Netgear WNCE3001 Universal Dual Band Internet Adapter


Unlike the previous series WNCE2001 which model is box-shaped with a bit flat, this one the successor series have different model, box-shaped with conical above. The device can be powered by USB out of your Ethernet-base devices including XBOX, HDTV and other home theater devices in addition to power plug so it is more flexible.

What this product does

Maybe you’ve upgraded your wifi network with simultaneous dual-band wireless router such as Netgear Wndr4500 or Linksys E4200. Simultaneous dual band router allows you to accommodate both types of wireless client devices that operate in either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band at once. The advantages of the 5GHz band is much cleaner from the interference so it is great for streaming or gaming that require real-time. Mostly wireless routers which are designed for multimedia are dual band support including routers with N600, N750 or N900 technology and even the latest wifi technology is wireless ac has been adopted by most wireless manufacturers such as Netgear R6300 dual band 802.11ac router, or Linksys with its EA6500 cloud router. it is therefore Netgear introduces universal internet adapter – WNCE3001.


Main features:

  1. Universal compatibility
  2. Wireless N Dual Band
  3. CD-less, wireless installation with Push ‘N’ Connect
  4. Flexible power option

This device is dual band universal internet adapter includes one Ethernet 10/100Mbps port to let you connect to any types of Ethernet-enabled device (including the Blu Ray, Smart HDTV, and XBOX) as the wireless client to your existing wireless N dual band network. With the wireless connection, you can eliminate the clutter of the wires in your living room.

Universal Adapter

WNCE3001 is universal adapter, so you can use it as replacement of your XBOX wifi adapter if necessary. You can connect to any types of wireless routers from any vendors. It supports dual band network ideal for streaming high definition media and gaming. Installation is easy by pressing the WPS button to connect to any types of router with WPS enable. And the good thing is that you have the power options either by using USB or power adapter.

Netgear wnce3001

Wnce2001 Vs Wnce3001

What is the difference between the WNCE2001 and this new one? The only difference is that WNCE3001 supports dual band, but WNCE2001 doesn’t.

Customer ratings

What is the level of user satisfaction with this product? You may read some of the reviews on Amazon and so far the customers give positive reviews of the products with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars customer ratings and few of them give 1 star rating. Eg a user disappointed with this product because it is not connected to its TIVO network before he finally decided to return it to the store and as suggested by the employees to use 85Mbps Powerline adapter. He found that the Powerline has fixed the problem and forget WNCE3001. Other users just do not give a detailed explanation but was disappointed with the product, it is not fair.


Network Diagram

The figure 1 shows networking solution for wifi network that uses WNCE3001 you can connect to XBOX console, Blu-Ray or smart HDTV.

wnce3001 network diagram

Either WNCE2001 or WNCE3001 supports only one Ethernet port to let you connect only one single Ethernet-base device. It means that you have to change the port to connect to different device anytime you need to change to different device. If you have multiple home theater devices, you may consider multi-port wireless universal internet adapter such as Buffalo Wli-Tx4-Ag300n client adapter. This adapter consists of four Ethernet ports to allow you connect up to four devices at the same time.

You can setup the adapter by powering the WNCE3001 with USB power connecting to your laptop’s USB port. You can use your browser and type either,,, or Make sure that you include the http:// instead of just typing the Or you can also use the default IP address of


WNCE4004 N900 Video and Gaming Adapter

The model of this product is like a wireless router with two external antennas and four Ethernet ports, sturdy and simple but it’s neat smooth body.

netgear wnce4001

Probably this product is what you need, multi-port high speed wireless internet adapter. Unlike the WNCE3001 which includes only one Ethernet port, this device includes four Ethernet ports to let you connect up to four home theater devices such as XBOX, Blu-Ray, HDTV and more. This is very useful if you have multiple home theater devices so you don’t need to swap each the Ethernet cable each time you change the devices for internet connection.

WNCE4004 is a dual band adapter with N900 technology ideal for connection to any models of wireless N600 routers or the latest N900 routers such as WNDR4500 N900 router, or Linksys EA4500 smart wifi router.

Please note that today, you may upgrade your existing wifi network with new mesh wifi system such as Netgear Orbi rbk23 or Asus Lyra Trio mesh wifi system. Or you may try Linksys Velop AC4800 mesh wifi system.

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