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Comparison RT-AC66U AC1750 Vs EA6900 AC1900

Which of the two wireless ac routers gives you more value Asus RT-AC66U wireless ac1750 or Linksys EA6900 wireless ac1900? Asus AC66U Vs Linksys 6900 In deciding which the two routers to purchase, at the first place we frequently think that the fastest the technology applied to the router the better the performance and is worth to choose. However later, we...

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Which One You Need EA6900 Or R7000

Overview Recently Belkin acquired Linksys and keep both Belkin and Linksys brands separately even under the same Belkin’s umbrella. Linksys is no longer part of giant Cisco brand since then. How the performance of Linksys products under Belkin? Basically the performance of Linksys products is not affected by the Belkin acquisition, but probably the psychological conditions of employees affecting the work...