Linksys Velop Mx12600 AX4200 vs Deco X60

How urgent is your need for a mesh wifi product with ax4200 network segment if mesh wifi product with ax3000 network segment is sufficient for your needs given the striking price difference between ax4200 vs ax3000 mesh wifi?

Velop ax4200 vs Deco ax3000

This time we will discuss the difference between Linksys Velop ax4200 (Velop mx12600 in 3-pack) and Deco ax3000 (Deco x60 in 3-pack), where the selling price difference between the two mesh wifi products is quite much.

Velop ax4200

After the success of the Velop mx5 (ax5200) series model, some time ago Linksys released the new Velop ax4200 series to fill the network segment gap between the mesh wifi products @ ax3000 and ax6000. The Velop ax4200 is designed with tri-band wifi technology like a similar product released by Netgear – Orbi ax4200. See also the difference between Orbi rbk750 vs deco x60.

Linksys Velop ax4200 3-pack (mx12600)
Velop ax4200 3-pack (mx12600)

Deco X60

Up to the end of 2020, TP-link still has not released the Deco X90 series which has been showing up on its website, the mesh wifi product that works @ ax6000 network segment. Meanwhile, the previous wifi mesh products that work at the ax3000 (Deco x60) and ax1800 (Deco x20) network segments had already been released to the market and received good market acceptance with good ratings too.

Which one is better to meet your wifi network needs at home between the ax4200 and ax3000 mesh wifi? We take Linksys Velop ax4200 (Velop mx12600 3-pack) and the Deco x60 (ax3000 3-pack) for comparison considering that the price difference between the two models is quite large.

TP-link Deco X60
TP-link Deco x60 ax3000

Take a look at table 1 that shows you spec differences between Linksys Velop ax4200 (mx12600 3-pack) and TP-link Deco X60 (ax3000).

Tri-band vs Dual band

The more the number of radio band, the greater the bandwidth provided for the connected devices to the mesh wifi network. Although not all of the available bandwidth in each of the radio band is used for user connection needs, some is allocated for the backhaul link needs between the mesh router and its satellite nodes. Some tri-band mesh wifi models allocate one dedicated band as the backhaul link between the nodes, some models share bandwidth between the backhaul link and the connected clients.


Velop ax4200 is designed with dynamic tri-band backhaul link between nodes.

Of course this method can make bandwidth allocation for backhaul link and connected devices very efficient. There is no dedicated bandwidth for backhaul link requirements between nodes like Orbi tri-band, so when the bandwidth demand is increased for backhaul link, the system will dynamically distribute bandwidth requirements to the three available radio bands and share with the clients.

Unlike the one offered by the Deco X60 which is a dual-band mesh wifi product, the need for a backhaul link @ 5GHz band is shared with connected devices that use the @ 5GHz radio band. Deco x60 also provides a wired backhaul option using an Ethernet connection between nodes so that it can free up the two radio bands available for client connections.

Ethernet Ports

With Velop ax4200 you have 4xGigabit Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN ports) each unit, you can connect any Ethernet-based devices like game console, TV, desktop computers, etc using wired connection to the network instead of wifi.

Deco x60 gives you only two gigabit Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN ports), half the number of Ethernet ports offered by Velop ax4200.

See more detail differences between Velop ax4200 and Deco ax3000 in the following spec comparison table.

Table 1 Velop ax4200 vs Deco ax3000

ModelVelop Mx4200 mesh wifiDeco Ax3000
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band ax4200 mesh wifi with 4×4 MU-MIMOSimultaneous dual band ax3000 mesh wifi with 6-streams
Wifi speeds600Mbps @2.4GHz + 1200Mbps  @5GHz-1 + 2400Mbps @5GHz-2574Mbps @2.4GHz + 2,402Mbps @5GHz
BackhaulTri-band dynamic backhaulShare wifi and optional wired Ethernet backhaul
Coverage2,700 sq ft / unit7,000 sq ft (3-pack)
AntennasInternal antennas4x internal antennas
Ethernet Ports1xGigabit WAN port 3xGigabit LAN ports2x WAN/LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports
Processor1.4GHz Quad core processor with 512MB flash and 512 RAMQuad core CPU
OthersAuto firmware update Works with AlexaWorks with Alexa, WPA3 supports, Home Care antivirus
Price$720.00 (3-pack)$319.00 (3-pack)

With few advantages and disadvantages between each of the product, you may consider the price difference between the two products which is quite large, which one is more suitable with the needs of your home wifi network.

Note: the above prices could be different with current prices in the market that fluctuates by time.

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