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TPlink Deco P9 vs Asus XP4 Powerline Hybrid Which One is Better

One of the mesh wifi systems that differ in the way connecting between the mesh router and satellite, or commonly called backhaul link is the TPLink Deco P9 series. This Deco P9 is dual band but works like a three band mesh wifi with dedicated backhaul like Orbi. This product is still based on legacy wireless ac (wifi 5), the new similar model of powerline wifis offered by asus xp4 based on latest wifi6 technology.

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What this Deco P9 Does?

We note that the last few models of Deco series are designed with cylindrical tower models, including deco x68 with ax3600, and with the latest wifi 6e technology tplink releases deco x75 axe5400 with the same cylindrical body model.

What something unique offered by TPlink Deco P9 series is not physically different, instead it is about  backhaul link technology is no longer just wifi or wired Ethernet backhaul. Instead of wifi backhaul, deco p9 is designed with built-in powerline that is used for Powerline backhaul. With powerline backhaul links, the link between router and satellite / node uses the existing electricity network in your home.

Nothing is so different from the previous deco series like deco m4 ac1200 or deco s4 ac1200 mesh wifi systems. Deco P9 is also designed with simultaneous dual band ac1200 (867Mbps @ 5GHz + 300Mbps @ 2.4GHz band) plus AV1000 as backhaul link between nodes instead of wifi or wired Ethernet backhaul.

You may like the newer model of this powerline hybrid product offered TP-Link, the Deco PX50 Powerline hybrid system.

TP-Link Deco P9 powerline hybrid mesh system

The same circuit breaker

One thing that you need to notice in setting up this powerline device is that all the connected deco p9 units must be in the same electrical circuit breaker. When you install one unit of p9 in one circuit breaker system, typically in the same building, the powerline cannot jump from one circuit breaker to another.


  • Intelligent AC1200 MU-MMO mesh wifi system with single wifi name and password with seamless roaming
  • Unique Powerline AV1000 backhaul link between Decos with speed up to 1,000Mbps via existing electricity wiring, optional Ethernet backhaul is also available
  • You can add other Deco series and forms a single hybrid backhaul between Deco P9 and other Decos
  • Covers up to 6,000 sq ft (2,000 sq ft / deco) with solid wifi signal
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN with auto sensing)
  •  2x dual band Internal antennas
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • With the emerging of latest wifi6 devices will not connect optimally to legacy router like deco p9. You may consider deco x20 or later series

With the same three Deco P9 units, all the three decos use the same Powerline backhaul link. However, it doesn’t mean the other two radio bands are for connected devices. There is still reserve bandwidth for wifi backhaul, particularly when you add other deco models to join the network that don’t use powerline backhaul. 

Today, the price of this legacy deco p9 is dropped much compared to the first time this product was released at the first time. Not just legacy products, with the emerging of latest wifi 6 products, the price of deco x20 and deco x60 are also dropped. Question is, do you like to purchase this deco p9 or replace your aging products with wifi 6 products like deco x20 or deco x60 which the prices are almost the same. Let’s take deco x20 to consider instead of deco p9.

Deco x20 or deco p9

Of course you also agree that replacing your old product with a product with new technology is better. It imakes sense rather than replacing it with a similar product with legacy technology. Particularly that both products are tagged at the same price. Deco p9 with legacy wifi5 and deco x20 with wifi6 technology are both sold at prices that are not much different in the market.

TP-Link Deco xx20

Table 1 below shows you spec comparison between legacy deco p9 and deco x20 with latest wifi 6 technology.

Wifi technology

In terms of the wifi technology offered, tplink deco x20 with wifi 6 technology is more promising, more ready to the wifi technology changing in the future considering that the wifi technology is evolving so fast. It was about 20 years ago when the wifi technology was introduced was 802.11b standard with speeds up to 11Mbps only. Imagine now that wifi technology has entered the sixth generation with speeds up to 4,800mbps. So it makes sense that you should choose deco x20 or faster model instead of sticking with deco p9 when you come to choose.

If you argue that powerline backhaul is very practical, then there are similar products in the market such as offered by asus xp4 with powerline and come with wifi 6. It is therefore you should replace the deco p9 with asus xp4 if powerline backhaul is your reason to stick with the powerline wifi mesh product.’

With deco x20 you will have wider bandwidth available up to ax1800 as opposed to tplink deco p9 which is limited to ac1200.

Other specs are almost the same including the number of gigabit ethernet ports, and option to use wired ethernet backhaul. Except that deco x20 doesn’t come with built-in powerline adapter.   

Spec comparison table P9 vs x20

Table 1 tplink deco p9 vs deco x20

ModelDeco P9 (3-pack)Deco x20
Wifi technologyDual band AC1200 mesh wifi 5 hybrid powerline systemSimultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi 6 one mesh technology
Wifi speeds867Mbps @5GHz
300Mbps @2.4GHz
574 Mbps @2.4GHz
1,200 Mbps @5GHz
Antennas2 internal dual-band antennas per Deco unit2x internal antennas
Coverage6,000 sq ft / (2,000 sq ft /unit)5,800 sq ft
Backhaul link1,000Mbps Powerline backhaul Optional Ethernet backhaulWifi backhaul and optional wired ethernet backhaul
Ethernet ports2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (WAN/LAN auto-sensing) per Deco unit2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (WAN/LAN auto-sensing) per Deco unit
Alexa supportYesYes
ProcessorQualcomm processor (not detail specified)1.0 Ghz Dual core processor 
Price (Jun 2020)$169.99$179.00

See that there is not much price price different between the two products, click the link below to learn more spec details and best deal offered by Amazon (#ads).

Click here to shop deco x20 in Amazon (#Ad)

Tplink deco p9 vs asus xp4

Now, let’s take a look at asus xp4 which is also similar product as p9, however comes with latest wifi 6 technology. Table 2 below represents spec comparison between these two products.

Asus Zenwifi XP4 AX1800

All the highlighted items in the right column show the advantages of the Asus XP4 over the Deco P9. You can notice that starting from the wifi technology applied to the xp4, the higher speed of the built-in powerline adapter, the number of ethernet ports, as well as the presence of a usb port. And one more thing it also comes with free lifetime asus aiprotection pro, they are all the advantages of asus xp4 over deco p9.

Spec Comparison Table Deco vs Asus

Table 2 TPlink deco p9 vs asus zenwifi xp4

Powerline productTplink deco p9Asus zenwifi xp4
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ac1200 with 1,000Mbps powerlineSimultaneous dual band ax1800 mesh wifi 6
with AiMesh technology
Signal rates867Mbps @5GHz; 2×2
300Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2
1201Mbps @5GHz; 2×2
574Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2
Powerline adapter1,000Mbps1,300Mbps
Ethernet Ports2x Gigabit port with auto sensing1x Gigabit WAN port; 
2x Gigabit LAN ports
USB portN/AUSB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
Security ProtectionParental controlFree lifetime AiProtection Pro powered by trend micro
ProcessorQualcom dual core64bit 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
Memory: 256 MB Flash & 512 MB RAM
Price in Amazon (Sep 2022)$169.99$329.99

Tplink deco p9 with legacy wifi 5 technology is tagged with much lower price than asus zenwifi xp4 with latest wifi 6 technology. Click the link below to learn more details and get the best deal from Amazon (#ads).

Click here to learn more details asus zenwifi xp4 (#Ad)

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You may also like to see another ax1800 wifi 6 model offered by asus, see asus zenwifi xd4 mini another series similar as asus xp4 without built-in powerline adapter. Or you may also consider new eero 6 mesh wifi offered by Amazon device.

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