Linksys RE6700 Wireless AC1200 Range Extender

Linksys releases new RE6700 Wireless AC1200 high power range extender with simultaneous dual band, easy to use with spot finder technology.

What this product does

Should your existing wifi network cannot cover the whole area up to furthest corner of the house you require a wireless range extender to eliminate the dead zones in your house. Traditional wireless range extender cannot deliver the dual band simultaneously, however Linksys with Cross-band technology delivers the simultaneous dual band of your existing dual band wifi AC network powered by latest generation of wireless AC routers or Access point.

Linksys RE6700 wifi range extender is based on wireless AC1200 wifi technology, extending your existing wireless AC routers of any wireless AC-based wifi standard including those routers with wireless AC1200 based routers, or any other wireless AC1900-based routers or any faster routers. Eliminate any dead spots in your home by placing RE6700 in its best position, thanks to the Linksys Spot Finder technology that helps you find the best position to place your wireless range extender to perform in its best.

Linksys RE6700 extends your existing wireless AC routers to go further covering up to 10,000 sq ft delivering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously and with the addition of beamforming technology all your wifi clients connect solidly roaming within the house.

Main features

  • Based on wireless ac1200 technology
  • Delivers speeds of up to 300Mbps (wireless N) and up to 867Mbps (wireless AC)
  • Covering wireless area up to 10,000 sq ft
  • Easy for best placement with spot finder technology using mobile device
  • Beamforming wifi technology for solid clients connection
  • Simultaneous dual band with Cross-band technology
  • Pass-through wall power-outlet

Click here for RE6700 spec details and current price in Amazon.

linksys RE6700 wireless range extender
linksys RE6700 wireless range extender

With the wall-plug design you can plug Linksys RE6700 wireless range extender in a best position of your wall power outlet. And the good thing is that this wifi extender is designed with pass-through wall power outlet so you can still use the outlet for other electrical devices including the desktop computer. And with the existing gigabit Ethernet port you can utilize this port for wired connecting to the NIC adapter of the desktop computer.

The following video is an introduction of this Linksys RE6700 wireless range extender (courtesy of YouTube and Linksys).

how do you compare this product with other similar product that have been around in the market for a while such as Netgear EX6150 wireless AC1200 range extender? You may also consider Netgear EX6200 wifi range extender with tower model.

RE6700 Vs Ex6150

To have a better understanding the comparison between Linksys RE6700 and Netgear EX6150 wifi range extender you can have a look at the following comparison table (only main features to compare).

Both wifi range extender devices are mainly designed with wireless AC 1200 technology and with nice wall plug model. However Linksys RE6700 comes with power-outlet pass-through so you can still use the power outlet for other electrical devices including standing lamp, HDTV with internet connection or desktop computer.

Spot finder technology

Linksys specifies the coverage area the RE6700 can cover which is up to 10,000 sq ft ideally, but Netgear doesn’t. and with Linksys range extender you can use your mobile devices to find the best location to place your RE6700 device for optimum performance using Linksys spot finder technology. Netgear EX6150 doesn’t have similar utility, you need to find the best position manually.


Unlike RE6700, Netgear EX6150 comes with multi-modes function with the inclusion of switch to let you select the AP or Range extender mode. Moreover, the introduction of power-on-off button in Netgear is very essential when you have to power-off the range extender if not in use to save the power. With Linksys you need to unplug the device if you need to shutdown the range extender.

Table 1 Comparison table RE6700 Vs Ex6150

 Linksys RE6700Netgear EX6150
Wifi technologyWireless AC1200Wireless AC1200
Speeds300Mbps (wireless N) and up to 867Mbps (wireless AC) 300Mbps (wireless N) and up to 900Mbps (wireless AC)
Ethernet portYes, Gigabit EthernetYes, Gigabit Ethernet
Wifi coverageUp to 10,000 sq ftUnspecified
Dual bandYes, with cross-band technologyYes
Power-outlet pass-throughYesNo
ButtonsWPS, resetWPS, reset, Power On-Off, AP or Extender Switch

Both wifi range extenders are competing in the market and both are good products with high rating and the prices are almost the same. Should you require the power outlet still can be used then Linksys RE6700 is your choice, moreover the spot finder technology helps you find the best placement of the device easily.

Note that Netgear EX6150 is older model, you might like the newer model with slightly more money but faster and more reliable model the Netgear AC1900 wireless range extender

Besides you can add a wireless range extender, you may add another mesh wifi point offered by Ubiquiti HD mesh point system which normally in a bundle with Ubiquiti HD mesh wifi system. Cheers, KG

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