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Netgear Nighthawk XR700 Wireless AD Gaming Router

What gamers demand for their wireless router? The speed, no jitter no lagging and off course powerful as well as high performance gear. Netgear introduces powerful gear Nighthawk XR700 Pro Gaming Router. What this product does? Like the previous wireless AC-based model the Netgear XR500, XR700 is designed specifically for gamers in mind. Both routers are designed with advanced Quality of...

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Netgear XR500 vs Asus AC5300 Wireless Gaming Router

One of online gamer demands is fast connection to the internet. The other things when using the wireless router for users sharing the internet in home, the quality of service for prioritizing the gamer device is also important. That’s what Netgear xr500 wireless gaming router provides to gamers in mind. What this product does In addition of Netgear XR500, Netgear also...

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Dlink DGL-5500 Gaming Router For Gamers in Mind

Many models of wireless ac router introduced into the market which are designed for multimedia tasks – online gaming, video streaming, voice application and other data traffic. D-link offers DGL-5500 which is specifically designed for gamers in mind. What this product does Many years ago D-link introduced DGL4500 for gaming with Game-Fuel technology when the wireless N standard was around the...