Netgear C3000 Vs Motorola SBG6580 Wireless Cable Modem

Before Netgear came with various models of wireless cable modem router, what people suggest are Motorola products including the old style SBG900 DOCSIS 2.0 or the later one SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 and the fastest one is based on wireless AC and is off course both are DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems. Now you can choose similar products introduced by Netgear including C3000; C3700 and the wireless –C based modem router i.e. Netgear C6300.

Netgear wireless cable modems

By introducing various models of wireless cable modem by Netgear, Motorola (from now on Motorola modem products are under the Arris umbrella) is not the first vendor people will suggest when talking about cable modem products like it was before. Netgear offers you various models including C3000 wireless N30; N450 and C3700 wireless N600. They are all wireless routers with built-in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem for you that subscribe Cable services.

Wireless cable modem is desirable for newbie since it is an all-in-one device, easier to setup in small wifi environment with Cable services instead of setting up separate Cable modem plus a wireless router. Setting up separate modem and wireless router is more complicated, first thing you need to make sure that the modem is working already before you can setup the wireless router properly. However, you have the advantage in case of you need to upgrade your existing router to a more powerful one. With all-in-one device you cannot upgrade the wireless router part but purchase separate modem plus router.

Unlike Motorola with SBG6580 wireless cable modem, Netgear offers you various models of wireless cable modem you can consider for building your small wifi network in home. For small homes, you may consider C3000, N450 or C3700 wireless cable modem depends on your needs. Please refer to the following comparison table between the three cable modems.

Netgear C3000 N300 cable modem

Fig.1 Netgear C3000 Wireless N300 Cable modem

Choosing single or dual band simultaneous depending on whether you have bunch of wifi devices that operate on mixture of operating bands either at 5GHz band or 2.4GHz. There are various models of Android mobile devices come with dual band such as Kindle Fire or new iPad tablets.  With these wifi devices, you should select Netgear C3700 to provide simultaneous dual band environment for best streaming performance. See also best wireless router for Kindle devices.

Netgear N450 cable modem

Fig. 2 Netgear Wireless N450 Cable Modem

Have a look at the following table to help you understand comparison for those Netgear wireless cable modem routers.

Comparison table C3000 Vs N450 Vs C3700 wireless DOCSIS 3.0 cable

WifiWireless N300 single band 2.4GHzWireless N450 single band 2.4GHzWireless N600 simultaneous dual band
Wifi speedsUp to 300Mbps single band 2.4GHzUp to 450Mbps single band 2.4GHzUp to 300Mbps each band (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
Ethernet portsTwo (2) 10/100/1000 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technologyFour (4) 10/100/1000 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technologyTwo (2) 10/100/1000 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology
USB Ports1x USB 2.02x USB 2.01x USB 2.0
PriceAround $89.00Around $89.95Around $109

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The three products represent different needs in terms of wired connection, single or dual band wifi environment and the need for USB ports.

C3000 Vs SBG6580

I have discussed comparison between C3700 and SBG6580 on the previous article, now let’s have a look at the following comparison table between SBG6580 and C3000 wireless cable modems to let you decide which one meets your business needs.

Comparison table

 Netgear C3000SBG6580
Wifi technologyWireless N300 single band 2.4GHzWireless N300 Selectable dual band either 2.4GHz or 5GHz
Wifi speedsUp to 300MbpsUp to 300Mbps each band
Modem speeds8 channel downstream up to 340 Mbps and up to 4 channel upstream up to 130Mbps8 channel downstream up to 340 Mbps and up to 4 channel upstream up to 130Mbps
Ethernet ports2x Gigabit4x Gigabit
USB port1x USB 2.0 for USB storage share with DLNA compliantN/A
Price$ 95$ 125.99

The main differences between the two products are dual band support, number of Ethernet ports and the availability of USB port.

Dual or single band

Do not be fooled by the presence of dual band supports on the SBG6580. It is dual band, however both bands do not work concurrently. You need to select which band your wifi clients operate at, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz band.  The modem work in single band in a time, it cannot operate in both bands simultaneously.  This is the drawback of selectable dual band device; you must select which band your modem will operate at.

To support simultaneous dual band environment, you should select Netgear C3700. If your wifi environment consists of smart-phones with Android that operates in 2.4GHz band, Netgear C3000 is sufficient. For more wired connection to desktop computers you should choose Netgear N450 cable modem.

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