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There are view cheap wireless routers but with high rating customer reviews in Amazon you can consider to purchase for standard home network such as for Android mobile devices and other smart phone i.e. TP-link 841N and Archer C5.

Why cheap wireless router?

When folks do not use the wifi network intensively such as streaming high definition video, smooth high performance online gaming, voice application and other applications with high bandwidth demand, a standard wireless router is enough to support home standard networking tasks. What comes to folks mind is cheap wireless router. That makes sense, why spending two hundred bucks (such as Apple Airport Extreme or R7000 Netgear) for high performance wireless router just to share internet with couples of Android mobile devices and couples of laptop and one desktop? No game consoles, no Smart-TV, no Blu-Ray player and no other voice applications to run. Standard and cheap wireless router is fair enough for the tasks.

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Note: Instead of stuck in the wireless N routers which will soon becomes legacy standard since the future wireless AD technology will be applied to wireless routers, why don’t you taste the recent wireless AC standard-based router, the affordable high speed AC1900 router offered by Tenda Chinese product, click here – Tenda AC15 wireless AC1900 router

High rated routers

Currently I use a two-year old wireless modem gateway (TP-link W8961N) to support one server (with Windows 2012 Essential installed) with two NIC adapters connect directly with wired connection to the modem (occupy two ports), an old Toshiba laptop with built-in wireless N150 adapter, two brand new laptops with built-in wireless N wifi adapters, and couples of Android mobile devices. Performance is Ok for internet browsing, social networks, downloading and more simple networking tasks and occasionally movies download.

Should you deploy a wireless router to support applications with high bandwidth demand a standard wireless router will not be sufficient for delivering satisfactory performance. What you require is high end wireless router with application prioritization such as Asus RT-AC68U, Linksys EA6900 or Netgear R7000 wireless ac1900 routers.

Assuming that the wifi network you require is to cover small home or small apartment and to support couples of laptop and Android mobile devices or smart-phones, a standard wireless router with less than fifty bucks is sufficient. Currently there are couples of high rated wireless routers with less than $50 you can purchase from Amazon; they are TP-link WR841N and Medialink N300.

TP-Link TL-WR841N

Original models of TP-link wireless routers were designed with old-fashion model, flat box and white with green strips on its sides. The new products are designed with stylist and elegant model. Have a look at the following 841N model; it looks nicer and more elegant than its first release model which was flat box. The curve lines grid for airflow decorate the surface of the router to look nice and elegant.

TP-Link WR841N

Main features

  • Based on wireless N standard, speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Equipped with 2x external MIMO antenna technology
  • Comes with CCA (Clear Channel Assessment )
  • 4-port Fast Ethernet switch
  • QoS for VoIP calls
  • Easy to setup
  • Two-year warranty

With the same bandwidth this router can deliver as W8961N, you can expect it to perform well for sharing with several wifi clients including laptops, Android mobile devices, iPad and other smart-phones for your small home or apartment.

For placement in crowded area with high dens networks, CCA technology that comes with the router helps avoiding channel conflict automatically. In addition with two external 2×2 MIMO antennas, WR841N can perform solid connection with large enough coverage. Do not expect it to perform like those routers with beamforming technology which is mostly applied to recent high end routers that broadcast in all direction but locks and focus on each individual wifi clients for much better connection, let your clients roam within the house solidly. High end routers such as Asus AC68U, Netgear R7000, and Belkin come with this beamforming technology.


But this router can do beyond your expectation. You can simultaneously stream video, chat online, transfer files, play games, and more. Moreover, with the addition of IP QoS function you can utilize the bandwidth control. With bandwidth control rule list you can add individual nodes to have bandwidth control over the download and upload bandwidth to limit. This is very useful; any other users with less critical task cannot hog the bandwidth for downloading their favorite HD movies.

The drawbacks:

  • Doesn’t support Gigabit Ethernet ports if gigabit wired speed is your requirement for high speed connection
  • Doesn’t include USB port, if the requirement of sharing the storage or printer exist this is not your router.
  • Doesn’t support dual band simultaneous, should you require clearer band for smooth HD video streaming and gaming.

The good thing with this WR841N is that you just need to spend less than $20 for this high rated wireless router. It is cheap enough for a product with high rating customer reviews; it’s 4.0 out of 5 star average customers rating.

TP-link Archer C5

Should you require to taste the latest generation of wifi technology (802.11ac standard) you should try this TP-link Archer C5, you will get high performance router more than you should pay. A cheap wireless router in wireless AC technology with high rated customer rating.

Compared with TP-link WR841 which is still based on legacy wireless N300 technology, Archer C5 is based on the latest wifi technology (5G wifi). It doesn’t matter that your existing clients are still based on wireless -N standard, when you purchased new generations of Smartphone today – most of them come with wireless AC compliant adapter that you can take advantage of your router.

TP-link Archer C5

TP-link Archer C5 is a simultaneous dual band wireless AC1200 router delivering combined speeds of up to 1200Mbps both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. What else you can take advantages of this router compared with legacy wireless N router? See also  Archer C5 Vs Linksys WRT AC1200

Main features

  • Based on latest wifi technology (wireless AC)
  • Simultaneous dual band with speeds of u to 867Mbps in 5GHz band and up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz band
  • Comes with dual USB 2.0 ports for sharing storage and printer together
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports both LAN (4x) and WAN (1x) ports
  • 2x detachable external dual band antennas

This TP-link Archer C5 router is vary valuable compared with other competing routers in its class including Linksys WRT AC1200 which the price is twice as much as you have to pay for Archer C5.
Regarding the wireless AC router, some features are absent including the following as the cons:

  • Doesn’t support beamforming technology
  • Doesn’t come with USB 3.0 for high speed storage

To upgrade your existing legacy routers, Archer C5 is valuable for your first AC router that perform more than you expected. Seen also most value wireless AC750 routers


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