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TP-link wireless cable modem router CR700 0

TP-link Archer CR700 Wireless Cable Modems

TP-link introduces a new modem router combo – the Archer CR7000 wireless AC1750 Wireless Cable modems. Overview TP-link has been popular with networking devices with more economical price compared with other vendors and TP-link has also been popular with various models of DSL modem router combo. Today, TP-link penetrates into the cable modem market after for a long time has been...

Nighthawk C7000 cable modem wireless 2

Nighthawk C7000 Best Modem Router Combo

Netgear releases new Nighthawk C7000 Wireless AC1900 cable modem – one of best wireless cable modems in the market. This is the best modem router combo – a high speed wireless AC1900 router with built-in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Overview Internet shares the line, and of course during rush hour the lane shared by many users. The more users access the...