Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Samsung introduces Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi Router with Smart-home hub in one device.

What this product does

Samsung introduces Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi Router – an all in one solution for connecting and controlling up to 100+ clients including compatible smart cameras, doorbells, lights and other compatible smart home devices with SmartThings app.

Mesh wifi router

As all-in-one solution for mesh router and smart home hub, this Samsung SmartThings will be beating all competing mesh router products that just function as the ‘mesh wifi router’. This product is based on wireless dual band AC1300 mesh wifi system delivering wifi speed up to 867Mbps @Ghz plus up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz.


AC1300 dual band

With dual band AC1300 mesh wifi router this product will be the main competing similar product such as Google mesh system, Asus Lyra trio mesh system (second generation of Asus Lyra but with dual band instead of three band applied to the first generation of Asus mesh routers), or Linksys Velop AC1200 mesh router.

1,500 sq ft

Each unit of Samsung SmartThings mesh wifi system covers up to 1,500 sq. ft. and total up to 4,500 sq. ft. for three pack. Compared with Asus Lyra Trio, technically Asus is faster knowing that the network segment is AC1750.

Have a look at the following speed and coverage table between Samsung, Aus Lyra and Linksys Velop.

Table 1 Samsung vs Asus vs Linksys

Model Wifi speeds Coverage
Samsung SmartThings  (3 pack) AC1300 (867Mbps @5GHz + 400Mbps @2.4GHz) Up to 4,500 sq. ft.
Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 (1300Mbps @5Ghz + 450Mbps @2.4Ghz) Up to 5,400 sq. ft.
Linksys Velop AC1200 AC1300 (867Mbps @5GHz + 400Mbps @2.4GHz) Up to 4,500 sq. ft.


Samsung Smart Things Mesh wifi router plus smart home hub (~$280)

Asus Lyra Trio which is based on higher network segment (AC1750) faster speed @5GHz up to 1300Mbps, compared with Samsung and Linksys Velop which is only up to 867Mbps.

Up to 32 routers

When you require larger area to cover you can add more Samsung SmartThings up to 32 devices. However for most home you only require 3 pack for best result, and for businesses that require wifi large coverage you better implement wireless ac access point products such as Open-mesh A62 universal three band access point.


Samsung SmartThings is not just a mesh wifi router but it is also a smart home hub for connecting all compatible sensors, devices, and accessories. This product is powered by Qualcomm quad core 710Mhz processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB Flash for powerful performance.

RAM and Flash memory capacity embedded to the system take a significant role in tasks processing for better performance. Compare with Asus Lyra trio which is only 32MB flash and 128MB RAM. While Linksys Velop AC1200 is embedded with 716 MHz Quad Core processor; 256 MB NAND Flash and 256 MB DDR3.

Both Asus Lyra trio and Linksys Velop AC1200 come with lower flash memory under 1GB compared with Samsung which is 8GB.


  • All-in-one solution for mesh wifi router and smart-home hub
  • Connect and control up to 100+ compatible devices including cameras, lights, doorbells and more smart-home devices
  • Based on wireless AC1300 network segment with dual band (867MB @5GHz plus 400Mbps @2.4GHz)
  • Powered by Plume to learn your wifi environment and optimize performance
  • Adaptive routing technology for seamless channel hopping
  • SmartThings app for all networking management via your mobile devices
  • Backward compatible with previous versions of SmartThings Sensors and Outlets


What makes Samsung SmartThings different with other general mesh wifi routers is the Smart-home hub features which is compatible with wide range of connected devices including Alexa, Samsung, ring, ecobee, samsung, bose, arlo and more.

Samsung Smartthings compatibility

The Samsung SmartThings mesh wifi router is tagged with standard price around $280 (Sep 2018) in Amazon. Click the link below to learn more details including current price in Amazon.

Click here for Samsung SmartThings 3 pack

For modern smart-home Samsung SmartThings is one of best value product you may consider to upgrade your home environment with connected life style products.

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