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TP-link Archer C7 Vs Linksys EA6500

If the price is the main consideration in choosing a good performance wireless ac router, which one is your preference between TP-link archer C7 and Linksys ea6500 when the price is not so much different, around some bucks in some online retail stores. Prices are always changing all the time, and Archer C7 is frequently cheaper than EA6500 in some period...

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Linksys EA6500 Cisco Connect Cloud Vs Others

New generations of Linksys EA6500 wireless ac routers – simultaneous dual band gigabit with Cisco Connect Cloud technology. How it compares with other wireless ac routers? Overview With the introduction of the 5th generation of wifi technology, all the networking vendors are competing in producing wireless devices based on this new trend – the fastest wifi technology ever. You would be amazed how...