Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 Wifi 6 Mesh Extender

What we need when our wifi network cannot reach up to the farthest corners of the house, or can’t cover your entire home? What you need is a wifi range extender product. Netgear introduces Nighthawk eax80 wifi 6 mesh extender which is universal in feature, it can connect with any third party router and preferably connect with the same wifi 6 router such as Netgear rax40 ax3000 or TP-link archer ax6000 or Asu rt-ax88u wifi 6 routers.

What this product does

One thing that is not fun when our mobile devices jumps from one wifi name to another wifi name when we walk from one room to another. For this reason, Netgear introduces the Nighthawk eax80 mesh wifi 6 extender.

Netgear Nighthawk eax80 mesh extender
Netgear Nighthawk eax80 mesh extender

Same wifi name

With this eax80 mesh extender device you can extend wifi range with the same wifi name and password as your router. So there is no need to bother configuring your mobile device, and this feature is what is called a mesh wifi extender like a mesh wifi system. See also new Orbi wifi 6 mesh wifi system.

Add up to 2,500 sq ft

By adding Nighthawk eax80 wireless ax range extender, your wifi range increases up to 2,500 sq ft with the same wifi name and password, allowing roaming from one room to another without interruption, smooth and high speed. With this mesh extender technically you can add up to 60 devices in your home, however in the real world sometimes it doesn’t exactly as written in the spec.

Nighthawk Eax80 mesh wifi extender

High speed

Netgear eax80 is a high speed two band mesh extender with a total bandwidth of up to 6,000Mbps, up to 1,200Mbps @ 2.4Ghz band 1 and up to 4,800Mbps @ 5Ghz band 2. Surely the throughput will be more optimal if it is connected to a wireless router based on wifi 6 technology such as Netgear rax200 or Asus ax11000 mesh wifi router. And of course your internet connection and modem are also high speed, for example blast cable service plan and DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem.

To learn more details, click the product link below as well as link to shop in Amazon.

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Eax80 vs Asus ax92u

If your wifi router is currently wireless AC1200-baed router, and you want to add the Nighthawk eax80 mesh extender to increase coverage, which is more economical than buying an Asus RT-AX92U Tri-band WiFi 6 Mesh Router?


By adding the eax80 wifi 6 extender to the wireless ac1200 router there will be experiencing network bottleneck knowing that the maximum bandwidth of the ac1200 is 867Mbps @ 5Ghz band while the maximum bandwidth of eax80 is up to 4,800Mbps @ 5Ghz band. Not to mention if your modem is also low speed. The formula is the speed of the bandwidth will follow the lowest bandwidth if two node devices are connected to each other. Why not just replace it with Asus rt-ax92u mesh wifi router?.

Asus rt-ax92u mesh wifi system
Asus rt-ax92u wifi 6 mesh ytem

Asus Mesh wifi router

Asus rt-ax92u comes with two unit devices, one unit works as the mesh wifi router connects to your modem and the other unit works as mesh wifi 6 extender like Nighthawk eax80 wireless ax extender.

The connection between the router and the extender uses a dedicated backhaul based on WiFi 6 radio band, though not completely WiFi 6 based backhaul as wide as 4,800Mbps is used solely as a dedicated backhaul, but it also shares bandwidth with clients who are also based on WiFi 6 technology. See also few models of wifi 6 adapters.

Click here to learn more details Asus rt-ax92u

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