Meshforce M3 vs Deco vs Google Mesh Wifi System

When you find in your three-story house that your wireless router cannot penetrate to the third floor unless you have to add a wireless range extender or wireless access point, now is the time for you to switch to using Meshforce M3, an affordable mesh wifi system you may try. It is supposed to compete with other mesh system in the market including TP-link Deco, Google mesh or Linksys (See also spec comparison meshforce m3 vs linksys velop mesh system).

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What this product does

Meshforce M3 is the newer generation of most popular affordable 3-pack mesh wifi system in the market with excellent high rated customer satisfaction in Amazon. This kit comes either in Meshforce M3 plus two wall-plug satelites (M3 Dot), or you may purchase the bundle of Meshforce M3s (three units of M3), suitable for all size of homes from basement to attic.

Meshforce m1 vs m3

What is the difference between Meshforce m1 vs m3? Of course there are performance improvements, one of which is improving Ethernet ports (LAN / WAN) from 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps (Gigabit) ports providing 10 times faster throughput.

Especially the WAN port connection to high-speed cable modem with Gigabit port such as the Surfboard SB6200 DOCSIS 3.1 or Netgear CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. Meshforce m1 only uses 100Mbps WAN ports which do not allow you to connect to a modem with a Gigabit port to the full.

It comes with two wall-plug M3 Dot to cover your whole home with solid wifi signal from basement to attic, and even you can cover your three-story home up to 4,000 sq ft. Or you may select the Meshforce M3s for faster speed and larger coverage.

Meshforce M3 AC1200 Whole Home System
Meshforce M3 AC1200 Whole Home System

Meshforce M3 is launched following its success with its 1st Generation of Meshforce M1 dual band mesh system which competes tightly with other popular two band mesh wifi system in the market such as TP-link Deco, Google with its Google mesh or Linksys AC1200 mesh wifi system.

Easy to setup

If you don’t want to change your existing network name and password for all of your connected devices to your previous wifi network, with your new Meshforce M3 is possible with its easy straightforward setup, no QR Code scan, no cable needed and everything connected right away. You can keep everything simple all devices reconnect automatically. And when more coverage is required you can just add more M3 Dot or choose the Meshforce M3s replacing the M3 Dots.

Wide coverage

Meshforce M3 is designed with modular for easy scale up when you require to advance coverage by simply add more M3 Dot in dead zone area. Three pack system blanket your home with solid signal up to 4,000 sq ft and you can expand larger area to cover by adding more M3 Dots up to 6 Dots maximum. Ideal for home or small offices. Meshforce m3 written in spec datasheet provides different coverage up to 4,000 sq ft, when comparing Meshforce m1 vs m3 where Meshforce m1 (3-set) provides coverage of around 4,500 sq ft. However, m3s provides better connection performance.

However when you require large area to cover when 6 Dots is not enough you better deploy business class wireless POE access point such as Open Mesh A62 Universal three band access point, a business class wireless AC three band access point. Or you may consider affordable business class AP such as TP-link EAP225-v3 or EnGenius or Ubiquiti  wireless ac access point products.   


  • AC1200-based dual band mesh whole home system
  • Smart home hub connect up to 60 devices  
  • Connect flawlessly up to 4,000 sq ft of your home area
  • Add more M3 Dots wall-plug (up to 6 Dots) to expand more coverage
  • Comes with My Mesh app for easy setup, parental control, network management either locally or remotely
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports, one shared WAN/LAN port and one is LAN port

This product is tagged with affordable price compared with other products from big vendors like Linksys or Netgear. Click the link below to learn more spec details and link to shop in Amazon.

Click here for Meshforce M3 whole home system

Meshforce m3 vs TP-link Deco

Like Meshforce with its new generation of M3 with wall-plug model, TP-link also introduces couple of mesh system – the TP-link Deco M9 whole home system three band model and TP-link Deco M4 mesh wifi system with dual band model.

TP-link Deco M4 Mesh system
TP-link Deco M4 Mesh system

Now, let’s compare Meshforce M3 with TP-link Deco M4 which are tagged with nearly the same price around $180~$199 in some online retail shops such as Amazon.

See  that both Meshforce M3 and Deco M4 are designed with the same AC1200 wifi dual band AC technology. However, technically the wifi coverage is little bit different. TP-link Deco M4 technically provides larger coverage area (5,500 sq ft) and nearly the same as Google mesh (4,500 sq ft).

The other difference is the operation mode, Deco M4 can be configured as wireless Access Point mode by connecting the Ethernet port to the router’s LAN port.

 Table 1 Meshforce vs TP-link Deco

Model Meshforce M3 (3 set) TP-link Deco M4 (3 set)
Wifi technology AC1200 AC1200
Wifi speeds 867Mbps @5GHz + 300Mbp @2.4GHz 867Mbps @5GHz + 300Mbp @2.4GHz
Coverage 4,000 sq ft 5,500 sq ft
Ethernet Port 2x Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN ports 2x Gigabit LAN/WAN ports
Modes Mesh wifi Mesh / AP modes
Alexa supports N/A Alexa voice control supports
Price $199.00 $175.00

Meshforce M3 is tagged around $25 more expensive than TP-link Deco M4, Deco technically offers larger coverage and is also Alexa supports.

Click here to learn more details TP-link Deco M4

Meshforce M3 vs Google

The appearance of Google mesh wifi system is phenomenal considering that Google only released one mesh model, namely Google mesh set of three, Compared with Netgear with its lines of Orbi series, or  Linksys with its mesh series, and also TP-link with its lines of Deco series.

What is the main difference between Meshforce M3 and Google mesh system? Technically there is not much difference, except the coverage and Alexa supports for Google. And one more thing is the wave 2 wifi5 applied on Google mesh.

Take a look at the following spec comparison table.

Table 2. Meshforce 3 vs Google

Model Meshforce M3 (3 set) Google Meh (3 set)
Wifi technology AC1200 AC1200 2×2 wave 2
Wifi speeds 867Mbps @5GHz + 300Mbp @2.4GHz 867Mbps @5GHz + 400Mbp @2.4GHz
Coverage 4,000 sq ft 4,500 sq ft
Ethernet Port 2x Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN ports 2x Gigabit LAN/WAN ports
Modes Mesh wifi Mesh wifi router
Alexa supports N/A Alexa voice control supports
Price $199.00 $259.00

Click here for Google mesh wifi system

We see that with the improved performance of Meshforce from the previous version, Meshforce m1 vs m3 by replacing the 10/100M Ethernet Ports (LAN / WAN) to the Gigabit connection (100/1000Mbps) provides wired connection speeds 10 times faster. Connection performance is better and faster and it’s easy to add M3 Dot as a satellite with a wall-plug design should you require to eliminate dead zones, or simply choose the M3s kit (3pcs M3s).

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