Netgear R6250 Wireless AC 1600 and Archer C7

Various models of wireless ac router are introduced by Netgear, and one of them is R6250. TP-link recently released Archer C7, the first TP-link router with wireless ac technology. Which one is best for your need?

What this product does

It is sometimes confusing when you have to choose which of the routers with the same wireless ac technology from the same vendor. You can mention Linksys, Belkin, Netgear or D-link all of them offer various models of routers based on wireless ac technology with slightly different specs. For example Netgear that introduces several models of wireless ac routers with different spec based on the number of users that can optimally connect to the router simultaneously. These variants are typically offered with different prices to let users select the one that meet their need.

The fastest Netgear R7000 vs Linksys EA6800 was discussed in the other article which one of the benefit of Netgear over Linksys is that it is Time machine compatible ideal for Mac users environment to automate the backup regularly for preventing data loss, easy data recovery. R7000 is also powered by the fastest processor – dual core 1GHz processor compared with other routers which are typically powered by lower speed processor. What about the lower version of Netgear R6250?


R6250 is designed similar with its brother R6300 which the model is square with sides that are not symmetrical. The appearance is elegant and is nicer with internal antennas compared with its brother R7000 – the fastest one which is designed with three external antennas with high power amplifier for better range. Compared with TP-link product – the Archer C7 that is the first TP-link router with wireless ac technology, many people believe that the router with external antennas will boost the signal more powerful and longer distance range.

Unlike R6250, Archer is designed with 3x 5dBi external antennas for 5GHz band for stronger signal penetration, while to boost the signal for 2.4GHz band the router is equipped with three internal antennas to reduce potential co-channel interference. These  Omni antennas broadcast in all direction.

Unlike TP-link with Omni type external antennas, Netgear R6250 comes with internal antennas with Beamforming technology, broadcast in all direction and focus to each of the wifi clients for solid connection. All new generations of wireless router now come with Beamforming technology for higher performance solid connection. To extend the wireless network to the further distance when you require to eliminate the dead zone, you may add high speed wireless ac extender and the new flagship offered by Netgear is EX7300 Nighthawk AC2200 extender.

Netgear R6250 wireless ac1600

USB ports

If you have USB 3.0 storage disk, R6250 will boost the data throughput between the disk and the router. R6250 comes with one USB 3.0 port which is 10 times faster than traditional USB 2.0 port. Connect any types of USB 3.0 storage such as WD My Passport 2TB which is very popular in the market and receives excellent customer ratings in Amazon.

Archer comes with two USB 2.0 port which is convenient should you connect to both storage and printer simultaneously. Both routers support Media server with DLNA compliant and FTP server as well.

 Comparison Netgear R6250 Vs Archer C7

 TP-link ArcherNetgear R6250
Wireless speed1300Mbps (5GHz)

450Mbps (2.4GHz)


300Mbps (2.4GHz)

Antennas3x external 5dBi antennas (5GHz) and 3x internal antennas (2.4GHz)Internal antennas (Tx/Rx)- 2×2 (2.4 GHz) + 3×3 (5 GHz)
Ethernet ports4xGigabit LAN and 1xGigabit WAN interfaces4xGigabit LAN and 1xGigabit WAN interfaces
USB Port2x USB 2.0 for storage and printer – FTP and media server   1xUSB 3.0 for storage and printer with DLNA media server
Wifi – Power On-Off buttonsWifi On-Off button

Power On-Off Switch

Wifi On-Off button
Guest networkGuest network each band; Guest network each band;  

Easy to manage

Netgear Genie Apps help you control and monitor your home network and connected devices easily. Installation is also easy with no CD, all comes with browser-based installation right from your Android or iOS mobile devices.

Have a look at what this Genie is all about, watch this video (courtesy by Netgear and Youtube)

What about Archer’s configuration? It’s easy, it comes with CD installation software that is supported by all OS including WIndows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Netware.

TP-link Archer C7
TP-link Archer C7

TP-link Configuration

Like Netgear, Archer can also be accessed easily using the web-browser, just type in the with the default user-name and password ‘admin’. Default network name for 5GHz band is TP-LINK_2.4GHz_xxxxxx and TP-LINK_5GHz_xxxxxx respectively and you need to change this network name with the unique SSID name within your network environment.

Should you deploy a home office network, with the equipment of twin USB ports you may consider Archer which is more functional to support your office works. You can share both storage and printer devices together. Now which one you prefer:

  1. Learn more spec details for TP-link Archer C7 and shop from Amazon
  2. Learn more spec details for Netgear R6250 and shop from Amazon

You may also consider new home wifi system by TP-link – Click here for TP-link Deco M5 – new mesh home wifi system introduced by TP-link. See also various models of best wifi router and access point.

Cheers, KG

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