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EnGenius ENS500ext Outdoor Wireless AC Access Point

EnGenius ENS500ext is one of best outdoor wireless ac access point. Compare it with Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M-US Unifi mesh access point. What this product does Experiencing lag while streaming HD video from outside the house with your laptops or mobile devices? Try connect using cleaner 5GHz band. However, wireless AC @5GHz band provides less coverage than 2.4Ghz band even though the data...

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Top 5 Wireless AC Access Point Products

Here are top 5 affordable wireless ac access point products for businesses available in the market today, wireless access point ac you may consider. WAP AC for businesses Unlike home wireless access point (WAP) products which typically can be configured with multimode operation, business class WAP typically comes with single mode of operation as the wireless AP that connects to the...