TP-link Archer AX6000 wifi6 Router vs Nighthawk

TP-link introduces new generation of wifi 6 router – TP-link Archer AX6000 wifi 6 router with 8 data streams. See the comparison later between Archer and Netgear ax6000 wifi router.

Archer AX6000

Archer ax6000 is the first release of wireless ax router introduced by TP-link, like Netgear with its first release Netgear rax80 Nighthawk ax8 wifi6 router.

Setup is easy and the GUI is fast and quite responsive, in addition the setting up is easy using Tether app via Bluetooth. The wifi speed is very fast, like other wifi6 routers technically Archer ax6000 delivers dual band wifi speeds up to 4,800Mbps @5Ghz plus up to 1,200Mbps @2.4Ghz. few users provide testimony that the wifi is very fast and have excellent range, and few of them find the wifi speeds are little better than Asus RT-AX88U.

However, some people find that this product is too early to release knowing that there are couples of thing for smooth setup such as difficulty of connecting 2.4Ghz clients when your router is ax activated @2.4Ghz band. When you have no ax clients you better turn off ax feature @2.4Ghz band to solve issues.

TP-link Archer AX6000 router


  • Blazing speed dual band wifi 6 Ax6000 wireless ax router
  • Supports 1024QAM for blazing speed up to 6000Mbps (4,800Mbps @5Ghz + 1,200Mbps @2.4Ghz)
  • Designed with MU-MIMO and OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) 4x data throughput compared with standard wireless ac router
  • 8x high performance external antennas
  • Built-in with TP-link Home Care powered by Trend Micro with live update
  • Powered by Quad core 1.8GHz processor and 2-co processors with 1GB RAM and 128MB flash for high performance
  • 8x Gigabit LAN ports, 1x 2.5Gbps WAN port and 2x USB 3.0 ports
  •  Advanced QoS powered by Trend Micro


  • Power cord is pretty short compared with Asus ax6000
  • QoS can be disable
  • Upnp cannot be disable if you thing about security issues  

TP-link Archer ax6000 is currently tagged with higher price than other ax routers such as Asus RT-AX88U or Nighthawk AX6000. However, you can wait in a short time the price is getting down drastically soon when competing products are getting better customer ratings.

Click here to learn more details Archer AX6000 by TP-link

Archer vs Nighthawk ax6000

When you are not ready with ax-based clients, you may consider wireless AC routers such as Netgear Nighthawk xr500 gaming router, or you may also consider the gaming router offered by TP-link – Archer c5400x gaming router. See also Nighthawk xr700 wireless ad gaming router.

Netgear RAX80 / Nighthawk AX8 wifi6 router

Now back to wifi6 routers, archer and nighthawk ax6000 differences.

Physical model

Physically you can find that Netgear rax80 / Nighthawk ax8 wifi6 ax6000 is that Netgear model is designed with two nice looking foldable wings where all the four internal antennas are hidden integrated at the wings. While Archer AX6000 comes with eight foldable external antennas.

Port Interfaces

there is another difference in the number of Ethernet port interfaces between Archer and Nighthawk ax6000, see the table below that Archer offers more Ethernet ports than Nighthawk. And even the Archer’s WAN port supports 2.5Gbps high speed port for future Gigabit internet speed.

The number of USB ports is the same between the two products, however the type is little bit different.

Interface Ethernet USB
Archer AX6000 1x 2.5Gbps WAN port 8x Gigabit LAN ports 2x USB 3.0 in Type A and Type C
Netgear rax80 / Nighthawk ax8 1x 1Gbps WAN port 5x Gigabit LAN ports Two aggregated ports is supported 2x USB 3.0

Netgear rax80 supports aggregated two LAN ports for high speed backhaul link when high speed backhaul link is required. TP-link doesn’t support aggregated link.

Click here to learn more detail Nighthawk ax8 Netgear xr80 wifi6 router

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