Netgear Centria WNDR4700 Media Storage Router

Like Apple Time Capsule, Netgear offers similar product – a wireless router with storage included into the storage bay.


One of the advantages of computer networking is centralized storage accessible by users across the network. By having the centralized storage you can manage the backup restore easily, all the computers on the network manage their files stored on the shared storage. In a business computer network, if access control list (ACL) is applied, users can access the information based on the “need to know principle”. Users are provided access to the information just to carry out their job, no more – no less.

In home network or small offices, the need of a wireless router with the storage is sometimes very essential when the requirement of centralized storage with proper backup restore strategy exists. Therefore Netgear introduces a wireless router with internal storage – the Wndr4700 media storage router.


What this product does

Netgear Centria 4700 is a media storage router, a wireless router with internal disk storage. The idea is similar to old fashion model of D-link 685 that comes with digital photo frame. However, this product is designed for data or media storage with media server support. The model looks slightly thicker because it includes storage bay that can be opened to one side.

Highlight features

  • Based on wireless N900 technology
  • Powered by 1GHz processor
  • Ready-share Vault for automatic backup strategy
  • Compatible with Time machine for Mac
  • Comes with internal storage SATA hard disk up to 2TB
  • Featuring Ready-share cloud
  • Supports DLNA media server
  • External 2x USB 3.0 port (for additional storage or printer) and gigabit Ethernet ports

Wifi technology

For medium to large home, wireless N900 router is powerful enough to cover the whole home. With total bandwidth up to 900Mbps both bands, streaming video and online gaming would be smooth, no lagging no jitter. Assure your modem and broadband internet plan is fast enough for maximum WAN throughput. For cable service, DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem would help optimize the performance, for example Surfboard SB6141 by Arris which can deliver the downstream up to 300Mbps.

Netgear centria 4700


Like other high performance routers, Netgear 4700 comes with gigabit Ethernet ports you can use for wired connection to desktop computers or any other high speed Ethernet-based media devices. Gigabit WAN port helps you optimize data throughput between router and Gigabit Ethernet modem such as SB641.

Two USB 3.0 ports are available for high speed storage I/O. Compared with Apple Time capsule (a full feature version of Airport Extreme router), Netgear is better with fast USB 3.0 port.

Storage is always contributing the I/O bottleneck. It is therefore with USB 3.0 port and USB 3.0 based disk storage would optimize the storage I/O. this helps the backup restore processes run much faster than ever before. Netgear 4700 Centria comes with ReadyShare Vault and Time machine support.

Automatic Backup

With ReadyShare Vault apps you can performs automatic backup for all of your Windows based computers. What about Mac? New generations of Netgear routers with USB ports come with Time machine compatible that helps Mac users to perform backup restore automatically. Time machine support is reasonable since Mac loyal users would not easily choose devices that do not support to work with Mac seamlessly. With Time machine and ReadyShare vault support, all PCs and Mac can take benefit of automatic backup through the router.

Storage Bay

With storage bay, the router can include the SATA disk up to 2TB space – spacious enough for home or small office storage needs; you can eliminate the clutter devices on your desk.

netgear 4700 back panel

I used to work in a large mining company in remote site as a network engineer and system administrator. The network environment consist of several servers including file server, database server, exchange and more and total data file for full monthly backup not more than 800GB. For home usage probably this is different case, in home you have bunch of multimedia files to store including movie and video, music files, images and more that frequently grows fast by time.

With Netgear 4700 you can store all of your data files including multimedia files stored in one location. And the good thing is that it is accessible across the network as well as across the net even via your Android or iOS devices.

Netgear WNDR 4700 Centria is a single solution for your home wifi network, backup strategy and media server with DLNA compliant.

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