Linksys X3000 Wireless ADSL2 Router

Linksys introduces new X3000 Wireless N ADSL2 router with media server and gigabit Ethernet ports.

What this product does

X3000 is a wireless N300 router with built-in ADSL2 modem, another X series after the first X2000 series, probably it is not available in North America but in some regions of Asia Pacific.

If you compare this X3000 with X2000 series, there are couples of feature differences. Firstly, Linksys upgrades the fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps) ports in X2000 to the Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbps) Ethernet ports in X3000. Actually X3000 adds one more Gigabit port in its LAN interfaces (4x) while the X2000 includes only three LAN ports (fast Ethernet).


  • Wireless N300 router with built-in ADSL2 modem
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports including 4x LAN and 1x WAN port for Cable modem
  • USB port with built-in UPnP and media server

Includes Gigabit WAN port

The X2000 series with fast Ethernet ports doesn’t make any different with other traditional wireless N ADSL2 router such as Trendnet TEW-658BRM or TP-Link TD-W8961ND. Except that the X series include one WAN Ethernet port for cable modem connectivity in case you require cable services instead of DSL.  In this case your X series device becomes a standard wireless N300 router that requires modem connection such as Surfboard 6120 for sharing the internet. Unfortunately you cannot make both ADSL and Cable connectivity in a load balancing manner or failover – failback manner like those dual WAN routers such as Cisco RV016 multi-WAN VPN router.

Media server

The second difference between the X2000 and X3000 is the USB port which is included in X3000 with built-in UPnP and media server. With UPnP media server you can seamlessly connect XBOX, PS3, Blu-Ray and more UPnP compatible devices. The addition of USB port allows you to add an external hard disk for sharing with the whole family on the network. Store all the multimedia files including HD video, music and more in the share storage.

Linksys X3000 wireless N300 gateway


Linksys X3000 with USB port is similar with the product shipped by Netgear – the DGND3700. Now, have a look at the following comparison table that compares the manufacturer’s spec differences between Linksys X3000 and Dgnd3700 if any.

Netgear Dgnd3700 wireless N600 ADSL

Single Vs Simultaneous dual band

The Linksys X3000 is a wireless N300 ADSL router with the high speed up to 300Mbps but Dgnd3700 is a wireless N600 simultaneous dual band ADSL router. Wireless N600 router supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time, speed up to 300Mbps each band. Both ADSL routers include four Gigabit LAN interfaces plus one Gigabit WAN interface for Cable modem connection.

The other high performance feature for Dgnd3700 is that it is powered by dual-core 400MHz processor and 128MB flash memory and 128MB RAM for heavy duty processing, no wonder Netgear put this device into its high performance products. I do not have much information about the processor and memory spec for X3000.


X3000 comes with Cisco Connect software (in your CD installation) to let you setup the wireless gateway easily. However Netgear Dgnd3700 comes with NETGEAR® genie® App to run in your computers, tablets, or smartphones to let you easily manage your home network including helps you repair your home network. Watch this video introduction about Netgear genie to help you understand how it works (courtesy by Netgear and YouTube).

Comparison table

 Linksys X3000Netgear Dgnd3700
Wireless technologyWireless N300 – 802.11b/g/n compliantWireless N600 – 802.11a/b/g/n compliant
Antennas2 internal antennas with MIMO technologyInternal MIMO antennas
Ethernet portsGigabitGigabit
USB port1xUSB port storage link with built-in UPnP and media server1xUSB storage link with built-in UPnP media server – DLNA compliant
MemoryUnspecifiedFlash = 128MB and RAM = 128MB
ManagementCisco Connect software – easy steps to setup the networkNetgear Genie Apps  – CD-less installation and configuration – accessible either from your computers or mobile devices
SecurityWPA/WPA2; WEP


SPI and NAT firewall


Guest network

Time-of-day access

Domain blocking



SPI and NAT firewall

DoS attack prevention


Guest network

Other featuresPower on/off button


Cisco connect software

Power and wireless on/off button


Broadband usage meter

On Off buttons

In some cases, you prefer to shut off the wifi when you yourself connect to the router by using wired connection just to save the power. With Linksys X3000 you cannot do that, but you can with Dgnd3700. As I said in some cases, actually your router will work mostly servicing your clients wirelessly.

Linksys X3000 ADSL router is ideal for homes or small offices with DSL services (or cable) that require easy installation and maintenance, you don’t need to purchase separate DSL modem to build your home wireless network with share storage. Linksys X3000 is an All-in-one device for your home wireless network.

For Cable subscribers, you may like new mesh technology with built-in Cable modem – consider this one Orbi CBK40 Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Mesh Wifi.

Click here for Orbi CBK40 spec details

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