Top 10 Best Wifi Range Extender 2021

Need extending wifi range with your existing wifi router? Here are top 10 best wifi range extender in 2021.

Why Wifi Range Extender

If currently the pandemic forces you to work at home, so do your children spend more time learning online schooling from home, the demand for wifi connection from anywhere within the house will increase. It’s not just enough comfortable working in living room, you might get bored and try finding more pleasant places working with your laptop and mobile devices somewhere else.

Eliminate dead zones

However, not all distance corners of your homes are covered by wifi signal. So that’s why you need to add a wifi range extender to eliminate dead zones. Which one is suitable to extend your wifi router’s coverage?

Best wifi range extender

If your wifi needs in a dead zone are only for standard wifi access needs to work from home and / or for children’s online home schooling, the ac1200 wifi range extender is appropriate to extend your existing wifi router.

The wifi ac1200 range extender products extend your wifi router network simultaneous dual band up to 867Mbps @5GHz radio band and up to 300Mbps @2.4GHz radio band. Most portable extender products are designed with wall-plug model, so easy to plug to the power outlet reducing clutter of the power cable. 

Here are few newly launched wireless extender products, best wifi range extenders products in 2020 / 2021 that universally connect to your existing wireless ac network.

1. Lemail wig AC1200 Extender

Lemail Wig AC1200 wifi range extender is one of newly released product end of 2020, and this product is beginning to be available on the market Jan 2021. It’s a wall-plug model and is available in two color models, black and white.

Lemail Wig AC1200 range extender
Lemail Wig AC1200 range extender

Like wifi range extender in general, this product universally connect to any third party wifi routers extending dual band ac1200 network.


  • Lemail Wig is designed with four sturdy adjustable external antennas that you can rotate on its axis to get the best signal position.
  • Extending wifi up to 2,000 sq ft
  • Can be configured to work as wifi AP, repeater / extender, or wifi router
  • Smart signal indicator to help you find the best location
  • Comes with one Ethernet port, you can use it either as the WAN port when you connect it to the modem, or you can use it as the LAN port when configured it as repeater / extender.

Lemail Wig range extender is tagged at the price around $59.99 in Amazon.

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2. Mr Baby DN-1200 range extender

Another extender product newly available in the market that becomes high rated in Amazon is Mr Baby dn-1200 AC1200 wifi range extender that comes with four external antennas. When you compare this Mr Baby product with Lemail Wig as discussed above, you can see that the antennas design is more flexible.

Mr Baby dn-1200 range extender
Mr Baby dn-1200 range extender

You can adjust the antennas in two directions, rotating horizontal and vertical direction to allow you adjust the best antennas position.


  • Universal wifi extender extending your wifi coverage up to 2,500 sq ft
  • Same as Lemail wig, it supports multi mode AP; Repeater; or router modes
  • WPS button for connecting to your wifi router
  • Four adjustable external antennas, you can rotates using two axis rotation for best antennas position  
  • Smart LED indicator to find best position
  • Two Ethernet ports for wired connection

This product is also tagged with the same price as Lemial wig, around $49.99 in Amazon. Click the link below to see current price and shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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This product so far rated excellent in Amazon, one of best wifi range extender in AC1200 class.

3. Plazala YS02015 Extender

In contrast to the Mr Baby wifi extender where the external antennas can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical rotations, the Plazala ac1200 extender is designed with four antennas like the Lemail Wig, however the four antennas can only be adjusted on one axis, towards the left or right sides of the antennas.

Plazala ac1200 range extender
Plazala ac1200 range extender

Technically, this Plazala has the same features and specs as Lemail Wig as discussed above, dual band AC1200, 4x external antennas, multi mode operation either AP, Repeater or Router modes and one Ethernet port. The technical spec for coverage differs slightly from the Lemail wig.

Customer rated is so far excellent, 4.9 out of 5 stars and becomes one of best wifi range extender in AC1200 network segment. The price is also the same with other products, around $49.98 in Amazon.

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The three wifi range extender products above are based on wifi AC1200 technology. While today you can find lots of wireless router products are based on latest wifi 6 technology. Now, below you can find similar wireless range extender products but based on latest wifi 6 technology.

4. TP-link RE-505x AX1800 extender

If currently the wireless router at home has already been based on wifi 6 technology, for example the Linksys ax3200, Archer ax50 or Asus rt-ax3000, then to extend coverage you should also choose a wifi 6 range extender product as well.

TP-link RE505x ax1500 range extender
TP-link RE505x ax1500 range extender

In addition of wifi 6 routers, TP-link releases re-505x ax1500 range extender. Unlike the ac1200 wifi range extender, Re505 provides higher speeds up to 1200Mbps @ 5ghz and 300Mbps @ 2.4Ghz if connect to the same wifi-6 devices too. However, if this extender connects to legacy ac devices, it will provide the same speed as the ac1200 range extender.


  • Simultaneous dual band ax1500 wifi 6 range extender (1200Mbps @5GHz + 300Mbps @2.4GHz) with OneMesh technology
  • When connect to the compatible OneMesh technology, creates whole home mesh wifi system with one wifi name seamless roaming 
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • TP-link Tether app for network management
  •  Can work as Access point by connecting Ethernet port to your network

 TP-Link RE-505x is tagged with higher price than the above ac1200 wifi range extender, around $79.99 in Amazon.

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5. Netgear eax15 range extender

Similar product is also offered by Netgear, eax15 ax1800 wifi 6 range extender which has the same spec and features as TP-link re505x as discussed above except wifi speed @5Ghz. Unlike other range extender products above that come with external antennas, this Netgear eax15 comes with internal antennas.

Netgear eax15 ax1800 range extender
Netgear eax15 ax1800 range extender


  • Simultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi-6 range extender (1200Mbps @5GHz + 600Mbps @2.4GHz)
  •  One network name and password as the connected wifi router and roaming seamlessly
  • Comes with 1x Gigabit auto sensing Ethernet port
  • Powered by 1.5GHz quad core processor

Even though this is universal wifi-6 range extender, it is better that you pair this product with the same Netgear wifi 6 router including Netgear rax80 wifi 6 ax1800 router or lower model Netgear rax40 ax3000 wifi 6 router. This Netgear eax15 is tagged with higher price than others.


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