Orbi Home Wifi System Wall plug Satellite

Netgear offers couple of models of Orbi satellite home wifi system in addition of the first model Orbi three band home wifi system (RBK50). These variations are based on how large the coverage can go for your home.

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What this product does

Unlike RBK50 the first three band model which consists of RBR50 router plus RBS50 satellite which covers up to 4,000 sq ft, the wall plug model RBK30 consist of RBR50 router and RBW30 Orbi satellite mesh point which covers up to 3,500 sq ft.

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3 satellite models

Actually there are three models of Orbi satellite you can add to RBR50 Orbi router to add larger coverage to your existing network, they are:

  • RBS50 adds 2,500 sq ft
  • RBS40 adds 2,000 sq ft
  • RBW30 adds 1,500 sq ft

You can add each of the three satellite models to the RBR50 Orbi router to add coverage, a single SSID for all your home devices can give you seamless transition from one unit to another.

Three band

Orbi is a three band wireless mesh system same as the one offered by Linksys – Linksys Velop three band wifi system. Currently there are few models available in the market with dual band system, lower network segment based on AC1200 technology such as Eero and Google wifi system, the new model TP-link Deco, and Luma whole home system.

Netgear doesn’t specify that those Orbi satellites can be configured as universal range extender. But you can find that Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh point HD which is typically paired with Ubiquiti HD home wifi system can be configured to work universally connecting to wireless router in general. Amplifi mesh point HD is also designed with wall plug style for easy deployment and it connect universally to any router.

Orbi RBK30 with wall plug model


  • Based on AC2200 wifi technology
  • Three band model
  • Combinations of Orbi router plus Orbi satellite wall plug model to cover up to 3,500 sq ft
  • Wall plug satellite model for easy placement to available electrical socket to add coverage
  • Easy setup, comes preconfigured to work out of the box
  • Support guest network
  • Orbi app to create secure home network

Orbi with wall plug satellite model is very easy to deploy in home. you can plug the satellite to the desired power outlet and that’s it you’re on business.

Click the link below for more manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon.

Click here to learn more details Orbi system with wall plug satellite

You may also consider new style of Norton Core – a wireless router with integrated internet security system. For businesses, or corporate network that requires large scale of wifi network you may consider Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M and Pro mesh AP which can be placed outdoor with weatherproof housing.

Should you like a simple compact device you may consider new model Netgear offers – The Orbi RBC40 cable modem with wifi. Click here to learn more details Orbi CBK40.

You may also like TP-link Deco M9 a mesh wifi system with dynamic backhaul up to 1,500Mbps.

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