TP-link EAP225-v3 vs EnGenius vs Ubiquiti

TP-link introduces another model of wireless ac1350 access point based on wave 2 MU-MIMO technology. This product is  TP-link EAP225 v3 ceiling mount wireless ac access point, the newer version of eap225. How good it is tp link eap225 v3 vs ubiquiti (Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE) compared? And how good it is also engenius vs ubiquiti compared ( EnGenius eap1300 and Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE).

We’ll briefly discuss what does this tp link eap225 before we discuss further by comparing it with two other competing products from ubiquiti and eqngenius

For recent technology follow this link EnGenius wifi ax vs Ubiquiti Wireless Acces Point – Engenius wifi6 (wireless ax) access point vs Ubiquiti uap-xg AP

TP-link EAP225 v3


Few models of wireless AC access point introduced by TP-link either indoor or outdoor models. EAP225 v3 is the indoor model in addition of Eap245 AC1750 AP, Eap330 high speed AC1900 AP etc. while the outdoor model you can find TP-link Eap225 Outdoor wireless ac AP which is also based on wireless ac1200.

This product is almost the same as the previous / original EAP225 model except the new technology – the wave 2 wifi and MU-MIMO applied to the system. the range and signal performance is excellent, and the compatibility with various channels is good enough. Should you ever experienced that your router and extenders dropped or crash the signal periodically, try this product as  the wireless ac access point connected to your POE+ switch or direct to one of LAN port of your router with POE injector

Eap225 v3 is the new version which is based on wave 2 wireless ac1350 access point that supports multi user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology. We’ll see that tp link eap225 v3 vs ubiquiti is different in wave 2, where Ubiquiti is still based on wave 1 technology. But engenius vs ubiquiti you can find that EnGenius EAP1300 has been ready with wave 2 as well.

Dual band

TP-link Eap225 v3 delivers excellent dual band with wifi speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz and up to 450Mbps @2.4Ghz band for total bandwidth up to 1350Mbps. it’s like the original model Eap225 wireless ac1200 access point, this product comes with free EAP controller software to help you manage up to hundreds of AP products within your organization. The eap 225 v3 iss a software based wireless AP product, different than those hardware based wireless controller such as TP-link CAP1750 wireless ac access point.

Signal strength is very good especially when those client devices are at the line of sight you might get up to 800Mbps connection at wifi AC. The good thing is that if your client devices support dual band wifi, the system will automatically connect using 5GHz band for cleaner and faster band.

Wave 2

The main difference between the original Eap225 AC1200 and Eap225 v3 is the wireless technology applied to each of the product. Eap225 v3 is based on the latest wave 2 wireless technology with MU-MIMO supports, Eap225 ac1200 is still based on wave 1 wireless technology.

Wave 2 supports up to gigs wireless speed, ready for future leaps of gigabit wireless speed simultaneously between wireless devices.

TP-link Eap225 v3 wireless ac1350 AP
TP-link Eap225 v3 wireless ac1350 AP ($~$65)

TP-link eap225 v3 is a business grade wireless ac access point with reasonable price not to break your bank compared with other business class wireless ac AP such as Meraki, Netgear WAC series or Open Mesh.


  • Wave 2 simultaneous dual band wireless ac access point
  • MU-MIMO (multi user MIMO) and Beamforming supports
  • Dual band speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz plus 450Mbps @2.3Ghz band
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet with POE supports (802.3af) and passive PoE
  • Captive portal for convenient guest supports
  • Load balance, band steering, rate limit per SSID, access control etc
  • Multi SSIDs supports up to 16 SSIDs (8 SSIDs each band)
  • Free wireless controller software for easy management for hundreds of AP deployment

You may click the spec details link end of the article including current price and rating in Amazon to give you a better insight of tp link eap225 v3 vs ubiquiti, and also engenius vs ubiquiti. TP-link Eap225 v3 is tagged with the price $65 (Apr 2018), price is always fluctuating by times.

TP-link vs EnGenius vs Ubiquiti

Now, have a look at the two comparison tables between TP-link, EnGenius and Ubiquiti which are nearly similar based on the same network segment.

Table 1 shows you head to head spec comparison tp link eap225 v3 vs ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite while table 2 represents spec comparison for engenius vs ubiquiti where these two competing products EnGenius Eap1300 and Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite that overshadow the popularity of tp link eap225 v3 on the market that is tagged with cheaper price. See also comparison between TP-link Eap245 vs Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite.

EnGenius EAP1300 Wireless AC1300 AP
EnGenius EAP1300 Wireless AC1300 AP (~$90.90)

EnGenius Eap1300 is the indoor model, for outdoor model you may like EnGenius Ens500ext outdoor wireless ac ap.

Wifi technology

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite is still based on wave 1 wireless technology while both TP-link Eap225 v3 and EnGenius Eap1300 are based on latest wifi technology – the wave 2 wireless technology with MU-MIMO ready. All the three products works @5Ghz band with the same wireless speed @867Mbps, but not @2.4Ghz band delivering slightly different speeds.

Network management

The good thing with all the three products are the inclusion of wireless controller software to allow you manage all connected APs centrally. Ubiquiti with its Unifi controller software allows you to manage multiple remote sites centrally either locally in a PC, server or hosted in a cloud storage, scale up is also easy.

ubiquiti uap-ac-lite
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE (~$78.00)

All of the controller software help you easily manage the connected APs and configuration them is also easy as well as easy in deployment for hundreds or thousands of devices.

Table 1 TP-link vs Ubiquiti

ModelTP-link EAP225 v3Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite
Wifi technologyWave 2 AC1350 simultaneous dual bandWave 1 AC1200 simultaneous dual band
Wifi speeds~867Mbps @5Ghz and ~450Mbps @2.4Ghz~867Mbps @5Ghz and ~300Mbps @2.4Ghz
Ethernet Ports1x Gigabit port1x Gigabit port
POE802.3af and passive POEPassive POE 24v
Network managementFree EAP wireless controller software ~ hundreds deploymentFree Unify controller software with multi-site management
Other featuresLoad balance, captive portal, band steering, airtime fairness etcAdvanced QoS, guest traffic isolation, concurrent client ~200

The table 2 shows you engenius vs ubiquiti comparison table, comparing EnGenius eap1300 and Ubiquiti uap-ac-lite.

Table 2 EnGenius vs Ubiquiti

Model EnGenius EAP1300 Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite
Wifi technology Wave 2 AC1300 dual band Wave 1 AC1200 dual band
Wifi speeds ~867Mbps @5Ghz and ~400Mbps @2.4Ghz ~867Mbps @5Ghz and ~300Mbps @2.4Ghz
MU-MIMO Yes, 2×2 MU-MIMO No, 2×2 MIMO
Beamforming Yes No
Ethernet Ports 1x Gigabit port 1x Gigabit port
POE 802.3af Passive POE 24v
Network management Free ezMaster controller software Free Unify controller software with multi-site management
Other features AP auto discovery and provisioning, ip assignment, AP rebooting, band steering etc Advanced QoS, guest traffic isolation, concurrent client ~200
Price $90.90 $78.00

To learn more spec details including current price in Amazon, click the link below each of the products.

Prices are always fluctuating by time, could be droped or rised depends on the market.


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