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TP-link Archer C3200 Wireless Three Band Router

TP-link offers new three band wireless router TP-link Archer C3200 powered by 1GHz dual core processor and 3 co processors. Overview If you notice the router model released by TP-link on the last two series namely Archer C9 and Archer C8, as well as on wireless ADSL modem router combo Archer D9 series, you can find body similarity design that is...

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Trendnet TEW-828DRU Wireless AC3200 Router

Trendnet offers wireless AC3200 router – the TEW-828DRU which is now sold under $200, the cheapest router in wireless AC3200 routers. Customer reviews in online stores affect the way prospective buyers to decide which product to purchase. Some products with less competitive begin reducing the price up to 20% from the original MSRP to attract the prospective buyers to consider their...

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Asus RT-AC3200 the Fastest Wifi Router for Consumer

A new breakthrough Asus RT-AC3200 router provides twice the bandwidth wider than RT-AC1800 the fastest router today. Overview We know that the wifi network shares the available bandwidth to all devices connected to it. So, more and more devices connect to the network cuncurrently the smaller bandwidth is used by each of the device because they must share with all existing...