Open Mesh A40 A60 Series Wireless AC Access Point

Open Mesh A40 and A60 wireless ac access point – cloud managed dual band wireless ac access point, zero configuration, plug n play and seamless roaming.

What this product does

Unlike business wireless ac access point in general such as TP-link EAP series or Ubiquiti Lite series with included software controller, Open Mesh A Series is cloud managed AP. Open Mesh A Series is a wireless ac dual band access point, mesh gateway and repeater in a compact and reliable device you may install on the ceiling or on the wall to support your business.

There are two models of Open Mesh A series – the A40 and A60, you may select which one is suitable to support your business regarding the users capacity to accommodate.

Both are designed for indoor usage, for outdoor usage you may consider high capacity EnGenius EWS870 wireless ac access point which come with 4KV surge protector. Or you may also consider Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M-PRO which is also used for outdoor/indoor. For limited small business you may also consider Orbi Pro mesh wifi system. And the Open Mesh A Series is for your growing business you may start from single site to thousands of sites.

It is like other business class POE wireless access point including TP-link EAP-245 or more bandwidth Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD with their central software controller.

Clients capacity

Open Mesh A40 is meant for lower user density between 30~50 users each unit of A40 access point. While the A60 series is ideal for larger user capacity between 50~100. The hardware processor that powers each model is different and A60 is embedded with more powerful processor than A40 is.

Open Mesh A60 wireless ac access point
Open Mesh A60 wireless ac access point


Open Mesh A40 and A60 series deliver high performance dual band wireless ac network with seamless roaming from one device to another, ideal for large offices, hotels, apartments to cover with multiple AP devices. A40 with built-in 4 internal antennas delivers speeds up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band and up to 867Mbps @5Ghz band.

A60 with built-in 6 internal antennas delivers speed up to 450Mbps @2.4Ghz band and up to 1300Mbps @5Ghz band. Nearly the similar with previous model Open Mesh MR1750 wireless ac access point.

Open mesh A60 bottom view
Open mesh A60 bottom view

Competing products with similar speeds you may consider:

Management & Scalability

Building in high density clients environment is sometimes not an easy task to perform using traditional wireless access point. Selecting which products to deploy needs to hear much from those who had experiences using the products.

Open Mesh A40 and A60 helps you deploy the products easily, scale up from single product to thousands, from a single site locations to hundreds or thousands of sites is easy using the CloudTrax cloud-based management software via web browser or mobile app, no complicated hardware controller like it were before in the past. Few other powerful features that will help you manage your corporate sites easily:

  • Centralized cloud-base management software via web browser and mobile app
  • Allows you view detailed networks, AP, switches and clients in one place
  • Alerts for network failure in case of AP go offline
  • Clients management easily including limit bandwidth, reboot devices and even block clients
  • Captive portal for guest network
  • API for custom apps

In modern business, easiness in network management is very essential to reduce administration overhead. And Open Mesh A Series either A40 or A60 help you deliver high performance wireless network in businesses.


  • Business class Cloud based wireless ac access point
  • Based on wireless AC1200 (A40); AC1750 (A60)
  • Plug and play and easy to configure
  • Scalability – scale up from single device to thousands of devices spread all over remote sites
  • Free CloudTrax cloud-based network controller, iOS and Android apps
  • Self forming, self healing, seamless roaming
  • Multiple SSIDs, private and public

To learn more spec and feature’s details including current price in Amazon click the link below:


Open Mesh A40 and A60 are business class wireless ac access point products with cloud-based management software, easy to deploy and rich business class features.

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