelligently and reliability
  • Wifi speeds up to 1300Mbps @5Ghz plus 600Mbps @2.4Ghz
  • 4x Gigabit LAN ports; 1x Gigabit WAN port
  • 1x UB 3.0 plus 1x USB 2.0 ports for storage and printer
  • Powered by 1Ghz dual core processor and 128MB RAM and 128MB Flash
  • Built-in 4.3inch capacitive touch screen with screen lock security
  • built-in SD Storage Slot to let you share files, photos, music, and video
  • Free Kasa app for setup and network management

With the above highlight lists, Kasa SR20 is ideal for homes with integrated smart home devices like wireless light switches, sensors, wireless camera and other smart home devices that are compliant with ZigBee and Z-Wave. The at the first time it was released this product is tagged with standard price $130 in some online retail stores.

Click  here to learn more detail Tpink Kasa SR30

Samsung SmartThings

TP-link Kasa router is normally like those wifi routers withthe addition of as a smart home hub for those devices with ZigBee and Z-Wavebased. When you need to extend coverage you require wireless range extender.Samsung SmartThing mesh wifi system is introduced like those wifi trend today –the mesh wifi system with the addition of Smart hub. With the other words SamsungSmartThings is an all-in-one mesh wifi router and smart-home hub.

Samsung Smart Things Mesh wifi router plus smart home hub (~$245)


  • All-in-one solution for mesh wifi router and smart-home hub
  • Connect to all connecteddevices including Samsung, Bose, Schlage, Honeywell, Kwikset, Leviton, Ecobee,Google Home, Alexa, Ring, Arlo and up to 100+ compatible devices
  • Based on wireless AC1300 network segment with dual band (867MB @5GHzplus 400Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Scale up to 32 hubs
  • Powerful quad core Qualcomm processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB Flash

To learn more details manufacturer’s description and features click the link below:

Clickhere for Samsung SmartThings mesh wifi system

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