TL-WA7510N 5GHz Outdoor Wireless Access Point

TP-link TL-WA7510N is an outdoor 5Ghz wireless access point with 500mW power and surge protector

What this product does

TP-Link is successful with its 2.4GHz outdoor CPE device TL-WA5210G high power wireless outdoor CPE. Mostly users are satisfied with its long range Wi-Fi network performed by this TL-Wa5210G CPE. With its success in 2.4GHz outdoor CPE, TP-link is confident to gain the same success with its new 5GHz outdoor CPE – the TL-WA7510N outdoor wireless Access Point.


  • High speed up to 150Mbps 5Ghz outdoor AP
  • Weatherproof and surge protector
  • 15dBi dual-polarized antenna
  • High power 500mW
  • multi-operation modes: AP, AP router, AP client router
  • up to 4 SSIDs

Note that the newest version of this product is TP-link CPE510 – a single 5GHz band speeds up to 300Mbps.

High power

TL-WA7510N outdoor CPE is based on the 802.11a/n wireless standard delivering the high speed of up to 150Mbps for outdoor and long range Wi-Fi network purposes. It includes 15dBi dual-polarized antenna to cover up to 60 degrees concentrated area horizontally and around 14 degrees vertically. With proper configuration and conditions, it can connect up to tens of kilometers concentrated area, ideal for mining or marine projects. With the included power-over Ethernet injector and 60 meters long cable, you can deploy the device on the higher place of the building.

Outdoor purposes

We understand that outdoor deployment demand heavy duty device that can withstand any types of harsh environment including extreme temperature changing and lightening attack. This TL-WA7510N is weatherproof (-30°C~70°C / -22℉~158℉) and includes 4000V lightning/15KV ESD protection.

With a long range Wi-Fi network, security can be a serious issue since wireless signal can be picked up easily by the war-driving unless you tighten the signal securely. Fortunately TP-link provides the strongest industrial wireless standard WPA/WPA2 in this CPE device. Even-though this device is backward compatible with WEP encryption, it is recommended to strengthen the encryption with WPA/WPA2 encryption. Therefore, you should allow only those wireless clients that support WPA/WPA2.

TL-WA7510N high power CPE

Multi-Operation Modes

The main (default) function of this TL-WA7510N is the wireless AP when you need to create a wireless network from your existing local network to cover long range of areas. However, it depends on your need you can configure the device in various operating modes including AP, AP router and AP client router.

By default, you can connect the device to your existing network (or your router) and broadcast the network to long distance concentrated area (with 60 degrees angel horizontally). In this wireless AP mode, the system can support up to four SSIDs, good solution should you require network segmentations. Not many wireless routers for home feature multiple SSIDs, but Asus router series come with multiple SSIDs such as Asus RT-N66U that comes with three SSIDs each band.

Tl-wa7519n panel

Wireless AP diagram

The figure 1 shows you a common networking diagram for TL-Wa7510n in wireless access point router mode connecting to modem gateway for Internet connection and broadcast the wireless network to long distance small office.

TL-WA7510N AP diagram

In marine or mining projects where many clients are separated in long distance locations, you can configure the device in each of the computers as the wireless client to let them pick-up the wireless network from long distance area. In the main office building you may install Omni-directional antenna which broadcast in all directions. So, long distance clients with TL-WA7510N can adjust the antenna to point to the main office easily. This is the opposite configuration as in the AP mode. If you setup the device in the main office, you can only covering the concentrated cone area. But if you install a network with Omni-directional antenna, it will broadcast in all direction and each of your long distance clients can use TL-WA7510n as the wireless client as shown in the following figure.

WA7510n wireless client diagram

You have many configuration options with this outdoor 5GHz band outdoor AP besides its default AP mode, it includes universal repeater and bridge with AP almost the same as the 2.4GHz band version TL-WA5210G (based on wireless G standard).

For small home with DSL services, you may consider TP-link W8970 wireless N300 ADSL gateway. This is a single band version of gateway, and should you require dual band wireless gateway you may consider other TP-link product TD-W8980 with N600 technology.

Click here for spec details newer model of TP-link – the TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Access Point and buy in Amazon

Please note that TP-link introduces new model of outdoor wireless ac access point – the TP-link EAP225-outdoor wireless ac1200 AP.

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For large environment in businesses, you may also consider Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M and PRO mesh AP. New mesh AP technology, easy to deploy scalable up to thousand APs.

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  1. Ndikaka Daniel says:

    I want to know if the 5 Ghz AP will freely connect with any 2.4Ghz cpe and 802.11wireless adapters

    • Ki says:

      Sure it can only communicate with the same frequency band. 5GHz based AP can only communicate with the same 5ghz band wifi clients.

  2. mohamed says:

    is there any solution to turn it on 2.4 GHZ .

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