TP-link RE450 Wifi Range Extender

TP-link offers new wireless range extender product – the RE450 wireless AC1750 range extender in addition of the desktop model AP500 home access point that can also be configured as wireless clients. How good this product is compared with others.

Why wifi extender

Not always a wireless router as the center of the wifi network at home can cover every corner of your home, usually there are spots that are not covered by your wifi signal at the location where you need your wifi clients to connect to the Internet network at home. Arranging the placement of the wireless router at the center of the home is likely constraint by the length of the internet line either cable or ADSL lines. For that’s why a wireless range extender is needed to cover the dead spots.

One of the wifi range extender devices available in the market is TP-link RE450 which is already based on new wireless AC technology. It is ready to compete with other similar devices available in the market?

What this product does

With TP-link RE450 you can expand your existing wifi network to cover larger area with simultaneous dual band delivering speeds of up to 1750Mbps total bandwidth. Ideal in expanding your existing wireless AC1200 routers that might not reach the farthest corner of the house. It can connect to any types of your wireless router whatever the brand is. Locating the device to provide the best signal coverage is easier than before by intelligent signal light. With the addition of one Gigabit Ethernet port you can connect a desktop computer or any other Ethernet- based devices to the wired network for reliable wired connection.

Main features

  • Based on wireless AC1750 technology
  • Simultaneous dual band delivering speeds of up to 1300Mbps in wireless AC 5GHz band and up to 450Mbps in wireless N 2.4Gz band
  • Comes with three adjustable external antennas
  • Intelligent signal light helps you find best placement of the extender for optimum performance
  • One Gigabit Ethernet port allows you connect wired connection to your network
TP-link RE450 wireless rane extender
TP Link RE450 wifi range extender

The design of the product is nice, wall plug design, three cute external antennas and the white purl color can blend with the wall adding nice decoration of the room.


There are similar models available in the market today with the same wall-plug design including wireless extender products from Linksys, Belkin, Netgear and more.

tp-link re450 wifi range extender
TP Link RE450 wifi range extender

Linksys RE6700

Linksys RE6700 is one of the competing device you may also consider, the model is not less attractive than TP-link RE450, the same wall-plug design with white purl color. Is there any differences? Have alook at the following comparison table.

Table 1 Linksys RE6700 Vs RE450

 TP-link RE450Linksys RE6700
Wifi technologyWireless AC1750Wireless AC1200
Antennas3x external antennas2x external antennas
SpeedsUp to 1300Mbps in wireless AC 5GHz band and up to 450Mbps in wireless N 2.4Gz band Up to 867Mbps in wireless AC 5GHz band and up to 300Mbps in wireless N 2.4Gz band
Ethernet Port1x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Ports1x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Ports
Spot finderIntelligent signal lightSpot finder technology
Wifi audioN/AYes
Power outlet pass throughN/AYes
Price (+/-)$100$90

Wireless speed

You can see that the main difference is about the wifi speeds, Linksys RE6700 is based on wireless AC1200 while TP-link RE450 is based on wireless AC1750. TP-link delivers up to 1300Mbps maximum while Linksys delivers up to 860Mbps maximum.

AC pass through

Regarding the design, Linksys RE6700 offers flexibility in using the power outlet, with the addition of power outlet pass through you still can add more device to plug. TP-link doesn’t offer that, but other model does such as TP-link WA860RE. in my opinion, the addition of power outlet (when you use it and plug the power cable in it) will just be an eyesore. And in some cases, it will be less safety.

Click here to learn more details TP-link RE450 Range extender

All the above two models are wall plug design. You can find other models that is not wall plug design, you can place on the table such as Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 range extender or a more economical version TP-link RE580D AC1900 range extender.

TP-link offers newer version of this product TP-link RE650 AC2600 range extender>

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