Kingsignal MT1 AC1200 Mesh Wifi System vs Deco

Another newcomer to the wifi mesh network product – Kingsignal AC1200 mesh wifi system. Kingsignal is not a new company; at least it has been the business in the world of signal interconnection since 2002, while Kingsignal ac1200 mesh wifi system product is among the products that is not even listed on the Kingsignal official website which is a high technology company in all kinds of signal interconnection products including RF transmission, Power transmission, Optical transmission, High speed transmission etc.

Kingsignal MT1 AC1200
Kingsignal MT1 AC1200

Kingsignal mesh wifi

Kingsignal pays special attention to the design of its mesh wifi system products with multi-heat-dissipating method with good air ventilation to reduce heat due to processing tasks that can reduce the performance of a signal interconnection of network devices. For this reason Kingsignal uses a high performance heat sink for transmit heat naturally.

High performance heat sink

Pay attention to Kingsignal MT1 mesh wifi products, the air will flow from the air vents bottom side of the body which then flows throughout within the case of this device and flows towards the vent at the top of the body. This ensures heat flow out well so that the device can perform processing tasks without experiencing performance degradation due to excessive device heat like most other network products.


With long experience in producing interconnection signal technology products, Kingsignal have no difficulty in designing better mesh wifi system products. This product uses ac1200 dual band technology like most mesh wifi products in general such as tp-link deco m5, deco P9 powerline system or Google mesh wifi. See also new Google Nest wifi system with Nest point with built-in audio for Google assistant.

With a good heat sink management design for good system performance, Kingsignal confidently provides spec coverage of up to 6,000 sq ft (3-pack), each unit can cover up to 2,000 sq ft where most similar products provide spec coverage only up to 1,500 sq ft.

Ethernet Ports

In general, AC1200 mesh wifi system come with two Gigabit Ethernet port, one for WAN port and the other one is for LAN port. However, Kingsignal MT1 provides three Gigabit Ethernet ports, one for WAN ports and the other two are LAN Ethernet ports, an unusual number of Ethernet ports. Compare with Deco P9 that comes with only two gigabit Ethernet port.

And all three MT1 units can function either as router or satellite.


  • Simultaneous dual band AC1200 mesh wifi system with total aggregated bandwidth of up to 1,200Mbps each unit
  • Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology and Beamforming technology
  • High gain Internal Omni-directional antennas
  • Covers up your whole home up to 6,000 sq ft
  • 1x shared 10M/100M/1000M WAN  2x shared 10M/100M/1000M LAN
  • Multi heat-dissipating method for high performance processing tasks

With this new multi heat-dissipating method for high performance system, as a new comer in mesh wifi system Kingsignal MT1 is tagged with affordable price around $149.99 in Amazon, still cheaper than Deco P9. Click the product link below to learn more detail about the product and SHOP in Amazon.

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Kingsignal vs Deco

When you compare Kingsignal MT1 with tp-link Deco P9 you can find that the main difference is the backhaul used to link between the nodes. MT1 is like other mesh wifi system in general that use wifi as backhaul link between nodes, but Deco P9 uses Powerline 1Gb between Decos. With Powerline Deco uses existing electricity wiring as the wired backhaul and free up all the two radio bands for connected devices.

TP-Link Deco P9 Powerline mesh wifi
TP-Link Deco P9 Powerline mesh wifi

The other difference is the number of Ethernet port embedded in each unit of router, see the table below for spec comparison between Kingsignal vs Deco.

Table 1 Kingsignal vs Deco

ModelKingsignal MT1 (3-pack)TP-Link Deco P9 (3-pack)
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band AC1200 with wave 2 MU-MIMOSimultaneous dual band AC1200 with hybrid Powerline
Wifi speeds867Mbps @5GHz 300Mbps @2.4GHz867Mbps @5GHz 300Mbps @2.4GHz
CoverageUp to 6,000 sq ftUp to 6,000 sq ft /3 unit
Ethernet Ports1x Gigabit WAN port 2x Gigabit LAN ports1x Gigabit WAN port 1x Gigabit LAN ports
BackhaulWifi1,000Mbps Powerline

Kingsignal with more Ethernet ports is advantageous when you need few Ethernet-based devices such as Internet TV, game console etc. However, with powerline backhaul you have both radio bands for connected devices.

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