Meshforce M3 vs Orbi RBK20 Mesh Wifi System

Meshforce mesh wifi system is indeed phenomenal since its inception with the good performance of first generation Meshforce m1. In this Meshforce M3 product it fixes, or at least provides easy scale up by adding Meshforce wall-plug Dot at every point that requires strong wifi coverage. The Gigabit port is added replacing standard 100Mbps WAN/LAN port.

I did not discuss details about this product because it was discussed in the previous article, click here for a comparison of Meshforce m3 v Deco vs. Google. This time we will try to compare this product with the product from the latest Orbi series, the Orbi RBK20. See also comparison Orbi rbk33 with TP-link Deco M4.

Meshforce vs Orbi RBK20

Few things you need to know how Meshforce m3 got a very good rating on Amazon and you know that so far none of the customer testimonials have given a 1-star rating, this is amazing for a new product that has such a good performance.

Meshforce M3 Dual band AC1200 Whole Home SYstem

Compare with other products from well-known vendors who often release less successful products that didn’t provide good performance until they release firmware update, Meshforce at the beginning of its appearance shortly hit the market at affordable price without sacrificing product quality.

Take a look at table 1 below to make it easier to compare the two product specifications in the form of a comparison table between Meshforce M3 and Orbi RBK20.

Wifi technology

The first difference in terms of wifi technology, M3 is designed using AC1200 simultaneous two-band wifi technology, while Orbi is designed using simultaneous three bands. Note that Orbi uses a dedicated 5GHz band for backhaul links, so the other two bands are used specifically for client connections.

Meshforce is not, links between nodes still use shared bandwidth like traditional mesh router systems. So technically Orbi is superior in terms of bandwidth management because it separates band specifically for backbone and clients.

Orbi RBK20 Tri-band mesh wifi AC2200 System
Orbi RBK20 Tri-band mesh wifi AC2200 System

There is something even more unique, backhaul link that is applied to TP-link Deco M9 where backhaul links bandwidth can change dynamically besides there is a dedicated band for backhaul plus other additional bandwidth that is dynamically changed from the two bands used by user connections depends how heavy the network traffic is.

Notice in the ‘other features’ row, see that Orbi has more features than Meshforce. If the conditions of your client features are mostly clients that are not equipped with these additional features (MU-MIMO, beamforming), the performance of the connection to the client will not increase significantly. Your client connection to Orbi will not optimum if the clients are not full features as Orbi.  

 Table 1 Meshforce vs Orbi

Model Meshforce M3 (3-set) Orbi RBK20 (2-set)
Wifi technology Simultaneous Dual band AC1200 Simultaneous Tri-band AC2200 with FastLane 3th technology
Wifi speeds Radio band1: 867Mbps @5GHz (802.11an/c)   Radio band 2: 300Mbp @2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n/a) Radio band1: 867Mbps @5GHz (802.11an/c) Radio band2: 867Mbps @5GHz (802.11an/c)  Radio band 3: 300Mbp @2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n/a) as backhaul link
Antenna Internal antenna – unspecified detail Antenna – Four (4) high performance internal antennas each
Wide coverage Up to 4,000 sq ft Up to 3,500 sq ft
Backhaul Shared 2×2 (5GHz) dedicated backhaul
Ethernet Ports 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (router) no Ethernet port on satellite 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (router) no Ethernet port on satellite
Alexa Support N/A Yes
Processor Unspecified Powerful Quad-Core 710MHz processor Memory – Router – 256MB Flash and 512MB RAM
Other features Parental control Guest network Connect up to 6 wifi points MU-MIMO Implicit & Explicit Beamforming for 2.4GHz &5GHz bands Circle® with Disney Smart Parental Controls
Price (Amazon Jul 2019) $199.00 $179.99

Both products give you easy scale up should you need to add more Orbi satellite or M3 Dot, just add to where you need to eliminate dead spots. See also brief discussion about Meshforce M3 vs Linksys Velop whole home system.

Click the product links below to learn more details about the product and link to shop in Amazon.

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