TD-W8970 Wireless N300 ADSL Modem Gateway

New generations of TPlink 8970 DSL wireless modem with speeds up to 300Mbps and EWAN ports


W8970 is a an all-in-one device which integrates the ADSL modem with the wireless N router to let you build a wireless network with ADSL broadband internet connection to share with all of desktop computers with wired cable and connect all of your mobile devices including laptop, Android and iOS mobile devices, and other windows phone devices. You can share your USB storage and printer altogether to the router for sharing across the network.

If you know so far the ADSL wireless modem from TPlink is TD–W8960 or TD-W8961 which is already very popular in the market because of low price and reliable for broadband DSL customers, you will be interested in its new products, namely TD-W8970.

The design of the product is completely different from its predecessor that generally with white and black color, this new product comes with dark black color. And the body is also completely different, upper surface of the casing is divided into three lines of grooves that add sweet look of the product.

What this product does

This device is not just a DSL wireless modem in general, but you can also connect to another modem with gigabit ports available only if your ADSL is not available.

Main feature

  • All-in-one compact wireless router with built-in ADSL modem
  • Based on wireless 802.11n with speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports with one EWAN port for other types of modem connections
  • Twin USB ports for printer sharing, storage and supports FTP and media server

One for all

If you build a wireless network at home then you need multiple devices such as modem, router and firewall for security and Internet sharing, switch and wireless access point. So with TPlink 8970 you can replace that bunch of devices into just one device. No need to find it difficult to connect the modem, router, switch and wireless AP just one connection to a telephone line and you can get an instant wifi network.

TP-link w8970 gateway

High speed

W8970 delivers Wifi speeds up to 300Mbps, sufficient for most of your networking needs to share the Internet, documents, printer to multimedia needs. For multiple mobile devices including Android, iOS and Windows phone devices can connect to wifi network at home from your TP-link TD-W8970 wireless gateway.

Based on wireless 802.11n standard with speeds up to 300Mbps, this modem is ideal for your home network to facilitate either for your work or multimedia environment. You can share the storage and printer connected to the USB port to support your work environment. And with this wireless N300 network, you can play online games and streaming HD movies from the net, this is ideal for your multimedia environment.

Not only high speed wifi, Ethernet ports embedded in this device are also gigabit. It is ideal for direct connection of up to four desktop computers with gigabit NIC adapter enabled, or you may connect to new XBOX one or else.

This is a single band wifi network, should you require dual band wifi network based on ADSL services, you may consider the dual band version of gateway – the TP-link W8980. From the competing product, you may also consider Netgear DGND3700 which is simultaneous dual band with gigabit ports. Both W8980 and Dgnd3700 are ideal wireless gateway with dual band network for better performance for your mobile devices that support dual band such as new Android mobile devices with dual band wifi network for those smart phones with Snapdragon 400 and later processors. New iPad and iPhone devices supports dual band as well.

w8970 back panel

Twin USB ports

One of the advantages of the wireless router equipped with a USB port is to share storage with the users in the network. Not all routers with a USB port can be used for printer sharing, but TPlink 8970 DSL wireless modem is equipped with two USB ports so you can share storage and printer at the same time without having to take turns. And again, the device also supports media and FTP server for your multimedia needs.

If you compare it with the Netgear Dgnd3700 which is also equipped with a USB port, TPlink is superior in terms of USB functions that can be used for share the printer even though both routers support for media server. However, when compared with the new Asus DSL-N55 products or the newer version of Asus DSL-N66U TP-link is less functionality in USB terms that is not able to share a 3G modem.

Networking diagram

Anyone will not have difficulty in installing this product. With TPlink 8970 you simply connect to a wired phone at home and performing the necessary configuration wifi network can be done easily.

tplink w8970 diagram

In the above diagram, the DSL wireless modem is connected to both storage and printer; the HDTV and XBOX are connected to wireless bridge with multiple ports. You may also use XBOX wireless adapter for your game console if multiport bridge is not available.


The new product in this ADSL gateway category from TP-link is TD-W8980. This is the first ADSL gateway with dual band version introduced into the market. Like other product offered by other vendors such as Netgear with its DGND4000 dual band gateway or Asus with its DSL-N66U, this gateway is also embedded with Gigabit interfaces and two USB ports.

Comparison Products

As general you can take benefit of two USB ports compared to device with single USB port. No more plugging and unplugging the USB cable whenever you change the attaching device from storage to printer or vice versa.

The following table shows you spec comparison for TD-W8980 Vs TD-W8970 Vs TD-W8968.

Comparison table

Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band N600Single band N300Single band N300
Antennas3x External antennas3x External antennas2x External antennas (5dBi)
3G sharingN/AN/AYes
Ethernet portsGigabitGigabitFast Ethernet
EWAN portYes – GigabitYes – GigabitYes – 10/100Mbps
USB ports2x USB 2.02x USB 2.01x USB 2.0
VPNUp to 10 IPSec VPN tunnels



VPN Pass-Through

10 IPSec VPN Tunnels



VPN Pass-Through

VPN Pass-Through only

All the products include USB port(s) that support for share storage, share printer, FTP and media server but only W8968 supports 3G sharing. However, W8980 and W8970 supports native IPSec VPN tunnels up to 10, ideal for multi branch offices for your growing businesses.

See also new D6200 wireless ac ADSL gateway, and for Cable you may consider Surfboard SB6782 wireless ac Cable gateway.

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