Meraki MR32 Wireless AC Access Point

Cisco introduces various models of enterprise class, Meraki series cloud-managed wireless AC access point including Meraki MR32 with aggregated data rate of up to 1,2Gbps. For high density and mission critical environment you may consider the ultimate models of MR52 or MR53 with total bandwidth of up to 2,5Gbps. For general purpose environment, MR32 is suitable to meet your need.

What this product does

Meraki MR32 is designed with a robust feature set, a sleek model with low profile enclosure with desktop and wall mount and is equipped with Kensington lock for physical security and anti-tamper cable bay.

Like other few models of business class access points, they also come with Kensington lock such as Aruba IAP-205 instant model AP, TP-link EAP330 and Linksys LAPAC series and still more for physical security reason because they are typically installed in public area. For small busine you may also like Orbi Pro for business – a mesh wifi system, Click this Orbi Pro vs Linksys velop link to learn.


Meraki MR32 delivers data rate of up to 1,200Mbps dual band with speed up to 867Mbps @5Ghz band with 2×2 MIMO two spatial stream technology and speed up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz with the same two spatial stream technology.

In higher speed APs, they are designed with more streams either three or four streams. With three streams 3×3 MIMO technology, the speed can reach up to 1,750Mbps such as Netgear WAC730. With four data streams you can find Aruba IAP-325 delivering speeds up to 2,600Mbps.

In addition of dual band for clients, Meraki MR32 comes with the 3rd dedicated dual band radio to 24×7 WIDS/WIPS (wireless intrusion detection system / wireless intrusion prevention system) and scan the environment continuously for security and RF analytics. This is what Meraki different than other competing products. Aruba has nearly similar feature with its spectrum analyzer to remotely scan the bands for RF interference identification.


Some models of Meraki come with an integrated Bluetooth low energy (BLE) including Meraki MR32 to provide seamless deployment of BLE Beacon functionality and visibility of BLE devices within the range of AP.  Aruba, TP-link EAP series, Linksys LAPAC series, Ubiquiti Unify series and some other business class wireless ac access point don’t come with BLE.

meraki mr32 ac1200 AP
Meraki MR32 cloud managed wireless ac AP

Meraki cloud management

The best thing with Meraki is that they are managed through the Meraki Cloud, no worries of no on-site IT staff. You can deploy the APs on a remote site without IT staffs and they are self-configuring and they are managed through the cloud. This is ideal solution for mining industries and other enterprise with multiple business units spread all over the world in remote sites. The good thing regarding the security is that Meraki is integrated with Active Directory, ideal for enterprises that implement Windows server with Active Directory environment.

With the cloud-based management, your APs are monitored 24/7 continuously with real time alerts in case of problems. All devices all over sites can be managed via the cloud via remote diagnostic tools for real-time troubleshooting over the web. Firmware, software update, and other security patches are updated seamlessly and automatically via the cloud, no manual action is needed.

Layer 7 traffic shaping

Unlike traditional wireless access points which mostly works up to layer 3 data traffic, Meraki is designed to work in layer 7 traffic as well to classify applications automatically, to create per-application bandwidth limits and productivity apps prioritization, and to allow you block unproductive or recreational traffic. Enterprise class network loves this feature to enforce the company policy easily.

Meraki MR32 is ideal for enterprise deployment especially for those who have multiple remote sites with lack of IT staffs. In a nutshell, Cisco Meraki M32 have the following highlights:

Meraki MR32 Highlights

  • Aggregate data rate of up to 1.2Gbps
  • Dual band @5Ghz 2×2:2 802.11ac radio and @2.4Ghz 2×2:2 802.11n radio
  • Band steering moving 5Ghz capable clients to connect to 5Ghz band
  • Dedicated 3rd radio scan environment continuously for security and RF analytics
  • Bluetooth low energy Beacon (BLE) seamless deployment of BLE beacon functionality and visibility of BLE devices within range of AP
  • Automatic cloud-based RF optimization to automatically tune the wireless LAN
  • Secure wireless environment with Air Marshal built-in wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) / Wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS)
  • Integrated enterprise security and guest access for secure connectivity of employee and guests alike including AES hardware-based encryption, WPA2 enterprise and Active Directory integration
  • Application-aware traffic shaping: Integrated layer 7 packet inspection, classification and control engine to enable you set QoS policies based on traffic type.
  • High performance mesh technologies, multi-channel routing protocols and multiple gateway to improve network resilience
  • Self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-healing

That’s not enough to understand more detail about the product, click the following for more details about manufacturer’s description, current price and rating in Amazon.

Click here to learn more Meraki MR32

Alternative product

The prices of Meraki wireless ac access point products are much higher than other business class wireless APs including Ubiquiti, Linksys and TP-link.

Aruba IAP-205

For businesses with lower budget, you may consider Aruba IAP series which configuration is instant, for example with the same data rate throughput take Aruba IAP-205. Aruba 205 delivers the same data rate throughput up to 1,200Mbps dual band.

aruba iap-205
Aruba IAP-205

Up to 16 APs

With small to medium business that deploy Aruba, you can deploy up to 16 APs that can be controlled by a single Aruba AP that becomes a primary virtual controller. This virtual controller can be fall over the other AP when it fails, so virtual controller still exists anytime to manage the network.

RF management

If you compare Aruba with Meraki that comes with the 3rd radio for automatic cloud-based RF optimization, you can find that Aruba features RF management – the Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) which is nearly similar with what Meraki offers with the 3rd radio.


Aruba comes with built-in WIP (wireless intrusion protection) for thread protection and mitigation including capability to identify, classify, and block malicious files, URL and IPs, and any other online threads.

This feature is almost similar with Meraki with its Air Marshall features. To learn more about this product:

Click here for Aruba IAP-205, current price and rating.

Aruba and Meraki wireless ac access point products are ideal solution for corporate or enterprise, full features of enterprise class AP and yet easy to configure like wireless home AP such as TP-link AP500 wireless AC1900 AP.


Meraki MR32 is an enterprise class wireless AC1200 access point with self-configuring features and built-in WIDS/WIPS for thread management system. it comes with automatic cloud-based RF optimization and secure environments with its 24/7 Air Marshall system. See also top wifi ac access point for businesses.

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