Netgear EAX20 AX1800 Range Extender vs TP-Link

Netgear introduces EAX20 mesh wifi 6 ax1800 range extender connects universally to any wifi routers or wifi gateways and is optimized for wifi 6 routers. We will compare this product with TP-link re505x wifi 6 extender.

What this product does

Previously, Netgear released the Netgear ex80 wifi 6 ax6000 mesh extender series to increase the range of coverage of the wifi 6 ax6000 routers series which indeed at the beginning of the emergence of wifi 6 technology routers mostly applied the ax6000 network segment at that time. So the ex80 can represent wifi extender products to increase the range of wifi 6 ax6000 such as Netgear rax80 ax6000 or ax11000 routers such as Netgear RAX2000 ax11000 wifi 6 router.

Netgear eax20 ax1800 range extender
Netgear eax20 ax1800 range extender

Eax80 vs eax20

Based on the series naming, you can see that the ex80 has higher rank than the eax20. So what are the differences between eax80 and ex20 series? Look at table 1 below, technically the eax80 was designed with ax6000 technology compared to eax20 which is designed with ax1800 technology.

The speed difference is very far between eax80 with a total bandwidth of up to 6000 (1.2Gbps + 4.8Gbps) compared to eax20 which is only up to ax1800 (0.6Gbps + 1.2Gbps), besides the processor used is also different.

Table 1 Eax80 vs Eax20

Wifi technologyAx6000 8 streams dual band technologyAx1800 4 streams dual band technology
Wifi speedsBand 1: 1.2Gbps @2.4GHz – 1024QAM Band 2: 4.8Gbps @5GHz – 1024QAMBand 1: 0.6Gbps @2.4GHz – 1024QAM Band 2: 1.2Gbps @5GHz – 1024QAM
ProcessorPowerful Processor—64bit 1.8GHz dual-core processor ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming & gamingPowerful Processor—64bit 1.5GHz dual-core processor ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming & gaming

If during this time if you want to increase the range of your wireless router, then you add a wifi range extender and create new SSID of your extender besides the existing SSID of your wifi router. So if you with your mobile device move from wifi router zone to wifi extender zone, there will be a switch of connection from the router to the extender. And vice versa, there is always a transfer interval from the router to the range extender as if your wifi access is stopped for a while.

Use the same SSID name

Netgear eax80 and eax20 will work seamlessly; you can roam with your mobile devices seamlessly when you move within your home. Eax80 and Eax20 are Netgear mesh wifi range extender you can connect to any third party wifi router, they connect universally. And, this is what users want – the extender device uses the same SSID, use the same user name and password as your existing wifi router.   

With Netgear eax20 you can add to your existing Netgear rax20 ax1800 or TP-link archer ax20 wifi 6 routers or any wifi routers and it is optimized connecting to the same wifi 6 routers. You’ll see later the main difference between Netgear eax20 and TP-link re505x range extender.     


  • Wifi 6 ax1800 dual band range extender with 4 streams wifi
  • Wifi speeds up to 1,200Mbps @5GHz band and up to 600Mbps @2.4GHz
  • Universal connection to any wifi routers and gateway with seamless roaming using existing SSID name with the same user and password as the connected router  
  • Extend your network coverage up to 1,500 sq ft and add more 20 devices connection
  • Comes with 4xGigabit Ethernet ports for wired Ethernet-based devices such as game console, streaming players, internet TV etc.
  • Powered by dual core 64-bit 1.5GHz processor

This product is tagged around $119.99 in Amazon (Mar 2021), see that the price is always fluctuating by times. Click the link below to learn more spec details and see current price and link to SHOP in Amazon (#ads).

Click here to learn more details Netgear Eax20 ax1800

Netgear Eax20 vs TP-link

Like Netgear with its Eax20 wifi-6 range extender, TP-link also introduces wifi 6 range extender – the TP-link RE505x AX1500 range extender. What is the difference between Netgear eax20 and TP-link re505x?

TP-link RE505x ax1500 wifi 6 range extender
TP-link RE505x ax1500 wifi 6 range extender

Onemesh technology

Re505x can also connect universally with any third party wireless routers or wireless gateways to increase coverage. But unlike Netgear eax20 which can use the same SSID as the existing wifi router to create a mesh system, re505x can only create a mesh network with only certain compatible routers with the same Onemesh technology such as Archer A7. When it connects to any wireless routers that don’t support Onemesh technology, the re505x cannot create mesh wifi system by using the same SSID as the connected wifi router.

TP-link re505x is designed with Onemesh technology to allow you create a mesh network using compatible wireless routers such as Archer A7, Archer C7, C6, or A6.and still more which are ready with Onemesh technology.

Another mode you can configure for RE505x is you can connect the one Gigabit Ethernet port to the network switch to work as the wireless access point. Take a look at the following spec comparison table to see the differences between Netgear eax20 and TP-link re505x range extenders.  

Table 2 Netgear vs TP-link range extender

ModelNetgear eax20TP-link re505x
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band wifi 6 ax1800 range extender with 4 streamsSimultaneous dual band wifi 6 ax1500 range extender
Wifi speedsBand 1: 0.6Gbps @2.4GHz – 1024QAM Band 2: 1.2Gbps @5GHz – 1024QAMBand 1: .300Mbps @2.4GHz Band 2: 1.2Gbps @5GHz
Create MeshYes, one SSID nameYes, only with compatible Onemesh routers / Wireless gateway
Ethernet ports4xGigbit LAN ports1x Gigabit Ethernet port

With Netgear eax20 you can connect to any third party wifi router using the same SSID name, the same user and password. With TP-link re505x you can connect to compatible Onmesh wifi routers to create mesh wifi system with single SSID name.

Click here to learn more details TP-link RE505X

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