Netgear RAX40 Wifi6 AX3000 Router

Netgear is one of the well known networking vendors that provides many options for wireless router models including wifi routers based on wifi6 technology. The low level of wifi6-based routers is the netgear rax40 wifi6 ax3000 router, and its companion is Netgear rax35.

The main difference between Netgear rax40 and rax35 is the inclusion of USB port for Rax40, rax35 does not come with USB port.

What this product does

Based on wifi6 technology, of course you want to try the how great wifi router based on this sixth generation of wifi technology. Netgear offers a variety of choices that you can choose according to how large your home is and also how many clients are connected to your network. From the lowest level of netgear rax40 wifi6 router, higher level is rax75, rax80 ax6000, higher level rax120 and the top level is Netgear rax200 ax11000 wifi6 router.

Netgear rax40 wifi6 ax3000 router
Netgear rax40 wifi6 ax3000 router

Netgear rax40 vs rax80

What is the difference between netgear rax40 ax3000 with its one level higher rax80? Is the quality and features also half of Netgear Rax80 ax6000 as the name implies which is also half of Rax80? We’ll see what the difference is as shown in table 1 below.

Table 1 Netgear rax40 vs rax80

Model Netgear rax40 Netgear rax80
Wifi Wifi6 dual band ax3000 Wifi6 dual band ax6000
Wifi speeds 600Mbps @2.4Ghz 2,400Mbp @5Ghz 1,200Mbps @2.4Ghz 4,800Mbp @5Ghz
Ethernet Ports 1x Gigabit WAN 4x Gigabit LAN 1x Gigabit WAN 4x Gigabit LAN 1x 2.5Gigabit LAN
USB Port 1x USB 3.0 2x USB 3.0
Processor Dual core processor Quad core processor

Pay attention to the table above and it turns out that it is true that almost Netgear rax40 spec is half of rax80 including wifi speed, number of processor cores and also the number of usb ports. However, the number of Ethernet ports is not half the number as seen above, it can be said to be the same except for one multi-gig 2.5Gbps LAN port is absent on rax40.

If the size of your house is small or medium size and not two-storey building, while the number of connected devices is also not too dense it is better to switch to Netgear Rax40 ax3000 to be able to feel the future of wifi6 technology.

Netgear rax40 ax3000 vs Meshforce M3

Maybe you think you don’t need to replace your aging wifi router with wifi6-based router, considering that you don’t have wifi6-based clients to provide optimal throughput. That makes sense, then I suggest trying the mesh wifi system and one of the more highly rated ones is Meshforce M3 whole home system.

Meshforce M3 Dual band AC1200 Whole Home SYstem
Meshforce M3 Dual band AC1200 Whole Home SYstem


What you get with Meshforce M3 compared with Netgear rax40? Physically you will get three units of product instead of one Rax40. Let’s see technically the difference between netgear rax40 and Meshforce M3 as shown in the following spec comparison table below.

See also comparison between TP-Link Deco M4 vs Orbi mesh system.

Table 2 Netgear rax40 vs Meshforce M3

Model Netgear rax40 wifi6 router Meshforce M3 whole home system
Wifi technology Wifi6 dual band ax3000 Wifi ac1200 dual band
Wifi speeds 600Mbps @2.4Ghz 1,200Mbps @5Ghz 300Mbp @2.4Ghz 867Mbps @5Ghz
Ethernet ports 5x Gigabit 2x Gigabit
USB port 1x USB 3.0 port N/A
Coverage 1,500 sq ft 4,000 sq ft
Price $199.99 $199.00

There is a major difference between netgear rax40 ax3000 and Meshforce M3, namely Speed. Of course if you expect speed for online gaming, video streaming and other heavy duty wifi tasks then choose Rax40 or a higher level like Ax6000 or Ax11000 you name it Netgear rax200 or Asus ROG GT-ax11000 wifi6 gaming router.


If your spacious house wants to be covered by a solid and evenly distributed wifi signal and with only one network name (SSID name) then select Meshforce m3 that can cover up to 4,000 sq ft, compare it to Rax40 which can cover only up to 1,500 sq ft.

To learn more details, click each of product link below including link to shop in Amazon.

Click here for Netgear rax40 wifi6 ax3000 router

Click here for Meshforce M3 whole home system

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