New Linksys EA8500 Wireless AC2600 Router

Linksys launches new wireless AC2600 router – EA8500 with MU-MIMO with 4 data streams with total bandwidth of 2530Mbps.


Linksys offers various models of wireless AC consumer routers today in addition of new WRT open source models including WRT 1900AC and new WRT AC1200 routers. The newest model is the Linksys EA8500 wireless AC2600 routers in addition of the existing new models including AC2400 router and AC3200 router.

At  a glance, the EA8500 model is almost similar to its predecessor Linksys EA8350 physically. Both models are physically equipped with four external antenna in each of their corner body. The EA8350 model looks a little bit more convex while the EA8500 model looks a little more flat, sleek and looks elegance. When compared with the fastest product Linksys EA9200, physically 9200 only has 3 external antenna and of course there are 3 more internal embedded antenna with a total of 6 antenna.

What this product does

Unlike with the fastest EA9200 router which is designed with three band technology, the Linksys EA8500 is designed with two band simultaneous router delivering data rate throughput of up to 1733Mbps in 5GHz band and up to 800Mbps in 2.4GHz band with total bandwidth of up to 2533Mbps. In wireless AC2400 models, the router delivers data rate up to 600Mbps in 2.4GHz band.


  • Based on wireless AC2600 technology with Multi-User MIMO technology
  • Delivering total bandwidth of up to 2533Mbps
  • Delivering 4 data streams of 4×4 wireless AC technology
  • Beamforming technology with 4x external adjustable antenna
  • Comes with one USB 3.0 Port in addition of eSATA/USB 2.0 Port
  • Easy to maintain and manage with Linksys Smart-Wifi apps
linksys ea8500 router

Higher data rate transfer

The wireless AC2600 routers are designed with 4 data streams of 4×4 wireless AC technology. This is the same as those wireless AC2400 routers technology.

Unlike Asus RT-AC87U and Netgear Nighthawk X4 which deliver data rate transfer up to 2400Mbps, the Linksys EA8500 does higher data rate transfer. In 5GHz band with wireless AC based-devices all the routers deliver the same data rate transfer of up to 1733Mbps. But they deliver different data rate transfer in 2.4GHz band. Linksys 8500 delivers higher data rate transfer up to 800Mbps as opposed to the competing routers that deliver up to only 600Mbps. The more bandwidth your router can deliver the more client devices connect to your network concurrently and smoothly.

The antenna and the technology to support the router is also important factor how the router will perform. What the technology Linksys, Asus and Netgear come with to lift the performance? The table below shows the comparison between the routers.

 Linksys EA8500Asus RT-AC87UNetgear R7500
Antennas4×4 MU-MIMO antenna4×4 MU-MIMO antenna4x External antennas
BeamformingYesYes with AiRadar technologyYes
Processor1.4 GHz dual core processor1 GHz dual-core processor, plus separate dual core processor for 5GHz traffic1.4 GHz dual core processor

Interface Ports

At the rear panel, you can find all the interfaces port are located including one USB 3.0 port, one combo USB 2.0 and eSATA port, 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1x WAN Gigabit port. This configuration is almost the same with all other Linksys router models, all port interfaces are located in a rear panel. Asus RT-AC87R also designs the interface ports location in the rear panel, but Netgear R7500 puts USB port and eSATA port at the left and right sides of the body and other Ethernet ports are located at rear panel.

Linksys ea8500 ports

The following table shows comparison between Linksys, Asus and Netgear wireless AC routers regarding the interfaces ports.

Linksys EA8500 Vs Asus AC87U Vs R7500

 Linksys EA8500Asus RT-AC87UNetgear R7500
LAN Ethernet Ports4x Gigabit4x Gigabit4x Gigabit
WAN Ethernet1x Gigabit1x Gigabit1x Gigabit
USB 3.0 port1x1x2x
USB 2.0 and eSATA1x Combo1x USB 2.0 No eSATA1x eSATA

All the three routers have the same function for sharing the printer and storage. But Asus AC87U has a specific function in addition to share the 3G/4G modem. Netgear R7500 is also support Time Machine for Mac users for automatic backup to the connected storage to the router.

Linksys EA8500 comes with smart wifi app with network map to help you manage your home network easily from anywhere you can access the internet from your mobile devices including Android or iOS devices.

Click here to see the spec details and current price in Amazon.

You may also like the new Linksys WRT AC3200 which is powered by new 160Mhz three data stream technology with total bandwidth up to 2600Mbps in a single 5GHz band.

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