Netgear D6200 Wireless AC ADSL Gateway

Netgear introduces new wireless AC ADSL gateway with Cloud ready; dual band router; gigabit ports and USB share


Netgear seriously introduces wireless DSL modem gateway using the 5th generation of Wifi technology which delivers the speeds of up to 850Mbps in 5GHZ band. D6200 wireless ac DSL modem gateway is claimed to be the first modem gateway in the market with wireless ac technology.

What this product does

The model is designed similar with other Netgear new wireless ac routers such as R6300 or Centria storage router, unsymmetrical rectangular box. It looks elegant on your desk, no external antennas eliminating the clutter of the rods, saves the space of your desk. This product is specifically designed for DSL subscriber, ideal for homes with couple of desktop computers and many mobile devices.

Main features

  • Based on wireless ac (802.11ac) technology with dual band support
  • Built-in ADSL modem
  • High speeds of up to 850Mbps in 5GHz and up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz
  • ReadyShare Cloud to allow you access USB attached storage remotely
  • Embedded with Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Includes separate Gigabit WAN port for Cable modem or fiber broadband connection

Built-in ADSL2 modem

What is expected by novice IT users? Simplicity, off course. D6200 is a compact device with built-in ADSL modem and wireless ac router; normally you require modem and a wireless router to build your home wifi network. With your single ADSL broadband plan, you can share the internet connection with other mobile devices instantly, no hassle of complicated configuration of separate devices to build wifi network.

For broadband Cable subscriber, Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 would be your ideal choice. This is the all-in-one device for simplicity of the wifi network in home.

High speeds of 5G technology

This is the first wireless ADSL modem gateway that is powered by wireless ac technology delivering the high speeds of up to 850Mbps in cleaner 5GHz band. While in the 2.4GHz band you can connect to the modem with the speeds of up to 300Mbps, ideal for Android tablets with single band wifi adapter. With your dual band iPad, you can utilize the blazing speeds of 5GHz band for smooth video streaming and online gaming, no lagging.

Netgear D6200 adsl gateway

Previously, Netgear also introduced DGND4000 wireless ADSL modem gateway with N750 technology. Similar product as offered by TP-link with its TD-W8980 but this one is powered by N600 technology.

Gigabit WAN port

Unlike TP-link with W8980 or W8970 with EWAN port that you can use either as LAN or WAN port, D6200 is equipped with separate WAN port for Cable broadband connection. Should you switch from DSL to Cable broadband subscription, this model is beneficial so you don’t need to purchase different wireless router but you still need separate Cable modem.

Mostly new generations of wireless DSL modem gateway come with either separate WAN port or EWAN (interchangeable Ethernet and WAN port).

Rear panel D6200

ReadyShare Cloud

What makes this product is different from other products is that it includes one USB port that you can attach the storage on it and is accessible across the network and across the internet remotely. Netgear calls it Ready share cloud technology. You can also use the port to share the printer.

Unlike D6200, TP-link TD-W8980 comes with two USB ports to allow you share both storage and printer at the same time, no need to switch from storage to printer. But Netgear supports Time machine for Mac computers for automatic backup across the network to the USB attached storage. This feature is also applied to Netgear R7000 which also supports Time machine.

 For Cable subscribers you may like NETGEAR C7500-100NAS Nighthawk X4 (24×8) AC3200 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

The new model of Netgear DSL modem gateway is Netgear D7000 AC1900 ADSL modem gateway. See comparison between Netgear D7000 and Archer D9 ADSL modem router.

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