TP-link CPE510 Long Range Wifi AP

TP-link offers CPE510 – a long range wifi AP or outdoor CPE delivers signal up to 15Km long range with built-in dual polarized directional MIMO antenna.

Why long range wifi?

In some situations we need to build a wireless network that can cover some clients located in long distance area such as in marine projects, mining projects that might require couples of computer located far away from the main building. Running wired cable is not economical, or even is not possible with some constraints of long distance location that can only be done by running very expensive deployment of fiber optic cable or locations that are separated by a valley or the lake. It is therefore deployment  some long range wifi CPEs is very economical solution.


TP-link offers couples of long range outdoor CPE models you can consider to meet your need and one of its flagship is CPE510. For best wifi access point indoor for your business, you may consider EAP series.

What this product does

TP-link CPE510 comes with built-in dual-polarized directional antenna that broadcast the signal to a small degrees angel of area in a long distance location. It is not like Omni antenna that broadcast the signal in all directions that mostly used in indoor wireless devices and is located in a center location to cover, with CPE510 you can direct the signal in a very narrow angel area to cover.

You can install this device by attaching to long pipe and place it in a very high location such as on top of your office, or even it is much better if you can install it on top of the tower together with other long distance wifi devices. lightening? No worries, this product comes with outdoor 6000V Lightning Protection to make you safe from the potential lightening attack for devices on high location. The good thing is that you don’t need to run a power cable to the top of location where you place the CPE510, you just need to run UTP Ethernet cable as PoE (power over Ethernet) cable up to 60 meters for easy deployment.

Main features

  • Single 5GHz band speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Built-in high power 13dBi 2×2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna
  • Long distance wifi connection up to 15Km
  • TP-LINK Pharos MAXtream TDMA (Time-Division-Multiple-Access) technology for high performance data throughput and reduce latency.
  • PharOS software for central management
  • Multi-operation modes including AP, AP router, client, repeater and WISP
  • Passive PoE adapter supports up to 60 meter UTP cable

tplink CPE510 outdoor CPE

Traditionally wireless devices come with the reset button in case you need to refresh or reset the configuration to the default values by pressing the small reset button. With CPE510 you don’t need to manually reach the device on high location to reset the button, you can do it remotely. Well it’s good for easy maintenance.

Click here for spec details and price CPE510

The following networking diagram shows you how you can deploy CPE510 as WISP by distributing some CPEs in some long distance areas in a small city.

cpe510 outdoor network diagram

There are similar models in the market today you may also consider such as Engenius ENH200EXT. The main differences between CPE510 and Engenius ENH200EXT are the operating band and the wifi speed. With CPE you can deliver 5GHz band data transmission with the speed up to 300Mbps, you may compare with Engenius ENH200XT that can deliver 2.4GHz band with speeds of up to 150Mbps.  This is similar with the previous model of TP-link TL-WA7510N which also delivers speed up to 150Mbps, but the WA7510N supports 5GHz band.

You may also consider long range wireless access point – Wavelink WL-570HA1 long range AP dual band AC600.

TP-link EAP225 Outdoor

For dual band wireless ac access point for outdoor and long range up to 100m+ you may consider TP-link EAP-225 outdoor. This product is the outdoor model of its indoor model – the TP-link eap225 v3 wireless ac1200 AP.

It’s not like the CPE510 as discussed above which can cover up to 15km with polarized directional MIMO antenna and with single 5Ghz band, however this product (eap-225 outdoor) is a dual band wireless ac1200 access point specially designed for outdoor with IP65 weatherproof rating.

TP-link EAP225 Outdoor AC1200 AP


  • Based on AC1200 mbps with 2×2 MIMO technology
  • High power antennas (2.4GHz: 2 * 3dBi, 5GHz: 2 * 4dBi)
  • High transmission power up to 30dBm for range up to 300m+
  • Comes with Omeda controller software allows you to manage hundreds of APs centrally in a single location
  • Rich wireless features including 16x SSIDs, auto channel, adjustable transmit power, QoS, MU-MIMO, Airtime fairness etc

You may consider this lines of EAP225 wireless ac1200 access point products either for indoor or outdoor hundreds of APs deployment easily with Omada management software.

Click here for TP-link EAP225 Outdoor

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