Nighthawk X6S Three Band Wifi Mesh Extender

Netgear introduces two models of new technology trend in range extender – the Nighthawk X6s (Netgear EX8000) and Nighthawk X4s (EX7500) wifi mesh extenders.


Nighthawk X4s or Netgear EX7500 wifi mesh extender has been discussed previously, it’s a wifi mesh extender with wall-plug model. Nighthawk X6s is designed with desktop model, a standing form factor you can place on the table or on the shelf.



Both EX8000 and EX7500 wifi mesh extender are three band device with one band is used as dedicated wifi link for fast link. The speeds between the two product is different, EX7500 delivers speeds up to 2,200Mbps while EX8000 delivers speeds up to 3,000Mbps.

Wifi speeds in mesh extender doesn’t reduce your extended wifi like traditional range extender that may cause bandwidth reduce up to 50%.


The good thing with mesh extender is that you have single network name (one SSID) easy to manage and you can roam within homes seamlessly without any disconnection like those traditional extender with multiple SSIDs.

It’s like those mesh home wireless routers available in the market today such as Orbi Pro three band mesh wifi system or EnGenius EMR3000 whole home wifi system, all you have in home is single SSID name for seamless roaming while you’re moving within home.

4x Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Unlike the wall-plug model EX7500 that doesn’t come with Ethernet port, Netgear EX8000 the desktop model comes with four gigabit Ethernet ports you can connect any Ethernet-based devices to the device to work like a wireless clients.

Nighthawk X6s mesh wifi extender


  • Wireless mesh extender with AC3000 three band
  • Speeds up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz, 866Mbps @5Ghz band2, 1733Mbps @5Ghz band3
  • Fastlane3 technology to create dedicated link to the router for speed reduction like traditional range extender
  • One SSID name, seamless roaming for 802.11k compliant devices
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports with autosensing technology
  • 1x USB 2.0 port
  • Connect to any third party routers

The introduction of wifi mesh extender is very good for those home wireless router users that don’t want to upgrade their wifi system to jump to mesh wifi router. with your existing wireless ac router in home either two or three band wireless ac routers, should you need to expand the range you can add Netgear EX8000 or Nighthawk X6s wifi mesh extender to taste the mesh technology.

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Mesh wifi router

However, for aging router you may consider replace your home wifi network with one of best home mesh wifi system in the market such as eero pro whole home system, or most size home you may consider Goggle mesh home wifi system starts using one device.

Start from one single Google mesh wifi system for small homes, or you may purchase three packs for most home size. You can move your mobile device roaming from one room to the others without worrying of being drop or disconnecting. And the good thing is single SSID / network name.

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Another product you may also consider is Asus RT-AC86U AiMesh Whole Home Wifi System – a wireless router with AiMesh technology to work as mesh wifi system when combined with other Asus AiMesh system.

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