Orbi RBK50v Voice Mesh Wifi System

Wifi at home is a necessity of life today, where almost all lines of life can not be separated from the need for an internet connection as simple as possible in connection to all devices at home. For that reason you need an internet connection that can cover all corners of your home with a wifi network that indeed all smart home devices now almost need a wifi connection and internet as an option. Not to mention the need for music and voice control to make your control easier for smart home devices including security systems, light control, TV control using your voice.

Orbi Voice RBK50v With Built-in Alexa

Orbi RBK50V

For this reason Netgear introduces Orbi Voice RBK50V which is a mesh wifi router system kit plus wifi speaker with built-in Alexa voice control so that it covers the whole home with fast wifi connection and speaker with voice control.

If so far your wifi network system in home consists of wireless router, either a standard wifi router or a mesh wifi router with Alexa support or any other similar voice control, so with Orbi RBK50V you get it all, a mesh wifi network with Orbi RBR50 mesh wifi router and also high quality speakers as your voice control Orbi Voice Satellite RBS40V.

Orbi RBR50

If at a moment you would like to replace your aging wifi network in home with a sophisticated mesh wifi network, that also supports such kinds of voice control device then trust Netgear with its Orbi RBR50 mesh wifi system. It’s a tri-band mesh wifi router with AC3000 wifi technology. it’s quite a bit expensive compared to other standard mesh wifi router products in the market so far, such as from the popular new product Meshforce M3 whole home system.

See also product comparison for Meshforce M3 vs Orbi RBK20, the newer model of Orbi router with tri-band.

Port Interface Orbi Rbr50 and Orbi Rsb40v

3 radio bands

In this Orbi Voice kit as a mesh wifi router is the Orbi RB50 which is a Tri-band whole home mesh wifi system delivers total speeds of up to 3,000Mbps. Equipped with 6 pieces of high power high performance antenna this router provides speed up to 1733Mbps @ 5ghz band 1; 866Mbps @ 5Ghz band 2 and up to 400Mbps @ 2.4Ghz band 3 with a total speed of up to 3000Mbps simultaneous three-band system. Compare with Meshforce M3 or Google mesh system that are two band mesh wifi systems.

Unlike Orbi RBR20’s latest Orbi router series which is also a three-band mesh wifi system where one of the 5ghz bands is used specifically as dedicated backhaul link, in the Orbi RBR50 series all three band are shared together for backhaul links and also for user needs.

Orbi RBS40V

The smart home wifi system with Orbi rsb40v voice control has spoiled your home with high-performance mesh wifi technology and the need for great stereo speakers from Harman Kardon will spoil your ears with music or news from TV. You can also use your voice to control all your smart home devices, from every inch of home corners.

Built-in Alexa

Orbi Rsb40v voice control comes with built-in Amazon Alexa combined with high quality speakers from Harman Kardon. Remember that when you were satisfied with the stereo sound quality of our laptop equipped with speakers from Harman Kardon, here is the speaker that is equipped with Orbi Rsb40v voice control.

You no longer need to buy a wifi range extender plus Alexa voice control and the high quality crystal sound speakers, just add Orbi Rsb40v satellite voice to your existing Orbi system, then your room has been covered with solid wifi network and covered by crystal sound quality of high-class speaker Dr. Harman Kardon.


  • High performance mesh wifi system with super clear speaker with voice control
  • High-performance Wi-Fi coverage for whole home system up to 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Tri-band simultaneous mesh wifi router (RBR50) with AC3000 technology
  • All-in-one Orbi RBS40v smart speaker satellite with audio system by Harman Kardon for high quality rich sound with built-in Amazon Alexa.
  • Instant access to your music from Amazon, Pandora etc
  • Forget the hassle of looking for news, check the weather, look for your favorite music and forget to control the network manually, with Orbi voice you can use your voice to control it all
  • Powered by high performance processor with 4GB flash and 512MB RAM
  • Support MU-MIMO for simultaneous data streaming on multiple devices

To learn more details about this product, including current price and customer rating in Amazon click the product link below, and shop from Amazon.

Click here for details Orbi Voice RBK50V Kit

How much do you have to spend if you have to buy a separate mesh wifi system kit such as from standard Meshforce M3 along with Alexa voice control plus high quality speakers separately, too much. For example you may consider Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M3 Compact and Powerful Wireless Speaker  you need to spend $300, plus lots money for mesh router and Alexa voice control.

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