Orbi Wifi 6 Mesh Wifi System vs Asus

Netgear introduces new mesh wifi system product – the Orbi wifi 6 mesh wifi system, high speed mesh wifi system based on wireless ax6000 wifi 6 technology. Previously, Asus also released the Asus RT-AX92U Mesh WiFi 6 System, how do these two wifi 6-based mesh wifi system products compare?

Orbi vs Asus

Orbi rbk 852 mesh wifi system consists of Orbi mesh router and Orbi mesh satellite and both are designed with the fastest wifi 6 technology, 6th generation of WiFi technology (wireless 802.11ax).

High speed

Orbi rbk 852 mesh wifi system is a tri-band mesh wifi system delivering speeds of up to 6,000Mbps (1,200Mbps @ 2.4Ghz; up to 2,400Mbp @5Ghz-1 and up to 2,400Mbp @ 5Ghz-2) and one of @5Ghz band is used as dedicated backhaul link between nodes.

Orbi wifi 6 mesh wifi system
Orbi RBK852 Wifi 6 mesh system

If you compare with Asus rt-ax92u you can find that Asus offers the same three band, however the speeds each of band is different. Rt-ax92u delivers up to 400Mbp @2.4Ghz + 867Mbp @5Ghz (wifi ac) + 4,804Mbps @5Ghz (wifi 6) as backhaul link and other wifi 6-based connected client.

It comes with a 2.5 Gbps WAN port you may connect to high speed modem such as Surfboard DOCSIS 3.1 SB8200, and 4 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired Ethernet-based devices.

Wifi 6 dedicated backhaul

Like the previous Orbi series where Orbi always uses a dedicated backhaul for links between Orbi nodes, Orbi wifi 6 is also designed using dedicated backhaul. The difference is of course the width of the bandwidth used. In Orbi rbk852 backhaul link uses 5GHz radio band based on wifi 6 with speeds up to 2,400Mbps. And the other two bands with speed of 1,200Mbps @ 2.4Ghz and speed of 2,400Mbp @ 5Ghz band are used for connected client devices. See also Linksys Velop vs Orbi mesh wifi systems.

Compare with its predecessor Orbi series, for example, on Orbi rbk50 AC3000 backhaul link using wifi AC1733 @ 5Ghz as the backhaul link, while for the other model Orbi rbr20 version the backhaul link uses 867Mbps @ 5Ghz band speed.

Versus Asus backhaul

What about Asus RT-AX92U, which first released the WiFi 6 mesh router to the market, and then followed by Orbi? Asus RT-AX92U also applies backhaul link with WiFi 6 technology with speeds up to 4804Mbps @ 5Ghz band, almost double the backhaul link provided by Orbi.

While the remaining two bands with speeds of 400Mbps @ 2.4Ghz and 867Mbp @ 5Ghz band are used for wireless n and wireless ac client’s devices. This Asus backhaul feels redundant because it uses all 4804Mbps for backhaul links. Actually not because the backhaul link is not dedicated but is shared with clients on wireless ax (wifi 6 devices) devices.

Unlike Orbi, the backhaul link is dedicated, because Orbi still leaves another wifi-6 radio band for connected clients. There have been few number of WiFi 6 based adapters are on the market, especially from PCIE adapters for desktops and laptops, so far USB based clients with wifi 6 technology is still not available.

Other features and spec differences you may find the following spec comparison table, and the complete spec you may follow the product link at the end of article.

Table 1 Orbi vs Asus wifi 6 system

Model Orbi rbk852 Asus rt-ax92u
Wifi technology Simultaneous three band ax6000 Simultaneous three band ax6000
Wifi speeds 1,200Mbps @2.4Ghz 2,400Mbps @5Ghz 2,400Mbps @5Ghz 400Mbps @2.4Ghz 867Mbps @5Ghz 4,804Mbps @5Ghz
Backhaul link 2,400Mbps @5Ghz wifi 6 4,804Mbps @5Ghz wifi 6 Optional wired backhaul
Antennas Eight (8) high performance internal antennas with high-powered amplifiers    Internal antenna x 2; plus External antenna x 4
Ethernet ports 1x 2.5Gbps WAN port 4x Gigabit LAN port 1x 1.0Gbps WAN port 4x Gigabit LAN port
USB port N/A USB 2.0 x 1
USB 3.1 Gen 1 x 1
Processor Quad core 2.2Ghz with 512MB NAND Flash and 1GB RAM Quad core processor with 256MB NAND Flash and 512MB RAM
Coverage (2 unit) 5,000 sq ft 5,500 sq ft
Price $699.99 $399.99

See that the price difference is very much around $300 more expensive for Orbi. prices are always fluctuating, you may check the current price and rating in Amazon by following the product link below:

Click here for Orbi rbk852

Click here for Asus rt-ax92u

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