Netgear CM600 DOCSIS 3 Cable Modem

Netgear released new DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modem – Netgear CM600 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem provides internet speeds up to 960Mbps with 24/8 Channel bonding.


When Netgear had not produce various models of cable modem but a couple of models, the cable modem market was controlled by major player from Motorola (which is now under Arris umbrella) with its Surfboard series products. Take one as an example Surfboard SB6120 that dominated the market and so did Surfboard SB6140 series, almost no one could grap the domination of Surfboard series. But now, Netgear with its various models of cable modem gradually shares the market of cable modems.

A couple of months or so when Netgear released CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem to compete with Arris Surfboard SB6183, a new faster model is introduced – the Netgear CM600.  See also comparison between CM500 and Surfboard SB6183 which feature 16/8 channel bonding.

What this CM600 does

Netgear CM600 is a high speed DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem delivering downstream speeds of up to 960Mbps (24x channel bonding) and upstream speeds of up to 300Mbps (8x channel bonding). This is a much faster model than the previous version CM500 which delivers speeds of up to 680Mbps (16x channel bonding).


  • CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem
  • Delivering downstream speeds of up to 960Mbps
  • 24/8 channel bonding
  • Fast self-activation for XFINITY customers
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
Netgear CM600 docsis 3 cable modem
Netgear CM600 docsis 3 cable modem

Speeds up to 960Mbps is marvelous. Is there any existing cable provider able to deliver speeds of up to 960Mbps to the customer’s premises? I guess no, but the technology evolves so quickly and there is nothing wrong if you have a product that has been prepared with the development of technology in the future.

Do you still remember that many years ago your laptop still used dial-up connection at the speed of only 56kbps through telephone lines. And now almost everyone has forgotten that dial-up connection because existing technology including 3G/4G and broadband internet connections delivering speeds of up to 500Mbps and even faster. So that’s why many vendors offer cable modems with faster speeds than ever before.


Netgear CM600 is one of DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems available in the market today, many models from various vendors come with various channel bonding features. Here are some models that can be compared with CM600 cable modem regarding the number of channel bonding features.

Table 1 CM600 Comparison

  #channel bonding Downstream #channel bonding Upstream
Netgear CM600248
Netgear CM500164
Arris Surfboard SB6190328
Arris Surfboard SB6183164
Arris Surfboard SB614184
Arris Surfboard SB612144
TP-link TC-761084
Cisco DPC301084
Zoom 534184

All the above products come with a single Gigabit Ethernet port, and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem certified. Ideal for connecting to the high speed wireless routers that mostly come with Gigabit WAN Ethernet port for optimum data rate throughput between router to the modem.

Based on the above table, you can see that the new product introduced by Arris – Surfboard SB6190 has the more number of channel bonding (up to 32) that can deliver speeds of up to 1.4Gbps downstream. What a fast cable modem it is.

Netgear Vs Arris Surfboard

Netgear CM600 has the same cable modem technology (with 24 channel bonding) as its Netgear cable modem router combo – the Nighthawk C7000 that integrates with wireless AC1900 wireless router. The previous version CM500 has the same channel bonding configuration with Surfboard SB6183.    Netgear is very popular with its cable modem gateway such as C3700 compared with Surfboard SBG6580, or you can also compare Netgear C6300 with Surfboard SBG6782.

TP-link cable modem

For many years TP-link specialized itself in DSL modem and DSL gateway, but today TP-link comes to the cable modem market with its debut is TP-link TC-7610 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, and its debut in wireless cable modem combo is TP-link CR700 wireless AC1900 cable modem.

Click here for CM600 spec and current price


Netgear CM600 is ideal solution for cable broadband subscribers particularly for XFINITY Blast / Extreme Internet plans that have high speed wireless routers in place for optimum throughput.

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The newer model offered by Netgear is Netgear CM700 cable modem with speeds of up to 1,4Gbps downstream.

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