TP-link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wifi System

TP-link has never introduced a wireless router product with a round tube shape except Google On-Hub. But this time TP-link introduces Deco M4 mesh wifi system with a round tube shape with AC1200 mesh wifi technology.

What this product does

TP-link Deco M4 is like other mesh wifi system model such as Google, or Orbi but this product offers advanced features of router / access point modes with MU-MIMO, auto patch selection, self-healing, AP and band steering as well as beamforming.

TP-link Deco M4 whole home wifi system
TP-link Deco M4


TP-link Deco M4 is a dual band mesh wifi system with signal rate speed up to 867Mbps @5GHz and up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band with optional Ethernet backhaul. The same speed as TP-link Deco M5, the first model of mesh wifi system introduced by TP-link.

The faster model is TP-link Deco M9 which is based on AC2200 and is slightly larger, and is featuring Smart IoT hub for Zigbee based device.

Deco mesh technology

Remember in the past when you have multiple access points in a wide area, you need to switch from one network name to another. With Deco technology you have a single network name throughout the area, you can roam seamlessly from one room to another, no more switching from one network name to another.

With Deco M4 three-pack you can roam as wide area as up to 5,500 sq ft area, fits to all home sizes from base to attic. It’s wider coverage than Google which is only 4,500 sq ft. Your devices will automatically connect / switch between Deco points for the fastest possible speed.

AP mode

in a situation where you need strong backhaul you can configure Deco M4 as wireless access point (AP), you need to run UTP network cable from the router to the Deco unit as long as 300 ft. Google doesn’t feature AP mode.  


  • Creates seamless whole home wifi system with AC1200-based wifi technology
  • Blanket your home with solid wifi up to 5,500 sq ft (three-pack)
  • You may add more Deco unit (any Deco model) to expand the coverage
  •  Single network name for seamless roaming within homes with Deco Mesh Technology
  •  Can be configured as router (default) or wireless access point
  • Provides up to 100 devices for lag-free connection
  • Comes with Deco app for easier setup including parental control
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet WAN/LAN port with auto sensing 

Deco M4 is tagged with lower price than other models in the market, it’s around $180. Compare with Google mesh wifi system which is tagged with higher price ($239).

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TP-link Deco M4 vs Google

When we are offered two similar products with quite different prices, we will think about looking for differences between the two. And the easiest is to look for spec differences between the two.

Google and TP-link Deco mesh wifi system have been around for some time, Google is popular with its easy to setup and TP-link is always coming with cheaper price without sacrificing the performance.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table comparing TP-link Deco vs Google mesh wifi system.

At a glance, not much difference you can see that speeds are the same, but network coverage is slightly difference. TP-link Deco M4 offers wider coverage than Google.

Table 1 TP-link Deco vs Google

Model TP-link Deco M4 (3-set) Google mesh wifi (3-set)
Wifi technology AC1200 wave1 Wave 2 AC1200
Wifi speeds 300Mbps @2.4Ghz 867Mbps @5Ghz 300Mbps @2.4Ghz 867Mbps @5Ghz
Wifi coverage 5,500 sq ft 4,500 sq ft
Backhaul Optional Ethernet backhaul  N/A
Ethernet Ports 2x WAN/LAN auto sensing 2x WAN/LAN auto sensing
Mode Mesh router / AP mode Mesh
Antennas 2-internal dual band antennas / Unit Internal dual band antennas
Price $179.99 $239.00

Google mesh is tagged with the price around $240, dropped significantly from its original price at the first time it was launched around $298.

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See also TP-link Deco M4 vs Orbi mesh wifi system.

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