Netgear 3800 Premium Edition Vs WNDRMAC

What’s new with WNDRMAC N600 router? What are the differences between this router with the Netgear 3800 premium edition?


Netgear showcased the new WNDR3800 premium edition last Jan 2011, but it takes long months before it is shipped into the market. Before WNDR3800 was shipped into the market, Netgear introduces new WNDRMAC wireless Extreme for Mac and PC. WNDRMAC is designed with N600 wireless technology like other Netgear N600 high performance routers such as WNDR3700 N600 and WNDR3400 N600 routers.

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USB Port

The WNDRMAC includes one USB port and like WNDR3800 N600 router, you can easily add a USB printer to the router and configure your Mac and Windows computers by using the Bonjour printing application integrated in Mac system and for Windows users they can download the Bonjour printing applications here. Bonjour is a zero configuration networking to automatically discover the computers, devices and services on IP networks using industry standard IP protocols.

Other Netgear wireless routers do not support USB port for printing except these Netgear 3800 premium edition and the new WNDRMAC N600 routers. You can compare the routers with Asus RT-N56U N600 router which includes twin USB ports with the capability of sharing the storage and printer attached to each of the ports. But Asus RT-N56U doesn’t support Time Machine for Mac and PC.

Gigabit Ports

Mostly Netgear routers (excluding WNDR3400) that fall into the high performance routers category include Gigabit ports for both their LAN and WAN interfaces. Many people do not take account of gigabit ports because they do not have their computers support gigabit NIC adapters or because they mainly concern about the wireless connections for their mobile devices. What about Gigabit WAN port? This can be useful if your modem supports the gigabit interface such as SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem which includes one Gigabit Ethernet port. Remember, high speed modem and router will not improve the internet connectivity if your bandwidth plan is still the same. Upgrade your bandwidth from your ISP for much better internet connectivity experiences such as for HD streaming and online gaming.

Netgear wndrmac

Guest Network

Providing the internet access only to your guests without granting access to your local network could be difficult in old generation routers. Mostly new generations of Netgear routers support guest network access – a security boundary for your guests with different network name (SSID) and different password. This will guarantee that they will not having access to your local network.

All other standard features a wireless router should support including the dual firewall (NAT and SPI), DHCP server (for automatic IP address configurations for clients on the network) and other standard security such as WPA/WPA2, this WNDRMAC support them all. The main difference with WNDR3800 is the true Mac support (including Time machine) as well as Windows. WNDR3800 actually supports Time machine to let you create a well-managed backup system for all the computers on the network. Time machines will take care of the backup system automatically and backup only those files that change after a one time full-backup has been performed. Apple with Time Capsule (5G) supports this system on the full-features of Apple Airport Extreme base station.

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Comparison with Others

The table 1 describes spec comparisons for WNDRMAC Vs WNDR4000 Vs Linksys E4200 to give you a better understanding about the products.

 WNDRMACWNDR4000Linksys E4200
Wireless technologyN600N750N750 with External Off-Chip High Power amplifier
Ethernet portsGigabitGigabitGigabit
USB port1xUSB 2.0 port for shared storage or printer – DLNA media server compliant1xUSB 2.0 port for share storage – DLNA media server compliant1xUSB 2.0 port for share storage – DLNA media server compliant
PerformanceMemory: 16MB flash and 128MB RAMMemory: 8MB flash and 64MB RAMMemory: 16MB flash and 64MB RAM
OthersTrue Mac and PC supports; Bonjour printing; Time-machine;


Easy CD-less installation for iPads®, iPhones®, MACs®, PCs ;

Dedicated Video Streaming Mode;

Broadband usage meter; Live parental control

Live Parental Controls – Free!


Broadband usage meter

Cisco connect software for easy network management and configuration

This product is absolute today, you may consider new wifi6 technology such as Netgear RAX80 Nighthawk wifi6 AX8 Wi-Fi Router – the next generation of wifi technology.

Click here to learn more details Netgear AX8 wifi6 AX6000 router

Networking Diagram

WNDRMAC diagram

Mostly all the wireless routers installed in home has similar wireless networking diagram as shown in the following figure. A shared storage can be installed to support the time machine – automatic backup. Or you can share a USB printer to allow both Mac and Windows users send the print jobs easily with bonjour printing.

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